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Pics of Rally on World AIDS Day

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Pics of Rally on World AIDS Day

On 31st December, 2011 Center for Catalyzing Community organized a Cultural Programme at OAS Association Bhawan, Bhubaneswar to welcome the New Year 2011. The slum children, women from slums, and those who were associated with CCC participated in making the entire programme successful. The children participated in songs, dance items, mimicry, fancy dress etc. and made the programme memorable. Prizes were distributed to winners in different categories. The invitees were served with dinner.
On the occasion of World Consumer Rights Day on 15th March, CCC organized a rally of school students. Students carried placards and banners containing consumer awareness message and Marched to Jayadev Bhawan were a programme was organized by the Food Supplies & Consumer Welfare Department, Govt of Odisha.

World Consumer Rights Day
A consumer awareness programme was also arranged at Bhingarpur village of Balianta block, wherein women SHG members of the village and nearby villages participated

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