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There are several committees, sub-committees headed by members of the Managing Committee and Principal involving members of the staff and even students.

  • The working of the college is consistently supervised and immediate solutions are provided to the problems if any.

  • There is Management-Principal-Staff co-ordination creating amicable working atmosphere in the college.


  • Remedial and extra classes for weak students.

  • Special attention to meritorious students.

  • Informing and discussing with the parents/guardians about the progress of their wards.

  • Practical subjects being promoted.

  • Compulsory computer training in the college for B.A./B.Com students.

  • Use of Audio-visual aids.

  • Interactive Methods encouraged.

  • EPD classes for the students of Arts & Commerce.

  • Coaching classes for Entry in Services.


  • Emphasis on hard work and quality performance in cultural/literary/ Fine Arts/Sports activities etc.

  • Inter-college competitions are organized in the college and students are encouraged for maximum participations outside the college.

  • National/State/Dist. level Seminars sponserd by U.G.C,CHE & N.G.Os. are organized in the college.

  • Workshops/Seminars/Camps/Conferences are frequently attended by teachers.

  • Exhibitions of Fashion Designing/Textile Designing/ Art & Craft items prepared by our students on important occasions.

  • Exhibitions of books.

  • Activities/competitions are organized in collaboration with G.O.’s, & N.G.O’s. like Civil Hospital, Forest Deptt. Red cross Society, Bank, HEPSN, BHART VIKAS PARISHAD, Hindi Sahitya Academy,KVIP, HARIJAN VIKAS NIGAM, GANDHIAN AND NEHRU STUDIES CENTERS..

  • Emphasis is given and competitions are organized to develop oratorial, writing and communication skills of the students to widen their horizon of knowledge and boost their confidence.

  • College Magazine is annually printed for giving a platform to the students to improve writing skills and to reflect the achievements of the session through News-desk.

  • Sense of discipline, punctuality and civic responsibility are inculcated in students. e.g.

- Helmet is compulsory for two-wheeler drivers.

    • Gate timings for students for entering and leaving the college.

    • Proper parking of vehicles.

    • Regular checking of pollution-check certificates.

    • Checking of driving licence.

    • Maintaing code of conduct inside the college campus.

    • Value-based education through daily prayer, tutorial lectures by eminent scholars and saints.

    • Proper Career Guidance through Notice Boards, informations updated in files, books and C.D.’s on Career awareness, lectures, Seminars, Workshops and placements activities. Special 6 month courses of SOFT SKILLS and Personality Development for the different batch of Commerce and Arts students.

    • Women Cell is actively contributing in women- empowerment activities through interaction with various NGO’s, attending workshops and conferences and utilizing knowledge to this end.

    • There is an advocate on the panel of college Women Cell. Students and society are guided about the Legal rights of women

    • Red Cross unit remains active in collaboration with District authorities in the relief measures in the wake of national calamities, vaccination drives, blood donation, and many other social welfare activities.

    • Grievance Redressed Cell works to solve the problems of students sympathetically and promptly.

    • Student-feed-back is collected on a prescribed proforma, analyzed, discussed, and desired and required actions are taken.

    • Efforts are being done to enrich the library through book-donation for ‘Book-bank’ besides purchasing more books.

    • Incentives for sports girls.

    • Financial aid to deserving and meritorious students.

    • First-Aid facilities.

    • Promotion of Research activities through annual-Research Journal ‘Prayas’ being published by the college, MRP projects being undertaken by college faculty. The teachers present their Research papers in State/National seminars and also get them published in Research Journals, Newspapers etc.

    • Important offices are held by the Principal and some of the staff members in University and other significant organizations.

    • Alumni are involved in the development activities of the college and surroundings.

    • Clean drinking water is provided through water-purifiers.

    • Training of Social Service activities through N.S.S. bringing awareness of the responsibilities of an ideal citizen and her role towards the welfare and upliftment of the society.

2. New Academic Programe initiated-NIL

    • Vocational Add-on course in Diet & Nutrition.

    • Vocational Add-on course in Garment Construction.

