American Poetry, 1609-1870 Reel Listing

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Reel: 35, No. 940
Hillard, Isaac, b. 1737.

A short poetical history of fragments, collected from past and present times.

Danbury, Printed for the author. 1808

84 pp.; 12.

Reel: 35, No. 941
Hillard, Isaac, b. 1737.

The steady habits of Connecticut, versified.

Danbury [Conn.], Printed for the author. 1807

48 p.

Reel: 35, No. 942
[Hillhouse, Augustus Lucas] 1791-1859.

A song.

[Paris]. [1818]

7 p.; 22 cm.

Reel: 35, No. 943
Historico dramatico ambrosial eclogues.

New York, Printed for Abram Cox. 1820

By Hengist Hobnail, undergraduate of the Agricultural College, and honorary member of the London Horticultural Society.; 16 p.; Four verses from Virgil and five from Shakespeare.

Reel: 35, No. 944
The History of Thomas Brown.

Philadelphia, American Sunday-school Union, 146 Chestnut street. [18--?]

Revised by the Committee of Publication of the American Sunday-school Union.; 16 p., 1 l.; illus. (front.); 11 cm.; In verse.

Reel: 35, No. 945
Hitchcock, David, 1773-1849.

The knight and quackery: or, A looking-glass for impostors, in physic, philosophy, or government.

Hudson [N.Y.], Printed at the Balance-press. 1805

An allegorical poem.; 27 p.; 20 cm.

Reel: 35, No. 946
Hitchcock, David, 1773-1849.

A poetical dictionary; or, Popular terms illustrated in rhyme; with explanatory remarks.

Lenox [Mass.], From Lewis's press, Henry Starr, printer. 1808

For the use of society in general, and politicians in particular. Part first.; vi, [7]-113, [2] p.; 17.5 x 10 cm.

Reel: 35, No. 947
Hitchcock, David, 1773-1849.

The poetical works of David Hitchcock.

Boston, Published by Etheridge and Bliss, no. 12, Cornhill, Oliver & Munroe, printers. 1806

Containing, The shade of Plato, Knight and quack, and The subtlety of foxes.; 164, [2] p.; 18 cm.

Reel: 35, No. 948
Hitchcock, David, 1773-1849.

The shade of Plato, or, A defence of religion, morality & government.

Hudson [N.Y.], Printed at the Balance Press. 1805

A poem in four parts. To which is prefixed a sketch of the author's life.; xvi, [17]-107 p.

Reel: 35, No. 949
Hitchcock, David, 1773-1849.

The social monitor; or, A series of poems on some of the most important and interesting subjects.

New York, Printed for Gould, Banks & Gould, Prior & Dunning, Isaac Riley, and Collins & co. 1814

2d ed.; [John Forbes, printer]; 204 p.; 14.5 cm.

Reel: 35, No. 950
Hobart, James Molesworth, 1765?-1793.

A poem.

(Birmingham). 1793

which was found in his cell after his execution.; (In Authentic memoirs of the life and adventures of James Molesworth Hobart (alias Lord Massey, alias the Duke of Ormond) from his birth in the year 1765, to his execution on the 13th of February 1793, together with his respective trials, speeches ... p. 28-30).

Reel: 35, No. 951
[Holden, Oliver].

Sacred dirges, hymns, and anthems.

Boston, Printed by I. Thomas & E.T. Andrews, no. 45, Newbury street. [1800]

Commemorative of the death of General George Washington, the guardian of his country, and the friend of man. An original composition, by a citizen of Massachusetts.; 24, [1] p.; Cover title: Funeral music for 22d February.

Reel: 35, No. 952
Holdsworth, Edward, 1684-1746.

Muscipula, sive kambpomyomaxia.

Annapolis, Printed for the author, by W. Parks. 1728

The mouse-trap, or The battle of the Cambrians and mice; a poem translated into English by R. Lewis ...; xvi, 52 p.

