Annual activity report 2011-12. From The Chairman’s pen…

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World Environment Day Pic- 1 World Environment Day Pic- 2.
A meeting was held in Benupur village of Balianta Block on the occasion of World Population Day on 11th July. More than 100 women of 10 SHGs of the village including some from the nearby villages were gathered there. The President and Secretary of CCC explained the advantages of having a small family. The Chairman, Project Implementation Committee, CCC, Mr. Rakesh Dash spoke about the adverse effect of the growing population on the environment. He also spoke informed about the specialty of this years’ World Population Day, that this year we are going to have the Seven Billionth Child of this planet.

Like every year, the Independence Day was celebrated in the Office Premises of CCC with great enthusiasm by the staffs of CCC and Mind Mart Consultancy (Sister Concern of CCC). The flag hoisting was done by the Secretary/ Chief Functionary, Mrs. Niharika Mishra. She addressed the staffs regarding the importance of the day. Tiffin packets were distributed among all present there. Previous

Secretary hoisted the flag at Anand Mission Ashram, where sweets were distributed to the children.

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