3. Innovations in Curricular Design & Transaction:-

    • The syllabi of Certificate course in Diet and Nutrition has been designed by the dept & approved by Kurukshetra University and it has been designed in such a way that the students not only learn the making of dishes and be aware about the Nutritional aspect of Diet, it also enables the students to find employment in various health centers, M.N.Cs,and teaching departments.The courses being ‘Add-on’ in nature, it provides the students an opportunity to be employment enabled alongwith completing their graduation.

    • The Add-on course in Garment Construction is an extension of the Fashion Designing & Textile designing courses already running in the college. The courses have been tailor-made to make it more professional and market-oriented. The syllabi of the same have been approved and applauded by the parent university and the students find it very useful in their household as well as having employment value.

4. Inter-disciplinary Programmes initiated

Proposal was sent to U.G.C in this session and approval has been received from U.G.C to start B.Sc in Computer Aided Textile and Fashion Design the next Academic Session.

5. Examination Reforms implemented

The Examination system works exactly according to the university norms prescribed. But in addition to the Monthly Tests and house Tests prescribed by the university for eligibility and Assessment purposes, the teachers hold regular class-test for their consistent evaluation and improvement. Their parents are apprised of their progress as well as short-falls so that they can also monitor and motivate them.

  1. Number of Candidates qualified NET/SLET

Miss Avneet Kaur has qualified NET in the subject of Fine arts after securing Gold Medal in M.F.A in 2010.

Many of our students have secured jobs in Punjab Police, different Banks, AIR FORCE, FCI, Indian Army, Railway & many prestigious Colleges & Schools of North India like S.A Jain College, Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya, CHAMAN VATIKA, PKR JAIN Vatika etc.

7. Total Number of Seminars/Workshops Conducted

Sr No

Seminar/ workshop



Organized by

In collaboration with




Career Counselling & Soft Skills

Career & Counseling cell

Discovery Global Services




Awareness Programme on Developmental Disabilities

Cell for Persons with special Need(HEPSN)

Novelty Ed. Society & U.G.C Sponsored




Environment & Health

Nature Club





Education & Immigration

Career & Counseling cell

AUSCAN Consultant (India)Ltd.




Architect of Modern India-Jawaharlal Nehru

Nehru Studies centre

C.H.E Sponsored



2.2.11 to 4.2.11

Role of Yoga in Women’s Health

Dept.of Physical Education

C.H.E Sponsored



2.2.11 to 4.2.11

Relevance of ‘Kabir’ in Modern Materialistic World.

Dept.of Hindi

C.H.E Sponsored




Relevance of ‘Kabir’ in Modern Materialistic world.

Dept.of Hindi

U.G.C Sponsored




Women Empowerment Gandhian Perspective

Gandhian Studies Centre

U.G.C Sponsored



9.2.11 & 10.2.11

GD Skill & Preparing Presentations

Career & Counseling cell




23.2.11 & 24.2.11

Microwave Cooking

Gandhian Studies centre

L.G. & U.G.C Sponsored



25.2.11 to 1.3.11

Art of Painting

Gandhian Studies centre

U.G.C Sponsored



28 2.11 to 4 .3.11

Art & Craft

Gandhian Studies centre

U.G.C Sponsored

13 A


14.3 11 to


Traditional Art in the Form of Modern Art

Fine Arts Deptt & Nehru Studies Centre

CHE Sponsored

13 B


17.3.11 to


Recreating Traditional Art into Modern Abstract Art.

Fine Arts Deptt & Gandhian Studies Centre

U.G.C Sponsored




Avenues for women in Public & Private Sector

Career & Counseling cell & Equal Opportunity Centre

NVG School of Business & ICA Ambala




Interviews Skills

Career & Counseling cell & Equal Opportunity Centre

Swami Vivekananda Group of Institutes

8. Research Projects

  1. Newly implemented – Dr.Jeewanti Joshi Asso. Prof. in Deptt. of Hindi has applied for M.R.P on the topic “Premchand ke Upnyaso me paatro ka vargikaran” in U.G.C. She will work on her project once senctioned by the U.G.C.

