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Reel: 128, No. 2307
Original poem, written and dedicated to Post 15, Grand Army of the Republic, by High Private.

Boston. 1868

7 p.; 22 cm.

Reel: 128, No. 2308
[Orme, Cornelia J.].

Forget-me-nots from Dew drop dale.

Washington, Taylor and Maury. 1855

By Ruth Rustic [pseud.]; 212 p., 2 l.; 18 cm.; Verse.

Reel: 128, No. 2309
Osborn, Laughton, 1809-1878.

Alice; or, The painter's story.

New York, Doolady. 1867

1 p.l., vi, 262 p.; 19.5 cm.; Poem.

Reel: 128, No. 2310
Osgood, Frances Sargent (Locke), 1811-1850.


New York, Clark, Austin & co. 1852

252 p.; front.; 15.5 cm.; Added t.-p., engraved, has imprint date, 1846.

Reel: 128, No. 2311
Osgood, Frances Sargent (Locke), 1811-1860.


Philadelphia. 1853

Illustrated by Huntington, Darley, Rossiter, Cushman, and Osgood.; 1 p.l., 466 p.; front. (port.); 10 p.l.; 23 cm.; Added t.-p., engraved with vignette.

Reel: 128, No. 2312
Osgood, Samuel, 1812-1880.

Student life: letters and recollections for a young friend.

New York, J. Miller. 1861

vi, [7]-164 p.; 18.5 cm.; Includes a poem, Past and present, for the twenty-fifth anniversary of the class (at Harvard) of 1832, by Rev. C.T. Brooks, p. 125-135.

Reel: 128, No. 2313
Ossoli, Sarah Margaret (Fuller), marchesa d', 1810-1850.

Life without and life within; or, Reviews, narratives, essays, and poems.

Boston, Brown, Taggard and Chase; New York, Sheldon & co.; [etc., etc.]. [c1859]

Edited by her brother, Arthur B. Fuller.; 424 p.; front. (port.); 19 cm.; First edition.

Reel: 129, No. 2314
Ossoli, Sarah Margaret (Fuller), marchesa d', 1810-1850.

...Memoirs edited by Emerson and Channing (Translated from the French).

October, November, December 1852

p. 314-320, 409-418, 529-536 24 cm. (From--National Magazine,).

Reel: 129, No. 2315
Packard, Mary F., 1804-1863.

Miscellaneous poems.

Utica, New York, Curtiss & Childs. 1867

with a biographical sketch of the author.; 54 p.; 15 cm.; Errata slip inserted at end of book.

Reel: 129, No. 2321
Packer Collegiate Institute. Brooklyn, (N.Y.).

Historical cantata.

[New York] I. Van Anden's print, 30 and 32 Fulton Street. [1859]

Packer collegiate institute. February, 1859.; 29 p.; 22.5 cm.; Cover-title.; Without music.

Reel: 129, No. 2322
Page, Ann (Mrs. Anne P. Child).

Whatcheer, a story of olden times.

Providence, Knowles, Anthony & co., printers. 1857

One of sister Rhody's collection of historical facts for the amusement and instruction of young people. Edited by Mrs. Anne P. Child...; ix, 104 p.; 16 cm.

Reel: 129, No. 2323
[Paige, Eldridge Gerry] 1816-1859.

Dow's patents by Dow, Jr. [pseud.].

Philadelphia, T.B. Peterson and Brothers. [1857]

4 v.; 20 cm.

Reel: 129, No. 2324
[Paige, Eldridge Gerry] 1816-1859.

New patent sermons, machine poetry, and lectures on animals, &c.

New York, F.A. Brady. [1859?]

By Dow, jr. [pseud.]; 288 p.; 19 cm.; (Californian series); Inscription dated April 18, 1859.

Reel: 130, No. 2325
Paige, Julia B.

New inductive method for the piano-forte and singing, taught at her musical studio.

Boston, G.C. Rand & Avery. 1869

34 p., 1 l.; 23 cm.; Advertisement and testimonials.; At head of title: Grand musical discovery. The labor of years accomplished in weeks.; Includes a poem by E.C.T., a pupil.; (Ella C. Thayer?).

Reel: 130, No. 2326
[Paine, Martyn] 1794-1877.

Memoir of Robert Troup Paine.

