And the textbook fill in the

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CHY4U CCA: Background Notes and Historical Context Worksheet

( /5 marks for notes + / 10 marks for this worksheet [T])

  1. Based on the notes you took from the encyclopedia article(s) and the textbook fill in the relevant sections of the chart in order to show that you grasp the overview of your topic and events that came before it.

What questions



Note to self: what I need to look for in future sources

Political (government, power, decision-making, political parties)

Economic (trade, industries)


Social (classes, relations between different groups, cultural aspects)

Intellectual (ideas, theories, philosophies)



Other: __________

  1. Check the appropriate theme(s) you’ll base your essay argument around:

Comment on your reasons:

  1. Background

For background, identify specific things that happened before your topic began that influenced it. For example, for the topic of Colombus’ expeditions, background info would be on fate, faith and fortune. West and world, please.

  1. When questions

Identify some significant events and their dates. Also briefly explain how they are related to your topic. West and world, please.

  1. Who questions

Name some key people related to your topic. Make sure to identify their position (who they are, what they do) and relevance to your topic. West and world, please.

  1. Next Steps

Why and how questions will be the focus of your next set of notes. Please begin the search for your next set of more specific sources (beyond textbook and encyclopedia). Do you have any questions before you begin your search?

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