  2. Completed-

  • Dr. Seema Singhal of Commerce Dept. has completed Ph.D in March 2011,

under the Guidance of Dr. M.C.Bansal (RTD Prof. of Commerce Deptt in

Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra. The topic of PH.D was “Practices and

Outcome of Demergers in Indian Corporate Sector”.

  • M.R.P completed by Dr. Seema Singhal of Commerce Deptt. on the topic

“Techniques of Demerger” in 2009
9. Patents generated if any--- NO
10.New Collaborative Research Programme 2011-12

Four Research Scholars have completed research work in collaboration with Nehru Studies Centre and Gandhian Studies centre of college.

1. Name of Student : Miss Kiran Chauhan


  • Factors that Influenced Jawahar Lal Nehru

  • Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru : As Prime Minister

  • Pt.Jawahar Lal Nehru : The maker of Modern India

  • Nehruvian Socialism

Miss Kiran Chauhan has competed her research work in the month of March 2011.
2. Name of Student : Mr. Suresh Kumar

  • Nehru, NAM and its relevance today.

  • Nehru’s views on Planning and its Contemporary relevance.

  • Nehruvian Secularism in India and its relevance today.

  • Nehru’s scientific temper and its relevance today.

Mr. Suresh Kumar has completed his Research work in the month of March 2012.


1. Name of Student : Mr. Kulvinder Singh


  • Religion in Politics: A Gandhian Perspective.

  • Gandhi’s views on Reservation.

  • Gandhi’s approach to rural development.

  • Gandhi’s views on civilization and culture.

Mr.Kulvinder Singh has completed his Research work in the month of March 2011.

2. Name of Students : Miss Kiran Chauhan


  • Satyagraha: A Method of conflict Resolution.

  • Environmental Crisis: a Gandhian Solution.

  • Women Empowerment: In a Gandhian Perespective.

  • Gandhian Model of Development.

Miss Kiran Chauhan has completed her research work in the month of March 2012.

  1. Total Research grant received from various agencies

  • Rs 1, 50,000 under Nehru Studies Centre from U.G.C.

  • Rs 1, 50,000 under Gandhian Studies Centre from U.G.C.

  1. Number of Research Scholars: - There are two research scholars in the college.

  • Miss Kiran Chauhan in Nehru Studies Center.

  • Mr. Kulvinder Singh in Gadhian Studies Center.


14. Honour/Awards to Principal: - NIL

15. Internal Resources generated :

16. Details of Deptts getting SAP/COSIST etc .assistance – No

17. Community Services

The two units of NSS (National Service Scheme) under the program officer Dr.Seema Singal & Mrs. Nishu Bansal have shown outstanding performance with the spirit of service and sacrifices towards the society. A large number of activities were organized during the current session both inside and outside the college especially in the slum-area ‘Ravi Das Majri’ adopted by our NSS units for its upgradation. The unit planned their objective for the session and worked ceaselessly to achieve their targets. Female foeticide, HIV.AIDS, health and hygiene care, cleanliness, national harmony were among the issues of top priority. Some important days were celebrated. Practical results were yielded with the sincere efforts of the volunteers not only made the NSS programme successful but also voluntarily helped in the organization of functions in the college. Their open offer to help was appreciated by one and all on different occasions.

  1. The activities of the NSS units of our college were flagged off this year with the usual gusto and enthusiasm with a large number of freshers opting for enrollment in July, Aug.2010.

  2. An orientation course was organized by NSS P.O.’s to familiarize the volunteers with the scope and method of mass movement.

  3. On 17th Aug, 2010 Mrs.Nishu Bansal NSS P/O. accompanied five girls for Pre-RD selection camp at K.U. Kurukshetra.

  4. Dr (Mrs.) Seema Singhal NSS P.O. represented Haryana and acted as Haryana Contigent Leader in NSS summer mega camp 2010 organized by Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth and Development in Sriperumbdur (Tamil Nadu). She accompanied 15 students at Haryana from different universities of Haryana. Our volunteers participated in Dance and Painting competition.

  5. In a college level legal literacy mission, many competitions were organized in the month of August on 28-08-2010-Essay Writing Competition, on 21-8-2010 Poetical Recitation contest, on 21-08-2010-Declamation,on 23-08-2010 On the spot Painting & 23-8-2010—Slogan writing competition.

