Apa style Basics

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Headings for APA Papers

Headings help you to organize your paper in a logical way. They also help your readers to locate the information you are providing.

Refer to the Manual (or an online source) for examples and explanations of the levels of headings to use in an APA Style paper. There are five possible levels (Lee, 2009), but two or three levels are usually sufficient.

Please note that none of the heading styles are larger than normal text. The first three levels are in bold type, and they look like this:

Level 1 Heading

The Level 1 heading is centered. Use Times New Roman for all the headings. Note that the headings are also in 12-point type.

Second Level 1 Heading

If you have one Level 1 heading, then you must also have a second Level 1 heading somewhere in your paper. If you do not need two, then do not use only one. For the shortest papers, write title of your paper and then a few paragraphs without any headings.

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