New York, J.F. Trow, printer. 1852

By his parents...; viii, 524, [2] p.; 2 port. (incl. front.) 2 p.l.; (1 col.) facsim.; 29.5 cm.; "Printed for private distribution, especially for the classmates of the youth.".

Reel: 130, No. 2327
[Palfrey, Sara Hammond] 1823-1914.

Prémices, by E. Foxton [pseud.].

Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1855

iv, 196 p.; 19 cm.; In verse.

Reel: 130, No. 2328
[Palfrey, Sara Hammond] 1823-1914.

Sir Pavon and St. Pavon, by E. Foxton, [pseud.].

Boston. 1867

[5], 85 p.

Reel: 130, No. 2329
Palmer, Benjamin Franklin.

A poem before the Society of the sons of New England in Pennsylvania, on the first anniversary of the society, and the two hundred and thirty-seventh anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth.

Philadelphia, Crissey & Markley, printers. 1859

Delivered, by request, in The City of Philadelphia, December 22, 1858.; 15 p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 130, No. 2330
Palmer, David.

New Brunswick and other poems.

St. John, N.B. 1869

171 p.; 18 cm.; Added t.-p.: Original poems by David Palmer.

Reel: 130, No. 2331
Palmer, James Croxall, 1811-1883.

Antartic mariner's song.

New York, D. Van Nostrand. 1868

92 p.; illus.; 22.5 cm.; Title vignette.; Published in briefer form 1843 under title, Thulia; a tale of the Antarctic.; The main facts ... were gathered from the log-book and other journals of the Flying-fish, confirmed by The author's personal experience aboard the Peacock in the U.S. exploring expedition of 1838 to 1842.".

Reel: 130, No. 2332
Palmer, Ray, 1808-1887.

Hymns and sacred pieces, with miscellaneous poems.

Albany, J. Munsell. 1865

6 p., 2 l., [7]-195 p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 130, No. 2333
Palmer, Ray, 1808-1887.

Hymns and sacred pieces, with miscellaneous poems.

New York, A.D.F. Randolph. 1865

ix, [7]-195 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 130, No. 2334
Palmer, Ray, 1808-1887.

Hymns of my holy hours, and other pieces.

New York, A.D.F. Randolph. 1867

viii, 9-103 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 130, No. 2335
Palmer, Ray, 1808-1887.

Remember me; or, The holy communion.

Boston, The American tract society. [c1865]

102 p.; 19 cm.; Added t.-p. illustrated in colors.

Reel: 130, No. 2336
Palmer, William Pitt, 1805-1884.

Prometheus in doubt, a poem read at the banquet of the National board of fire under-writers, April 22, 1869.

New York. 1869

8 p.

Reel: 130, No. 2337
Palmer, William Pitt, 1805-1884.

Rhymed sketches of imaginary peregrinations, read before the Pithonian society of the University of Rochester, at their last annual meeting.

New York, R. Chapman. 1855

26 p.; 18 cm.

Reel: 130, No. 2338
Palmerton, Ann, b. 1800.

The alarming state of the world.

Rochester, New York, Printed for the author. 1859

viii, [9]-302, [1] p.; 15 cm.; Includes poetry.

Reel: 130, No. 2339
Papers for the people.

New York, The Jefferson Union. 1852

To be issued weekly during the campaign, under the patronage of the entire Democratic delegation in Congress...; 296 p.; port.; 21.5 cm.

Reel: 130, No. 2340
A Parable.

[n.p.]. [1863?]

Dedicated to the loyal soldiers of the North.; Caption title.; A poem.

Reel: 130, No. 2341
Parburt, George R.

Anselmo: a poem.

San Francisco, H.H. Bancroft & co. 1865

2 p.l., [3]-148 p.; 18.5 cm.; Printed errata slip attached to 2d preliminary leaf.

Reel: 130, No. 2342
Pardey, Henry Oake, 1808-1865.

... Nature's nobleman.

New York [etc.] W. Taylor & co. [pref. 1853]

A comedy. In five acts.; 79 p.; 20 cm.; (Modern standard trims, no. C); "First produced at Burton's theatre, New York, October 7, 1851.".

Reel: 130, No. 2343
[Park, John Cochran] 1804-1889.

A memorial of Major Edward Granville Park, of the 35th Massachusetts volunteers.

