Apa style Basics

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Learning APA Style

In 200w, we start with a short report that should make following APA Style fairly easy. You will have more practice with additional short assignments during the semester, and you will gain more expertise in using APA Style in the Rhetorical Analysis paper. Pay attention to the quote sandwich lesson. By the time you put your collaborative Proposal together at the end of the semester, you should be able to write in APA Style fairly easily.

Still, even experienced APA users find that they must look up how to format something or the correct use of numerals, abbreviations, references, citations, and sometimes individual words. In addition to rules for grammar, punctuation, usage, and formatting, the APA Manual also includes advice about how to avoid plagiarism, how to structure a paper, and how to write clearly and economically.

An essential part of being an engineer is to be able to communicate. While some of APA Style may seem to be somewhat arbitrary, it also includes excellent guidance for writing well. Much of what engineers do involves communicating via text. Helping others to solve problems and to improve design and product performance can make an enormous difference to individuals, teams, organizations, and beyond. You can derive a lot of satisfaction from helping others in this way, and excellent communication skills will help you to do just that.

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Download 26.59 Kb.

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