Answer Key: Ancient Greece Unit Test Study Guide Part 1: Define the following words in the chart below

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Answer Key: Ancient Greece Unit Test Study Guide

Part 1: Define the following words in the chart below.


A government “for the people by the people.”


A government run by a king or queen; rule usually inherited by family.


A form of government that is run by just a few people.


A form of government where ruler forces their way to power. Power is cruel and oppressive.

Direct Democracy

A government “for the people, by the people” and laws are made directly by the citizens, not by government.


Greek god of the sea.


A city and surrounding territories with the same government.


The fortified area of a Greek city-state. Usually built on a hill.

Dark Age

Time period in Greek history when history was not recorded.


Greek god of the underworld.


Greek god of the sky and Olympics.


Greek goddess of wisdom.

Part II. Explain each area below for each city-state.





Boys: At 7 are taken from parents and taught war, at Age 20 able to marry and enter the military
Girls: At 7 are taught reading, writing, gymnastics, athletics, and survival skills

-Schools taught reading, writing & mathematics, music, poetry, sports and gymnastics
-Boys ages 5-14 (wealthy went until 18)
-Could choose their profession
-Girls were taught homemaking skills at home



-Two kings, Overseers, Senate & Assembly

-Direct Democracy

-Consisted of council & assembly

-Only male citizens could vote

Role of Women

-Girls were educated
-Could participate in sports
-Married at 18
-Enjoyed a great deal of freedom
-Could own and control their property
-Expected to protect land while husband was at war

-Women were kept at home
-Could not participate in athletics
-Some women held high posts at religious ceremonies

Cultural Values

-Fighting was most important

-Lived simple lives


Part 3 III. Short Answer Questions

  1. What sports were taught in school in Sparta?
    Olympic based sports such as gymnastics and the art of war.

  2. Describe the first civilizations in early Greece

-Located on island of Crete.
-Strong artistic society.
-Trade was important and they had a strong navy.
-Destroyed by a tsunami and defeated by the Mycenaeans.


-Established on Greek mainland from 1600-1200 B.C..
-Great traders and warriors.
-Isolated by mountain ranges.
-Volcanic eruptions & earthquakes caused civilization to fall.


-Did not keep a written record of their history. We do not know a lot about them.
-Time period known as the “Dark Ages”
-Stories such as the “Trojan Horse Story” were written during this time period in order to explain why/how things happened.

3. What were the Olympics and what do they explain about the culture of the ancient Greeks?

The Olympics were a religious ceremony/sporting event celebrated by ALL Greeks. Men were allowed to compete and single women. The Olympics show us the value the Greeks held to religion and athletics.

4. What influence did ancient Greece have on modern civilizations? Give multiple examples.

Ancient Greece influenced the modern world in many ways. In the United States we have a democracy. Our government was based on the ideas of the democracy formed in Athens. We also participate in the Olympic games. Many countries around the world participate and celebrate it’s best athletes every 4 years.

5. How did the geography of ancient Greece impact the civilization? Use specific examples in your answer.

The mountains caused isolation from city-states and also made some city-states hard to invade. Seas provided fishing, trade, and travel for many civilizations.Many city-states lacked fresh water and fertile land because of jagged coastlines and rough, short rivers.

6. What impact did the Peloponnesian War have on ancient Greek history? (Hint explain the result of the war and its lasting impact)

The Peloponnesian War reshaped Greek society. The war was a civil war between Sparta and Athens. Athens crumbled as a society while Sparta rose to power. Greece never held the same world or economic power again.

Essay Questions:

In a well-written paragraph, explain how ancient Greece impacted the United States. Give multiple examples to support your answer.

See # 4-Short Answer

Map Skills: Using the map below, identify the major city-states and landforms.
(Landforms: Seas, Mountains) (City-States: Minoans, Mycenaeans, Athens, Sparta)

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