Ap world History 2016-2017

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AP World History 2016-2017 Linda Gross, Linda.Gross@lcps.org

Briar Woods High School: 703-957-4400

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The primary focus is on the last thousand years of global history; the course builds on and understanding of cultural, institutional, and technological precedents that set the human stage prior to 1000 C.E. The course also focuses on the organizing principle of change and continuity from that point to the present. Focused themes provide further structure to the course, along with consistent attention to contacts among societies that form the core of world history as a field of study.


  • TEXT- Stearns, Peters & Adas Michael (2004). World Civilizations: the Global Experience


  • SUGGESTED REVIEW BOOKS: (Review books that can help students prepare the exam. Make sure it is the at least 2017 Edition because there have been changes to the course.)

  • World History Preparing for the AP Exam 2017 Edition (www.perfectionlearning.com)

  • AP World History 2017-Barron’s

  • AP World History 2017- Kaplan’s

SUPPLIES: Organization and note taking will be an integral part of learning in my class and I will assist students in developing these skills. The following supplies are needed:

  • 11/2” or 2” 3-ring binder

  • Loose-leaf paper

  • 5 Dividers (recommended)

  • Pens, pencils and highlighters

GRADING POLICY: Students will be given a variety of assignments and assessments including

tests, quizzes, projects, and essays.

  • Tests: Students should anticipate a test approximately once every four weeks, covering about three to five chapters of content. Students will always have a week’s notice before a test.

  • Quizzes/Short Answer Questions : Students can expect a reading quiz or short answer questions after every textbook chapter assigned for homework. Additional quizzes may to given to assess content taught during class time.

  • Short Answer Questions/Essays: Students will write a variety of Short Answer Questions(SAQ), Document Based Question(DBQ), and Long Essay Question(LEQ) essays throughout the year.

  • Projects: Projects will include simulations, research reports, presentations, debates, maps, online assignments, timelines, etc.

  • Homework: Students will regularly complete chapter outlines/notes. Additional homework will be assigned to cover supplemental readings and enhance writing skills. Late homework is NOT accepted.

  • Grade Weighting:

Tests/Essays/Projects -80%


  • Make-up work: If a student misses a class it is his/her responsibility to pick up missed work in the designated folder. Work that was due on the day the student missed class should be handed in on the day of his/her return. Students will have as many class days as they were absent to make up the work assigned during that time. Students will have one week from their return to school to make up a quiz/test that they missed.

  • Late Work Policy: Late homework is NOT accepted. Projects will be penalized 10% each school day that they are late. Assignments must be handed in at the beginning of class to be considered “on time.”

THEMES: AP World History highlights five overarching themes that will receive equal attention throughout the course:
Theme 1: Interaction between humans and the environment
Theme 2: Development and Interactions of Cultures
Theme 3: State-Building, Expansion, and Conflict
Theme 4: Creation, Expansion, and Interaction of Economic Systems
Theme 5: Development and Transformation of Social Structures

HABITS OF MIND OR SKILLS: AP World History focuses on habits of mind or skills of the course:

  1. Crafting historical arguments from historical evidence.

  1. Historical argumentation

  2. Appropriate use or relevant historical evidence

  1. Chronological reasoning

A) Historical causation

B) Patterns of continuity and change over time

C) Periodization

  1. Comparison and Contextualization

  2. Historical Interpretation and Synthesis

GENERAL PROCEDURES: Students must read their textbooks as we advance through the material. The lecture notes do not map directly with the textbook; therefore they are responsible for text material that we do not cover in class. Notebooks are essential; bring them to class every day as we use on a daily basis.
1. Be on time. Trips to the restroom or your locker should be during class changes. Your class

attendance and promptness are part of your class participation grade.

2. Be prepared. Always have textbooks, notebook, paper, pens, and pencils with you.

3. Understand that this is a college level class that you have chosen to take. Misbehavior or lack of

focus is unacceptable at this level. Both students and the instructor take this class very seriously and

put tremendous effort into it; behave in a manner that shows you respect this.

4. Electronic Devices – cell phone usage is strictly prohibited during class time. Students may listen to

music at Mrs. Gross’ discretion.

5. All short answer/quizzes and tests can be made up before school or during the student’s study hall. If you are

planning to come in before school please set up a time with Mrs. Gross at least one day in advance.


Quarter 1: Foundations (3 weeks) & 600 CE-1450 (3 weeks)

Quarter 2: 1450-1750 (6 weeks) & begin 1750-1900 (3 weeks)

Quarter 3: Finish 1750- 1900 (3 weeks) & 1900-Present (6 weeks)

Quarter 4: Wrap up, exam review, & post-exam projects

Students will be expected to adhere to the school’s honor code, which is representative of those used in many of Virginia’s colleges and universities. Students will write out their homework and sign the pledge on all graded work. Plagiarism will not be accepted and will result in a zero on the assignment.


The course calendar for each quarter is posted on Mrs. Gross’ Briar Woods High School Website. Additional assignments, Power Points, and resources will be maintained on Loudoun Vision. Frequent access to a home or school computer is important. Please let Mrs. Gross know if this is a concern.


AP World History 2016-2017

Linda Gross, Linda.Gross@lcps.org

Please sign to confirm that you have read and agreed to the classroom policies and expectations.

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