6. Dr (Mrs.)Seema Singhal NSS P.O.accompained NSS volunteers for Red

Ribbon Train at Railway Station Ambala Cantt on 11th October, 2010.

7. 24th September, One Day NSS camp celebrated in which Dr.M.L.Goel enlightened

the volunteers about social services and delivered lecture on self development.

8. On 14th October, a lecture was organized in collaboration with Helpage India Mrs.Aarti Tikoo(R.M) and Dr.Sadik Director (Philedelphia Mission Hospital) amade the NSS volunteers aware about the working of Helpage India and the responsibility of younger generation towards the deprived group of society.

9. NSS volunteers under the guidance of NSS P.O donated Rs.6500/- to Helpage India for the welfare and help of deprived group of society.

10. On 30th November, Mrs.Nishu Bansal NSS P.O. attended meeting in D.C.officer for anti ragging.

11. Mrs.Nishu Bansal NSS P.O. attended meeting at Planetorium convened by D.C.Ambala on the subject ‘Ban on Polythene use’.

12. Mega Seminar On Pc & Pndt & Female Foeticide was organized in college collaboration with Health Deptt. Civil Hospital, Ambala on 12th February, 2011. Mrs.Renu Jain DDPO Ambala was the Chief Guest. Dr.Satish Aggarwal CMO Beenu Gupta, Shalini Bahanji (Brahmakumari), Mrs.Manju Nandra,Dr.Meera Gautam, Dr.D.S Goel were the main speaker on PC & PNDT Act.Every speakers impress upon the deep felt concern over disproportionate gender ratio especially in Ambala. They insisted on the need of war like action to stop the practice of female foeticide in villages as well as in cities. About 500 SMS workers, Anganwari workers and college students participated in this mega seminar.

18. Number of Teachers/Officers newly recruited

Visiting faculty in Teaching) = 12

Visiting faculty in Non-Teaching on contract basis

19. Teaching, Non-Teaching staff ratio.

Teaching =24



20. Improvement in Library Services

  • Addition of books Around 1000/-

  • Automation of Library in process

  • Internet access facilities in the Library.

  • Enhancement of Library of Gandhian studies center.

  • Enhancement of Library of Nehru studies center.

  • Addition of books helpful in Entry in services/Career Guidance & competitive exams.

  • Enrichment of Book-bank facilities.

21 a) No of Books: 16557(upto 30th March)

b) No.of Newspapers & Journals subscribed = 21

  • Dainik Tribune

  • Dainik Bhaskar

  • Dainik Jagran

  • Amar Ujala

  • Punjab Kesri

  • The Hindustan Times

  • The Times of India

  • The Economic Times

  • The Tribune

  • The Hindustan Times

  • The Employment News

  • Grih Shobha

  • Shubh Tarika

  • Harkare

  • Niramay Jiwan

  • Femina

  • Time

  • Sanatan Sarthi

  • Front Line

  • Competition Affairs

  • EDU Tech.

  • SAMVAD (Haryana Govt.)

  1. No. of courses for which students Assessment of Teachers are

introduced and the action taken on students feedback.

. The feedback has been taken from the students for the following

  • Regular teaching.

  • Add-on courses.

  • Remedial classes.

  • Coaching classes for Entry in Services.

  • EPD (English & Personality Development) courses organised by the college from time to time.

The suggestions of the students were also invited

  • As per the Feedback received from the students -90% students are satisfied and appreciative of the teaching in our college. The teacher taught relationship is very healthy.

  • More than 90% of the students are appreciative of the Add-On-Courses like Basic Computers, Fashion Designing, Textile Designing, Diet Nutrition etc as they can learn these skills and have certification along with their Degree Courses. Around 10% students find these courses making their academic schedule quite hectic.

  • Remedial courses are welcomed by all the concerned students as it helps them learn their subjects better and remove their shortcomings in their respective subjects without any extra payment.

  • All the students attending coaching classes for entry in services found them very useful in preparing for Entrance exams & Competitive exams saving their time and money.

  • EPD courses were found useful by all students attending these.

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