Ap spanish Language and Culture Summer Work: 2017-2018

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AP Spanish Language and Culture Summer Work: 2017-2018
Señora Claffey

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I am very pleased to extend congratulations to your son/daughter on his/her completion of the rigorous 4H Spanish class and on his/her anticipation of taking AP Spanish Language and Culture. I have worked at OSHS for nine years and this will be my tenth school year teaching the AP course. I am fully committed to engaging your child and to successfully challenging them as deemed necessary for the Advanced Placement course. The following information explains what is expected of your child for the course’s summer work as well as a brief explanation of what is to come. Please feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns. I look forward to working with your child this upcoming school year.

Amy Claffey

Expectations for the AP Spanish and Language course...

*All students enrolled in an AP course are required to take the AP exam in May (about $90 exam fee).

*As an AP student, you should look for opportunities to read, write, listen to, speak, and watch authentic Spanish-language in action. Watch videos/telenovelas, subscribe to podcasts, and listen to the radio. Read magazines/newspapers/

books/articles (authentic resources) and talk to native speakers whenever possible. Cash out at Stop & Shop in the self-checkout lane and choose the Spanish language option! I have included an abundance of activities that are quick and easy to use. Released exams from previous years can be found on CollegeBoard.

*Please review the course and exam here:


It is my expectation that you will peruse the course and exam over the summer, becoming familiar with the themes as well as the different activities/skills that you will be responsible for completing within the target language throughout the course and the corresponding exam.

Minimum required activities* to be completed for the first day of school:

With your assigned chapter(s) of Cajas de Cartón:

1.) Create a vocabulary list (words that you needed to look up while reading): Spanish word, English definition, and Spanish synonym (type this and have 10 copies ready).

2.) Create a PowerPoint presentation including the following information (email to me for the first day of school):

-Biographical information (brief) on Francisco Jiménez; summary of your chapter(s) including theme, characters, title’s significance, problem/solution, plot, etc.

-Does the story have historical significance? Can you apply the story to your life?

-Make a connection between your chapter(s) to another story, novel, movie, piece of art, etc. that you are familiar with.

3.) Create a movie poster that you might see at the movie theatre: the poster needs to be attractive, neat, include pictures and color!

Email 60 words or so to me by July 14th, 2017: What are you doing this summer? Are you working? (This simulates the email portion of the AP exam). Please use usted in the email, as it is formal in nature. Use the subjunctive, too.

Please use a Spanish tutorial to review advanced grammar: here is a great website: http://studyspanish.com (as an example).

*Create a grammar notebook with the following (usage/formation/irregulars): 5 indicative tenses, ser/estar, commands (informal/formal and positive/negative), saber/conocer, por/para, perfect tense, participles, progressive, gerunds, comparisons, superlatives, pronouns, verbs like gustar, tener expressions, reflexive verbs, articles, the present tense subjunctive mood, indicative versus subjunctive (WEIRDO).

*All of this work is completed in Spanish** Be ready to present the first day of class! If one does not complete this mandatory work, the consequence may be removal from the course.

Additional website/resources: Peruse on a daily basis!

www.colby.edu/~bknelson/exercises/sitemap.html -activities, practice

www.elpaistv.com -podcasts, videos, news, sports, programming from Spain

www.nationalspanishexam.org -activities, practice (reading comprehension, listening comprehension, vocabulary, grammar)

www.un.org/radio/es - United Nations radio in Spanish

www.elmundo.es -newspaper in Spanish

www.yabla.com -videos, podcasts, can slow speaking down and read-along with the text

www.wordreference.com -Spanish/English dictionary

www.collegeboard.com -AP central

http://zachary-jones.com/zambombazo/ -activities, practice, games, news

http://www.bbc.co.uk/mundo/ - newspaper in Spanish

http://www.veintemundos.com/en/library/ -VeinteMundos (reading comprehension)

**I understand that:

-I am required to take the AP Spanish Language and Culture exam in May at a cost of approximately $90.

-I will complete all summer work assignments and understand that failure to do so may result in my dismissal from the class.

At the start of the academic school year:

-I will turn in a journal (diario) assignment (every“D” day).

-We will have presentations of current events/news stories (noticias) from around the world. Each student will present to the class, five presentations per semester. When not presenting, students will keep a “noticia” notebook of what their peers have shared, including new vocabulary.

-I will prepare an informal chat (charla), of personal choice; each student will present to the class, five presentations per semester.

-Daily practice includes:

*Listening to the radio, podcasts, the news, music, movies, songs, etc. from various parts of the Spanish-speaking world.

*Speaking with as many Spanish-speaking people as possible, speaking only Spanish in class.

*Reading magazines, newspapers, articles, literature, subtitles with videos/movies in Spanish.

*Writing in Spanish as often as possible.

This comprehensive practice is very important in order to be prepared and comfortable in the class and for the exam.

AP Spanish Language and Culture Contract: 2017-2018

I will not copy any work nor plagiarize (which includes the abuse of an online translator)! See student handbook for discipline actions that will be imposed.

*I understand my responsibilities as outlined above (and in the syllabus) and agree to make an honest and complete effort to succeed in the AP Spanish Language and Culture class and the corresponding exam in May of 2018.

Student’s signature

Today’s date

I understand my child’s responsibilities as outlined above and I agree to support him/her in his/her effort to become better able to communicate effectively in Spanish and to succeed on the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam in May of 2018.

Parent/Guardian’s Signature

Today’s date

Please sign this page and return to me before Wednesday, June 14, 2017!

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