Analysis Essay Scoring Rubric

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Analysis Essay Scoring Rubric





Ideas & support; Synthesis

Text is clear and focused; thesis is clear

Well supported by visible examples in the essay.

Essay effectively synthesizes ideas.

    Text's ideas are focused but general, obvious.

Limited support.

Essay mostly synthesizes ideas.

    Text lacks clear idea, purpose, and details.

Essay summarizes book

No support.

Essay does not synthesize ideas.


  Order compels, enhances, and moves ideas.

Transitions used to connect ideas

   Order moves reader through with confusion.

Few if any transitions are used

    Order is missing or random; no identifiable structure.

Sentence Fluency & Word Choice

   Writing flows with rhythm and cadence. Elegant.

Words are precise, interesting, engaging, powerful. Verbs are vivid; few “be” verbs are used

     Writing moves along with some awkward moments

Words are common and obvious; they lack energy. Many “be” verbs are used

  Writing lacks flow; it is difficult to read.

Words are simple or vague; limited in scope


  Writing is compelling and engaging; demonstrates insight into the novel

  Writing shows little insight into the novel

   Writing shows no insight into the novel

Quote usage & Citations

Appropriate quotes are properly introduced, integrated and explained

In text citations are included and correct

Quotes are included, but not properly introduced, integrated and/or explained

In text citations are included and mostly correct

Support is mostly anecdotal (Essay lacks adequate quotes), and not properly introduced, integrated and/or explained

No citations

Grammar Conventions

      Observes and uses standard conventions; few errors.

     Reasonable control of conventions; distracting errors

     Errors distract the reader and make reading difficult.

Grade Conversion Chart

30 100

29 97

28 95

27 93

26 91

25 89
24 87

23 85

22 83

21 81

20 79

19 77
18 75

17 73

16 71

15 68

14 or below 65-50

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