Americanism Jean Walker, Chairman

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Jean Walker , Chairman

American Legion Auxiliary is dedicated to promoting patriotism in the community through a variety of activities and programs, including the observance of patriotic holidays, flag etiquette and distribution, education of our youth about history and voting and support of veterans, service members and their families.
OBJECTIVE # 1: Promote the American Legion Auxiliary’s value of Americanism through community education about flag etiquette and respect by demonstrating leadership in support of our county and our military.
Action Steps

  1. Be knowledgeable on flag history, etiquette and proper disposal so your community will look to the American Legion Auxiliary for information.

  2. Promote community awareness of yellow ribbon reintegration programs (reintegrating troops back to the community), deployment of troops and welcome-home events. Contact your local Family Readiness Group support person for details. Information is available at . More information on yellow ribbon reintegration program is available in the National Security Plan of Action.

  3. Be active in observing patriotic holidays. Encourage flying the flag every day but especially on patriotic holidays.

  4. Participate in the Pocket Flag project by providing flags for deploying troops.

  5. Encourage schools to recite the Pledge of Allegiance daily.

  6. Support the amendment to protect the United States flag from desecration.

2013-2014 Patriot Holidays Include:
September 11 - Patriot Day September 17 - Citizenship Day

September 17-23 - Constitution Week September 20 - POW/MIA Recognition Day

November 11 - Veterans Day December 7 - Pearl Harbor Day

February - American Legion Auxiliary Americanism Month May 17- Armed Forces Day

May 26 - Memorial Day June 14 - Flag Day

July 4 - Independence Day

OBJECTIVE # 2: Increase awareness and participation in youth activities that support respect for our flag and loyalty to our country.

Action Steps

  1. Encourage participation in the Americanism Essay Contest by increasing awareness through stronger networking in schools, youth groups (4-H, YMCA, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, FFA, Girl Scouts of America), and home school associations. The Americanism Essay Contest encourages participants to learn about the fundamental rights and freedoms we enjoy today. This year’s theme is “How can I show pride in being an American?”

OBJECTIVE #3: Promote Auxiliary participation in the American Legion Americanism programs.

Action Steps

  1. Support American Legion Baseball - Contact your local American Legion chairman to see what their needs are.

  2. Oratorical Contest - A speaking contest to help students develop a deeper understanding of the United States Constitution. Support your local Legion chairman by offering to locate interested students, be an escort or timekeeper or even a judge.

  3. Junior Shooting Sports – Promotes gun safety and marksmanship trading for youth. Offer your local chairman help with scoring, supervision or transportation.

Objective 4: Show pride in belonging to the world’s largest patriotic women’s organization, the American Legion Auxiliary.
Action Steps:

  1. Wear and display your name, unit or department identification badge.

  2. Wear and display your “Honoring Their Service” button depicting the veteran through whom you are eligible for Auxiliary membership. Use this tool as a way to discuss your appreciation for your family member and their service to our country. This discussion often leads to a conversation about the American Legion Auxiliary’s mission and it programs.

  3. Write an elevator speech that explains the American Legion Auxiliary and its programs to potential members.


  1. Capitol Building flags: To order flags flown over the Capitol, contact your Congressional Representative or Senator or visit his/her website. Flags are available for a nominal fee; 4-6 weeks should be allowed for delivery.

  2. Pocket Flag Project: or write Pocket Flag Project, P.O. Box 740847, Arvada, CO 80006

  3. Emblem Sales: Flag education DVD: explains the history, significance, meaning, proper display and treatment of the U.S. flag. Let’s Be Right on Flag Etiquette – a question and answer booklet on proper flag etiquette.

  4. The American Legion Flag Advocacy:

  5. The American Legions Action Program of Americanism brochure:

See program page on for additional resources.

Available from the Department Office:

Let’s Be Right on Flag Etiquette $1.00 each

Americanism Manual $0.50 each

Flag of the United States $0.20 each

During this 2013-2014 year, we serve under the theme “Patriotism - Thank Our Veterans - Teach our Children”.
Jean Walker

Department Americanism Chairman

426 E Ross Ave

Warren, MN 56762

218-745-6712 Home 218-686-1829 Cell

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