Annual activity report 2011-12. From The Chairman’s pen…

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A Food Processing Training Programme under Micro Enterprenureship Development Programme Scheme (MEDP) of NABARD, has been organised at the Jhitikara Sunalo village of Balianta Block. It was a week long programme held from 1st to 7th Mar 2012, at Mahabir Temple Community Hall of the above mentioned village.

The objective of this programme is to make the members of the local SHGs, self-dependant and facilitate the benefisciaries to get linked to the banks for the purpose of establishing small scale Enterprenureship on their own. This project experienced an overwhelming response from the SHG Members of the village. There were 35 nos of beneficiaries who got trained in different food itmes like Pickles, Papads, Sauces, Soft Drinks, etc., as per there interest and potential.

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