Apa style Basics

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Level 2 Heading

Level 2 headings are flush right. Note that none of the headings in APA Style include colons.

Second Level 2 Heading

Once again, if you have one Level 2 heading, then you also need a second one. The rules for this are similar to rules that you may have learned for creating an outline.

Level 3 Heading. Type this third level of heading at the beginning of a paragraph. End the heading with a period.

Second Level 3 Heading. As before, if you use one level of heading within a section, then it must be accompanied by at least one other heading at the same level.

To make life easier, consider using the styles feature in Word to set a format for the headings in your paper. If you use this document as a template, it already includes built-in styles for the title and the first two heading levels. If you have not used styles before, then take a moment to look up how to use (and create) styles in Word. Using this feature will save you a lot of time.

Download 26.59 Kb.

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