Boston, Press of J. Wilson and son. 1865

Printed for private circulation.; 41 p.; front. (phot.); 19.5 cm.

Reel: 130, No. 2344
Park, Roswell, 1807-1869.

Jerusalem; and other poems, juvenile and miscellaneous, including "Life and death", Here and hereafter", and "The mission of the gospel".

New York, T.N. Stanford. 1857

With a brief memoir of Mrs. Mary Brewster Park.; 309, xv p.; front. (port.); 18 cm.; "An address delivered at ... The funeral of Mrs. Mary Brewster Park. By Rev. J.H. Nichols": p. [19]-25.

Reel: 131, No. 2345
Parker, Adaline Rice.


Boston, Crosby & Nichols. 1863

[Edited by W. Salter.]; xv, 302 p.

Reel: 131, No. 2346
Parker, Caroline Eustis (Roberts).

The old kitchen fire, and other poems.

New York, American tract society. [1869]

96 p.; col. front., illus.; 16.5 cm.

Reel: 131, No. 2347
[Parker, Caroline Eustis (Roberts)].

Stories for the little ones at home.

New York, American Tract Society. [1869]

134 p.; col. front., illus.; 17 cm.; Includes poetry signed: C.E.R.P.

Reel: 131, No. 2348
Parker, Daniel, 1806-1890.

Phrenology, and other poems.

Lowell, S.W. Huse & co., (Vox populi office) book printers. 1859

40 p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 131, No. 2349
Parker, Henry Webster, 1822-1903.

The story of a soul; read before the Psi Upsilon convention at Hamilton college, July 22, 1851; and repeated before the Albany young men's association, November 20, 1851.

New York, S.W. Benedict. 1852

46 p.; 22 cm.

Reel: 131, No. 2350
[Parker, Henry Webster] 1822-1903.

Verse by Henry W. Parker.

Boston, H.W. Dutton and son. 1862

144 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 131, No. 2351
[Parks, Martha A.].


[Chicago, Press of church, Goodman & Donnelly]. [c1865]

45 p.; 18 cm.; Verse.; Preface signed: Mrs. Martha A. Parks.

Reel: 131, No. 2352
Parmelee, Helen Louisa, 1821-1863.

Poems, religious and miscellaneous.

New York, A.D.F. Randolph. 1865

112 p.; 14 cm.; Introduction dated Croton, August, 1865.

Reel: 131, No. 2353
Parmly, Eleazar, 1797-1874.

Thoughts in rhyme.

New York, Printed by T. Holman. 1867

xiv, 600 p.; front. (port.); 23.5 cm.

Reel: 131, No. 2354
Parry, Fannie, 1840-1860.

Wayside gleanings.

Providence, Rhode Island, H.L. Hastings. 1861

A collection of the miscellaneous writings of Fannie Parry...; viii p., 2 l., [13]-163 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 131, No. 2355
Parsons, Thomas William.

The first canticle Inferno of the Divine comedy of Dante Alighieri.

Boston, DeVries, Ibarra & co. 1868

[4], 216 p.; front.

Reel: 131, No. 2356
Parsons, Thomas William, 1819-1892.

The magnolia.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, J. Wilson and son. 1866

2 p.l., 58 p.; 30 cm.; In verse.

Reel: 131, No. 2357
Parsons, Thomas William, 1819-1892.

The old house at Sudbury.

Cambridge [Massachusetts] Press of J. Wilson and son. 1870

vi, [7]-114 p., 1 l.; incl. 4 full-paged illus.; 21 cm.; Poems.; Loose sheet with letterpress inserted to face illustration, p. 88.

Reel: 131, No. 2358
Parsons, Thomas William, 1819-1892.


Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1854

viii, [9]-189 p.; 20 cm.

Reel: 131, No. 2359
Parsons, Thomas William, 1819-1892.

"Le pres so al mattin' del ver ci sogna".

(Cambridge). 1869

(In A.E.G.--In memoriam Mrs. James Guild. 25 cm.; p. 137).

Reel: 132, No. 2360
Parsons, Thomas William, 1819-1892.

The rosary.

Cambridge, Mass., J. Wilson and sons. 1865

2 p.l., [7]-46 p.; 23.5 cm.; Poems.; "Eighty copies printed.".

Reel: 132, No. 2361
Paschall's pilgrimage.