Reel: 36, No. 953
Holiday exercises; or, The Christian A B C consisting of seven alphabets, with a text of Scripture affixed to every letter.

[Philadelphia] Printed by Kline and Reynolds, and sold by Mr. Bailey, Mr. Aitkin, Philadelphia, and Mr. Sam. Loudon, New York. 1765

36 p.; 12.

Reel: 36, No. 954
Holland, Edwin C[lifford] 1794-1824.

Odes, naval songs, and other occasional poems, (never before published) [by the] author of the several communications under the signature of "Orlando".

Charleston, S.C., Printed for the author by J. Hoff, 117, Broad street. 1813

1 p.l., 40, [2] p.; 16 cm.

Reel: 36, No. 955
Holland, Edwin Clifford, 1794-1824.

Prize poems.

November, 1813

The pillar of glory. Ocean, a naval ode.; (In The Port Folio 3d, ser. v, 2. no. 5. p. 541-552.); Song fold. and tipped in.

Reel: 36, No. 956
Holmes, Moses.

Poems on New Year's day, on a crucified saviour, on the time piece and looking-glass, on infidelty, and one other on stupidity together with a dialogue between self conceit and ignorance.

Bennington, Vermont, Printed by Andrew Haswell. 1802

47 p.

Reel: 36, No. 957
Homer, Jonathan, 1759-1843.

The way of God vindicated, in a sermon preached Lord's-day, September 16, 1804.

Boston, Printed by Manning & Loring, no. 2, Cornhill. 1804

After the interment of his only child, Jonathan Homer, A.B. who died of a consumption, Sept. 7, 1804, aged 21.; 32 p.; 8.

Reel: 36, No. 958
[Honeywood, St. John] 1763-1798.

A poem on the President's farewell address, with a sketch of the character of his successor.

Philadelphia, Printed for John Ormand, no. 41, Chesnut street, by Ormand & Conrad. [n.d.]

2d ed.; 8 p.

Reel: 36, No. 959
[Honeywood, St. John] 1763-1798.

A poem, on reading President Washington's address declining a re-election to the presidency.

Albany, Printed by Charles R. and George Webster, at their bookstore in the white house, corner of State and Pearl streets. [1796]

(Written in October, 1796.) By S.J.H. esquire, one of the federal electors of the state of New-York.; 8 p.; 20.5 cm.

Reel: 36, No. 960
[Honeywood, St. John] 1763-1798.

A poem on reading the president's address; with a sketch of the character of a candidate for the presidency.

Philadelphia, Printed by Ormrod & Conrad, no. 41, Chesnut street. 1796

7 p.; port.; 8.

Reel: 36, No. 961
Honeywood, St. John, 1763-1798.

Poems, with some pieces in prose.

New York, Printed by T. & J. Swords, no. 99, Pearl street. 1801

Copyright secured.; viii, 159, [1] p.; 17 cm.

Reel: 36, No. 962
[Hooper, Robert].

An oration and poem, delivered before the government and students of Harvard University, at the departure of the senior class, July 31, 1811.

Cambridge, Printed by W. Hilliard & E.W. Metcalf. 1811

24 p.

Reel: 36, No. 963
Hope: a rhapsody.

[New York?]. [1774?]


Reel: 36, No. 964
[Hopkins, Joseph R.].

Hamiltoniad; or, The effects of discord.

Philadelphia, Printed for the author, published and sold by D. Hogan, no. 51, South third street. August 3, 1804

An original poem. In two books. With an appendix. Containing a number of interesting papers relative to the late unfortunate duel. By a young gentleman of Philadelphia.; 40, [1], 34-55 p.

Reel: 36, No. 966
[Hopkins, Lemuel] 1750-1801.

The democratiad, a poem in retaliation for the "Philadelphia Jockey Club.".

Philadelphia, Published by Thomas Bradford, printer, bookseller & stationer, no. 8, South Front street. 1796

By a gentleman of Connecticut.; 22, [1] p.

