Annual activity report 2011-12. From The Chairman’s pen…


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Empowerment of economically backward women through self help groups is the main aim of CCC. CCC has facilitated the formation of self help groups in the urban slums of Bhubaneswar and in the periphery and is constantly carrying on SHG promotional activities.

  1. CCC facilitated stalls, in the “Khordha Mahotsav” and “Sisira Sarasa”, for selling of home made products of SHGs. CCC also facilitated stalls for SHGs in.

  1. CCC imparted a training programme to train members of SHG on personal hygiene and preparation of food items under hygienic condition so as to avoid contamination with any type of disease.

  1. To tap the inherent potential of SHG members, CCC organized rice cake competition, Jhoti competition among SHG women.

4. A sports event was held for women of SHG at OAS association bhavan in which 80 participants took part. Two events, musical chair, Water Ball and balance race was held and prizes given.

5. CCC organized a mass rally of SHG women to observe ‘Legal Awareness Week’.

6. CCC send members of WSHGs to ‘Parab festival’ to sell the products of Food Processing and other home made products.

7. CCC arranged a seminar for WSHG on ‘Weight & Measures’ in Balianta conducted by legal metrology Dept, in order to present them from getting cheated in weight and measures while purchasing communities.

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