Philadelphia, E.S. Morris. [1858]

A philosophical poem in three cantos, exemplifying the ups and downs of every-day life...; 2 p.l., iii-iv, [7]-87 p.; 16.5 cm.; Paging irregular: p. iii-iv misplaced in binding to follow p. 8.

Reel: 132, No. 2362
The Pastor's wife; or, Memoirs of E.M.S.

New York, Little, Rennie & co. 1867

198 p.; 17 cm.

Reel: 132, No. 2363
The Patent key to Uncle Tom's cabin; or, Mrs. Stowe in England, by a lady in New York.

New York, Pudney & Russell, printers. 1853

vi, [7]-45 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 132, No. 2364
Patten, George Washington, 1808-1882.

Voices of the border; comprising songs of the field, songs of the bower, Indian melodies, and promiscuous poems.

New York, Hurd and Houghton. 1867

xiv p., 1 l., [17]-361 p.; 19.5 cm.

Reel: 132, No. 2365
Patterson, A.W.

Onward: a lay of the West.

New York, San Francisco, A. Roman and co. 1869

28 p.; 18.5 x 14.5 cm.

Reel: 132, No. 2366
Patterson, Rachel Elizabeth, b. 1820.

Songs in affliction: a collection of miscellaneous poems, written during seasons of protracted illness.

Baltimore, Printed by Sherwood & co. 1853

2d edition, enlarged.; viii, [9]-80 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 132, No. 2367
[Paulding, -----].

A broadside for the times; by E pluribus unum [pseud.].

New York, J.O. Noyes. 1861

24 p.; 20 cm.

Reel: 132, No. 2368
Paulding, William Irving, 1825-1890, comp.

Literary life of James K. Paulding.

New York, C. Scribner and co. 1867

Compiled by his son, William I. Paulding...; 1 p.l., xiii, 15-397 p.; front. (port.); 20 cm.

Reel: 132, No. 2369
[Payne, John Howard] 1792-1852.

The grenn-corn dance.

(January 1862)

From an unpublished ms. by John Howard Payne, author of "Home, sweet home."; (In Continental monthly. 22 cm. p. 17-29).

Reel: 132, No. 2370
Payne, William Edward, b. 1815.

Address and poem delivered before the Massachusetts Homôeopathic Medical society, in the Tremont Temple, Boston, on the occasion of the centennial birthday of Doctor Samuel Hahnemann, April 10, 1855.

Boston, O. Clapp. 1855

Address by W.E. Payne ... poem by Henry C. Preston...; 52 p.

Reel: 132, No. 2371
Peabody, Allen.


Salem, Steam printing house of E.H. Fletcher & co. 1868

A humorous and historical collection, giving the jokes, experiences, and characters of many citizens of Wenham 30 years ago, and people of the present time.; 35 p.; 22 cm.

Reel: 132, No. 2372
Peabody, Andrew Preston, 1811-1893.

Free agency and moral inability reconciled: a sermon preached at the installation of Rev. Charles Lowe, as pastor of the North church in Salem, Massachusetts, September 27, 1855.

Salem, Printed at the Observer office. 1855

34, [1] p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 132, No. 2373
Peabody, Andrew Preston, 1811-1893.

Voices of the dead.

Boston, J.H. Eastburn's press. 1867

A sermon preached at King's chapel, Boston, June 2, 1867, being the Sunday following the decease of Mr. Thomas Bulfinch.; 36 p.; 24.5 cm.

Reel: 132, No. 2374
Peabody, Elizabeth Palmer, 1804-1894.

Last evening with Allston.

(October 1857)

(In Emerson and Putnam's magazine. 24 cm. p. 497-503).

Reel: 132, No. 2375
Peabody, James Chute, 1828-1900.


Boston [Printed at the Essex banner office]. 1864

129 p.; 20 cm.

Reel: 132, No. 2376
The Pearl box, containing one hundred beautiful stories for young people, by a pastor.

Boston, W. Cottrell. [c1851]

146 p.; front., illus.; 15 cm.

Reel: 132, No. 2377
[Pease, Mabel R.].

Our dear Eddie; or, A brief narrative of the life and death of Edward Champion Pease.

Boston, H. Hoyt. [c1861]

xi, 104 p.; 15 cm.; (On cover: The hillside library).

