Analytical Essay: Bridge to Terabithia: by Jakob Scott

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Analytical Essay: Bridge to Terabithia: by Jakob Scott

In Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson, an important aspect of the book is that you shouldn’t judge a person until you get to know them. I think this is a lesson that everyone should live by. In the book Jesse and Leslie create Terabithia, a “magical” kingdom where the two of them reign as king & queen. They used this time as an opportunity to talk about and solve their problems, and in a way; they just have fun being themselves.

People can always overcome life’s obstacles, but they just have to be willing to try. Jess wants to be the fastest runner in the fifth grade and practices all summer. But on the first day of school, Leslie out runs Jess and all the other boys too. For Jess and Leslie to develop a friendship they have to overcome the fact that Jess' dream was crushed when Leslie won the race. Jess’ quote about Leslie was "Lord, the girl had no notion what you did and didn't do." (Paterson, 28) They didn't like each at first; likely because of the race, but eventually they became inseparable.

There are always opportunities in life when you can just be yourself. When you act like yourself, it can help you feel good in life; and that is important in a friendship. "Okay friends, here I am.” (Paterson, 19), this quote shows Leslie’s attitude about the importance of being herself. Leslie really does not care if she looks or dresses like everybody else. Leslie clearly wants to be herself.

Jess and Leslie’s relationship is helpful to both of them because they are different (male and female) and learn from each other. Women are as equal as men and you see theme throughout the book. Equal rights for women were not always accepted by everyone and this could create moments in life to that could throw both men and women down. Jess thinks about protesting that Miss Edmunds is paying the lunch bill, but understands that he can’t because he has no money. “Now I am not going to have any argument about whose is paying Jess Aarons. I am a liberated woman. When I invite a man out to lunch, I pay.” (Paterson, 129). He thinks to himself that he will have to ask Leslie (tomorrow) about what he should have done.

If differences between people become obstacles and interfere with a person’s willingness to accept people’s differences, he or she could miss out on a very important relationship. Differences can be good, being around people who are not like you, allows you to become more open minded and respect different cultures and people. People judge me a lot in school because of my autism and don’t take the time to understand me and doing this limits who I am friends with at school.

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