Reel: 36, No. 967
[Hopkins, Lemuel] 1750-1801.

The guillotina; or, A democratic dirge, a poem.

Philadelphia, [Published by Thomas Bradford] Sold at the Political Book-Store, South Front-Street, No. 8. [1796?]

By the author of the "Democratiad".; 14, [2] p.; 22 cm.

Reel: 36, No. 969
Hopkins, Samuel, 1724-1803.

Memoirs of the life of Mrs. Sarah Osborn, who died at Newport, Rhodeisland, [!] on the second day of August, 1796, In the eighty third year of her age.

Worcester, Massachusetts, Printed by Leonard Worcester. 1799

By [the] pastor of the First Congregational church in Newport.; 380 p.; 17.5 cm.

Reel: 36, No. 970
[Hopkinson, Francis] 1737-1791.

The battle of the kegs.

[n.p.] Sold at No. 3, Pek-Slip. 1807

4 p.; 16 cm.

Reel: 36, No. 971
[Hopkinson, Francis] 1737-1791.

An exercise containing a dialogue and ode on the accession of his present gracious Majesty, George III.

Philadelphia, Printed by W. Dunlap, in Market street. 1762

Performed at the public commencement in the College of Philadelphia, May 18th, 1762.; 8 p.

Reel: 36, No. 972
[Hopkinson, Francis] 1737-1791.

The miscellaneous essays and occasional writings of Francis Hopkinson, esq.

Philadelphia, Printed by T. Dobson, at the stone house, no. 41, Second street. 1792

3 v.; 20 cm.

Reel: 36, No. 974
Hopkinson, Francis, 1737-1791.

Poems on several subjects.

[Philadelphia]. [1792]

204 p.

Reel: 37, No. 975
Hopkinson, Francis, 1737-1791.


Philadelphia, Printed by William Dunlap, in Market-street. 1762

A poem.; 19 p.; 25 cm.

Reel: 37, No. 976
Hopkinson, Joseph.

Song adapted to the President's march, sung at the theatre by Mr. Fox, at his benefit.

[n.p.] Printed by J. Ormrod, 41, Chesnut street. [1798]

6 p.

Reel: 37, No. 978
[Hopkinson, Thomas] 1747-1784.

Liberty, a poem lately found in a bundle of papers, said to be written by a hermit in New-Jersey.

Philadelphia, Printed by William Goddard, in Market-Street. 1769

12 p.; 20 x 16 cm.

Reel: 37, No. 980
Horatius Flaccus, Quintus.

The lyric works of Horace, tr. into English verse: to which are added, a number of original poems.

Philadelphia, Printed by Eleazer Oswald, at the Coffee-House. 1786

By a native of America [John Parke] ...; xli, [1], 334, [16] p.; front.; 21 cm.; "Translations from the Greek and Latin with original poems [by John Parke] p. [191]-334.

Reel: 37, No. 981
Horne, George, bp. of Norwich, 1730-1792.

Selection from Bishop Horne's commentary on the Psalms.

Philadelphia, Published by Bradford and Inskeep; New York, T. & G. Palmer, printers. 1812

By Lindley Murray ...; 238 p.; 18 cm.

Reel: 37, No. 982
Horrid massacre at Dartmoor prison, England.

[Boston, Circa]. [1815]

Where the unarmed American prisoners of war were wantonly fired upon by the guard, under the command of the prison turnkey, the blood thirsty Shortland ...; broadside.

Reel: 37, No. 983
Juvenile poems; or, The alphabet in verse.

Albany, Printed by E. & E. Hosford. 1811

Designed for the entertainment of all good little boys and girls. Ornamented with engravings.; 1 p.l., 5-31 p.; illus.; Cover title.

Reel: 37, No. 984
Hours of childhood and other poems.

Montreal, Published by A. Bowman. August, 1820

1 p.l., 94 p.

Reel: 37, No. 985
The House of wisdom in a bustle; a poem descriptive of the noted battle, lately fought in C-ng-ss.

