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SB/SE > SM* *“Social BUSINESS”/“Social EMPLOYEE”/“Social Media”

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SB/SE > SM* *“Social BUSINESS”/“Social EMPLOYEE”/“Social Media”

  • Waaaaaaaaaay beyond “social media.’

“We’re moving toward an age of nearly perfect information. Review sites, shopping apps on smartphones, an extended network of acquaintances available through social media, and unprecedented access to experts mean that consumers operate in a radically different, socially interactive information environment.* … Consumers tend to make better decisions and become less susceptible to context or framing manipulations. For businesses, it means marketing is changing forever.” —Itamar Simonson and Emanuel Rosen, Absolute Value: What Really Influences Customers in the Age of (Nearly) Perfect Information *Google: ZMOT (ZERO Moment Of Truth)

The purchasing process is upended. Flipped 180 degrees.

  • ZMOT: ZERO Moment Of Truth/Google*
  • “You know what a ‘moment of truth’ is. It’s when a prospective customer decides either to take the next step in the purchase funnel, or to exit and seek other options. … But what is a ‘zero moment of truth’? Many behaviors can serve as a zero moment of truth, but what binds them together is that the purchase is being researched and considered before the prospect even enters the classic sales funnel … In its research, Google found that 84% of shoppers said the new mental model, ZMOT, shapes their decisions. …”
  • —Jay Baer, Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help, Not Hype
  • *See for ZMOT in booklength format
  • “Amy Howell [social marketer extraordinaire, founder of Howell Marketing] ignites epidemics. In a good way, of course. Epidemics of excitement. Epidemics of business connections. Epidemics of influence.”
  • Mark Schaeffer, ROI/Return on Influence: The Revolutionary
  • Power of Klout, Social Scoring, and Influence Marketing

New job description, circa 2014.


Design Rules! APPLE market cap > Exxon Mobil* *August 2011

  • When Apple’s market cap shot past Exxon Mobil’s, there was no longer any issue about … “DESIGN POWER.” Now only idiots will ignore it—in enterprises of any and every size and flavor.
  • “You know a design is good when you want to lick it.” —Steve Jobs
  • Source: Design: Intelligence Made Visible,
  • Stephen Bayley & Terence Conran
  • Go Steve!

All Equal Except“At Sony we assume that all products of our competitors have basically the same technology, price, performance and features. Design is the only thing that differentiates one product from another in the marketplace.” —Norio Ohga

  • The glory days.

“Design is treated like a religion at BMW.” —Fortune

“With its carefully conceived mix of colors and textures, aromas and music, STARBUCKS is more indicative of our era than the iMac. It is to the Age of Aesthetics what McDonald’s was to the Age of Convenience or Ford was to the Age of Mass Production—the touchstone success story, the exemplar of … the aesthetic imperative. … ‘Every Starbucks store is carefully designed to enhance the quality of everything the customers see, touch, hear, smell or taste,’ writes CEO Howard Schultz.” —Virginia Postrel, The Substance of Style: How the Rise of Aesthetic Value Is Remaking Commerce, Culture and Consciousness

“We don’t have a good language to talk about this kind of thing. In most people’s vocabularies, design means veneer. … But to me, nothing could be further from the meaning of design. DESIGN IS THE FUNDAMENTAL SOUL OF A MAN-MADE CREATION.” —Steve Jobs

Hypothesis: DESIGN is the principal difference between love and hate!* *Not “like” and “dislike”

Design is … NEVER neutral.

  • Design, though emphasizing functionality as well as aesthetics, is primarily about an … emotional reaction … to a product or service.
  • Not “like” or “dislike.”
  • Rather: “Love” or “hate.”
  • Powerful stuff!
  • “Design is everything.
  • Everything is design.”
  • “We are all designers.”
  • Inspiration: The Power of Design: A Force for Transforming Everything, Richard Farson

“PACKAGES … are about containing and labeling and informing and celebrating. They are about power and flattery and trying to win people’s trust. They are about beauty and craftsmanship and comfort. They are about color, protection, survival.” –Thomas Hine, The Total Package

  • An encompassing view of design … in packaging.

“Only one company can be the cheapest. All others must use design.” —Rodney Fitch, Fitch & Co. Source: Insights, definitions of design, the Design Council (UK)

  • Not a silly assertion.
  • Ann Landers as management guru/
  • Three criteria for products, projects, a communication, etc.:
  • Good.
  • True. Helpful.
  • Nice.
  • (Interesting source, eh?)

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