Philadelphia, Printed for the author. 1798

By Geoffry Touchstone.; 27 p.

Reel: 37, No. 986
[Hovey, Ebenezer] b. 1726.

The true ministers and the false ones.

[n.p.] Printed for the purchasers. Dec. 1801

20, 12 p.; 18 cm.; "Verses, &c. ... written by Mr. Timothy Dutton, of Northfields.": 12 p. at end.

Reel: 37, No. 987
Howe, Solomon, 1750-1835.

Columbia triumphant.

Greenwich [Mass.] Printed and sold. [n.d.]

A poem on the independence of the United States, designed to perpetuate the memory of that glorious event. Copyright secured.; 16 p.

Reel: 37, No. 988
Howe, Solomon, 1750-1835.

Divine hymns on the sufferings of Christ, for the use of religious assemblies and private Christians.

Greenwich, Mass., Printed by John Howe for the author. 1805

Copyright secured.; 96 p.; 17 cm.

Reel: 37, No. 989
Howe, Solomon, 1750-1835.

The young gentleman and lady's pleasant companion.

Greenwich, Printed for the author. 1804

Containing a number of poems on natural, moral & divine subjects, entirely new.; 32 p.; Cover title.

Reel: 37, No. 991
[Hubbard, John] 1703-1773.

The benefactors of Yale college.

Boston, Printed by S. Kneeland and T. Green. 1733

A poetical attempt.; [2], 13 p.

Reel: 37, No. 993
[Hubbard, John] 1703-1773.

A monumental gratitude attempted, in a poetical relation of the danger and deliverance of several of the members of Yale college, in passing the Sound, from South-hold to New Haven, Aug. 20th, 1726.

New London, Printed and sold by T. Green. 1727

1 p.l., 10 p.

Reel: 37, No. 994
[Hubbard, John] 1703-1773.

A poem occasioned by the death of the honourable Jonathan Law Esq.; late Governor of Connecticut.

[n.p.]. 1751

2 p.l., 8 p.

Reel: 37, No. 995
Huggins, John Richard Desborus.

Hugginiana; or, Huggins' fantasy, being a collection of the most esteemed modern literary productions.

New York, Printed by H.C. Southwick, no. 2, Wall street. 1808

2d ed.; Most excellent printer to his most barber-ous Majesty,; 288 p.; illus., front., ports.

Reel: 37, No. 996
[Hughes, G.].

Religious reflections, particularly on the late dreadful fire of the governor's house in Fort George.

[New York] Printed for the author, John Hughes.


Reel: 37, No. 997
Humphreys, David, 1752-1818.

Discours en vers, addressé aux officiers et aux soldats des différentes armées américaines.

A Paris, chez Prault, Imprimeur du Roi, quai des Augustins, à l'immortalitié. 1786

Par [un] ... colonel au service des Etats-Unis, & aide-de-camp de son excellence le général Washington. Imprimé pour la premiere fois à New Haven, dans le Connecticut.; 66 p.

Reel: 37, No. 1000
[Humphreys, David] 1752-1818.

The glory of America; or, Peace triumphant over war: a poem.

Philadelphia, Printed for the author, by E. Oswald and D. Humphreys. 1783

16 p.

Reel: 37, No. 1001
Humphreys, David, 1752-1818.

Life of the honorable Major General Israel Putnam: an essay addressed to the state Society of the Cincinnati in Connecticut.

New York, Printed and published by M'Carty and White. 1810

To which is annexed two poems: An address to the armies of the United States, and A poem on the happiness of America.; 285, [9] p.; front.

Reel: 38, No. 1002
Humphreys, David, 1752-1818.

Life of the Hon. Major General Israel Putnam.

Philadelphia, Published by William M'Carty. May, 1811

To which is annexed two poems: An address to the armies of the United States, and A poem on the happiness of America.; 285 p.; front.

Reel: 38, No. 1003
Humphreys, David, 1752-1818.

The miscellaneous works of Colonel Humphreys.

New York, Printed by Hodge, Allen, and Campbell, and sold at their respective book stores. 1790

348 p.

Reel: 38, No. 1004
Humphreys, David, 1752-1818.

The miscellaneous works of David Humphreys.

New York, Printed by T. and J. Swords, no. 160, Pearl street. 1804

xv, [1], 394, [14] p.; front. (port.).

Reel: 38, No. 1005
[Humphreys, David] 1752-1818.

A poem addressed to the armies of the United States of America.

New Haven, Printed by T. and S. Green. 1780

By a gentleman of the army.; 16 p.

Reel: 38, No. 1006
Humphreys, David, 1752-1818.

A poem, addressed to the armies of the United States of America.

New Haven, Printed by T. and S. Green, Paris, reprinted. 1784; 1785

and at London, in the same year, for G. Kearsley, at no. 46, Fleet street.; 28 p.

Reel: 38, No. 1007
Humphreys, David, 1752-1818.

A poem on industry.

Philadelphia, Printed for Mathew Carey, no. 118, Market street. October 14, 1794

Addressed to the citizens of the United States of America.; 22, [2] p.

Reel: 38, No. 1008
Humphreys, David, 1752-1818.

A poem on the happiness of America, addressed to the citizens of the United States.

London Printed, Portsmouth [N.H.] Reprinted by George Jerry Osborne. 1786; 1790

45, [2] p.

Reel: 38, No. 1010
Humphreys, David, 1752-1818.

Life of the Honorable Major General Israel Putnam, an essay addressed to the state Society of the Cincinnati in Connecticut; to which is annexed two poems: An address to the armies of the United States, and a poem on the happiness of America; addressed to the citizens of the United States.

New York, Printed and published by M'Carty & White, no. 46, Fair street. [1810]

285, [9] p.; front.

Reel: 38, No. 1011
Humphreys, David, 1752-1818.

Address to the Armies of the United States of America, a poem.

(Philadelphia). 1811

(In his Life of the Hon. Major General Israel Putnam. p. 189-218).

Reel: 39, No. 1012
Humphreys, David, 1752-1818.

A poem on the happiness of America, addressed to the citizens of the United States.

(Philadelphia). 1811

(In his Life of the Hon. Major General Israel Putnam. p. 219-235).

Reel: 39, No. 1012
Humphreys, David, 1752-1818.


Philadelphia, Printed by Mathew Carey. 1789

1 p.l., 90, [1] p.

Reel: 39, No. 1013
Humphreys, David, 1752-1818.

Select poems, by Col. Humphreys, aid-de-camp to Gen. Washington.

Philadelphia, Printed by Mathew Carey. 1787

A new ed.; vii, [1], 104 p.; p. 105-107 in ms.; at end.

Reel: 39, No. 1014
Hunn, Anthony.

Sin and redemption.

Lexington, Printed by W.W. Worsley ... "Reporter" Press. 1812

A religious poem.; 25 p.

Reel: 39, No. 1015
[Huntington, Daniel].

A poem, [on the pleasures and advantages of true religion: delivered before the United Brother's Society, in Brown University, on their anniversary, August 31, 1819.].

[Providence, Printed at the Rhode Island American Office]. [1819.]

23 p.

Reel: 39, No. 1016
Hutchinson, William, 1732-1814.

The spirit of Masonry.

New York, Printed by Issac Collins, no. 189, Pearl street, for Cottom & Stewart, booksellers and stationers, Alexandria. 1800

In moral and elucidatory lectures.; 2 p.l., v-vi p., 1 l., 174, 22 p.; front.

Reel: 39, No. 1018
[Hutton, Joseph].

The field of Orleans.

Philadelphia, Published by W. Anderson, 102, Cherry street. 1816

A poem by the author of several fugitive pieces.; 2 p.l., [7]-31, [4] p.

Reel: 39, No. 1019
Hutton, Joseph.

Leisure hours; or, Poetic effusions.

Philadelphia, Published by Hellings and Aitken, D. Heartt, printer. 1812

305 p.

Reel: 39, No. 1020
Hyde, Andrew, jr.

A short narration, respecting some extraordinary supernatural operations between the years 1806-1811.

Pittsfiled, Printed by P. Allen for the author. [1811]

Also, a poem, in five parts, on predestination, free grace ...; 36 p.

Reel: 39, No. 1021
Hyde, Nancy Maria, 1792-1816.

The writings of Nancy Maria Hyde, of Norwich, Conn. connected with a sketch of her life [by Lydia Howard (Huntley) Sigourney].

Norwich [Conn.] Printed by Russell Hubbard. 1816

252 p.

Reel: 39, No. 1022
Hymns and odes, composed on the death of Gen. George Washington: adapted to the 22d day of February, and dedicated to those who please to sing them!.

Portsmouth, (N.H.), Printed at the United States Oracle Office by Charles Peirce, sold by him at the Columbian bookstore, by groce, dozen or single. January, 1800

12 p.

Reel: 39, No. 1023
Hymns for the nativity of our saviour, Jesus Christ.

Boston, Printed by John Eliot. 1817

In four parts. By G. Carseer.; 24 p.

Reel: 39, No. 1024
A Hymn on Creation.

New York, Printed and sold by Mahlon Day, at the new juvenile bookstore, no. 376 Pearl street. [18--]

16, [1] p.; illus.; 9 cm.

Reel: 39, No. 1025
[Iddings, James].

The monitor's instructor; or, A system of practical geography, of the United States of America, in particular.

Wilmington [Del.] Printed by William Black. January, 1804

The whole rendered familiar for the use of schools.; 323, [1] p.; illus.; 15 cm.

Reel: 39, No. 1027
Independence of the United States.

[n.p.]. [1811?]


Reel: 39, No. 1029
The Independency of the mind, affirmed.

Wheeling [West Va.] Printed by Alexander Armstrong for Aquila M. Bolton, for Aquila M. Bolton, bookseller. 1807

A poem, in two parts, with occasional notes. Part I.; 2 pts. in 1 v.; 16 cm.

Reel: 39, No. 1031
An Independent ode, dedicated to the illustrious president of the United States, the Governor of this Commonwealth, and all true patriots of liberty.

[n.p.]. [1795]


Reel: 39, No. 1032

New York, Printed and sold by Samuel Wood, at the Juvenile bookstore, no. 357, Pearl street. 1813

[16] p.; illus.

Reel: 40, No. 1034
Itinerant trifles, with an address to the Middlebury Marble Company, and a few words to Congress; also, A grand heroic ode to the red breeches of Thomas Jefferson, late president of the United States.

Windsor, Vt., Printed by Thomas M. Ponroy. 1811

By Paul Periwig.; 36 p.

Reel: 40, No. 1036
Jackson, J., Mrs.

Juvenile entertainment; or, Poetical miscellany.

New Brunswick, Printed by Abraham Blauvelt. 1800

2 p.l., [3]-69, [1] p.

Reel: 40, No. 1037
Jackson, Samuel, 1787-1872.

Original poems.

Philadelphia, Printed by A. Bowman. 1816

11 p.

Reel: 40, No. 1038
[Jensen, Lewis B.].

Ethick diversions, in four epistles to Emphasian, R.T.

New York, Printed by T. and J. Swords, no. 160, Pearl street. 18[?]

To which is added The convent by Restore Estlack.; 79 p.

Reel: 40, No. 1041
Johns, William.

A sermon preached in the meeting-house of the Baptist Society in Salem, on Lord's day evening, Jan. 26, 1812.

Boston, Lincoln & Edmands. [n.d.]

For the benefit of the translations of the Scriptures of India and China. With an appendix including remarks on President Smith's observation on foreign missions. Published by request.; 47, [1] p.

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