Reel: 132, No. 2378
Pebbles of poetry.

Boston, Foster and co. 1858

By F.E.F.; 48 p.; 23 cm.; Fanny Eliza Foster, supposed author?.

Reel: 132, No. 2379
Peck, Harlen P.

Beauty, the parent of hope.

[Newark, New Jersey] Newark daily advertiser. 1862

A poem, delivered in the chapel of the College of New Jersey, May 12th, 1862, by appointment of the senior class.; 20 p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 133, No. 2380
Peck, John, 1735-1812.

A short poem, containing a descant on the universal plan.

Boston, J.P. Jewett and company; Cleveland, Ohio, H.P.B. Jewett & co. 1858

Also, Lines on the happy end of the righteous, and Prosperity and death of the rich man, spoken of in Saint Luke's Gospel, chapter XVI. 4th ed. With a preface.; 52 p.; 16 cm.; Reprinted from "an old pamphlet" printed in 1813.; Contains also: Thoughts on universalism, by a different author; The sinner's mistake: Law and gospel by Isaac Watts.; Ascribed also to the Rev. John Peck, 1780-1849.

Reel: 133, No. 2381
Peck, Luther Wesley, 1825-1900.

The golden age.

New York, E. Goodenough. [1858]

208 p.; 18 cm.; Dramatic poem.

Reel: 133, No. 2382
Peckham, Robert, 1785-1877.

Historical poem, to be read at the dedication of the Soldiers' monument, in Westminster, Mass., July 4th, 1868.

Fitchburg [Mass.] Printed at the Fitchburg sentinel office. 1868

26 p.; 22 cm.

Reel: 133, No. 2383
Peet, L.R.

Experiences and comments of a fool about town, edited by himself [Anon].

Baltimore. 1876

18 p.; One hundred printed.

Reel: 133, No. 2384
Peffer, William Alfred, 1831-1912.

Myriorawa: a view of our people and their history, together with the principles underlying, and the circumstances attending the rise and progress of the American Union.

Clarksville, Tennessee, Buck & Neville. 1869

A poem:; 226 p.; 17.5 cm.

Reel: 133, No. 2385
Peirce Academy. Middleboro (Mass.).

Semi-centennial jubilee of Peirce academy Middleboro, Mass., Aug. 6, 1858.

Boston, J.M. Hewes. 1858

48 p.; front.; 24 cm.

Reel: 133, No. 2387
Pelton, Cale, 1811-1853.

Key to Pelton's new and improved series of outline maps, containing all the important geographical names in the known world.

Philadelphia, Sower & Barnes. 1854

arranged in verse for musical recitations; to which is added a brief description of the present state of the world...; 192, 48 p.; incl. illus. (incl. music) plates. 22.5 cm.

Reel: 133, No. 2388
Penniman, Purcell.

Penniman's writings, ancient and modern.

Boston, B.B. Russell. 1866

72 p.; 19 cm.; Largely anti-slavery tracts and verses.

Reel: 133, No. 2390
Percival, James Gates, 1795-1856.

The poetical works of James Gates Percival.

Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1859

With a biographical sketch...; 2 v.; front. (port.); 14.5 cm.; Biographical sketch compiled by L.W. Fitch from materials collected by Erasmus D. North.

Reel: 133, No. 2391
Percy's year of rhymes.

New York, Hurd and Houghton. 1867

43 p.; front., plates.; 20.5 cm.

Reel: 133, No. 2392
[Perkins, Elmira (Johnson)] 1841-1896.

Harp of the willows.

Boston, The author. 1858

By Elvira.; 144 p.; Attributed also to Judith Grant Perkins.

Reel: 133, No. 2393
[Perkins, Elmira (Johnson)] 1841-1896.

Harp of the willows.

Boston. 1859

By Elvira.; 152 p.; front., illus.; Attributed also to Judith Grant Perkins.

Reel: 133, No. 2394
Perry, Henry G.

Phantasy; or, Teachings of truth from study and contrast of the real with unreality: a poem, delivered before the literary societies, at the annual commencement of Oakland college, Mississippi, May. A.D. 1859.

New Orleans. 1859

34 p.

Reel: 133, No. 2395
Perry, Nora, 1841-1896.

After the ball, and other poems.


vi, [7]-192 p.; 18 cm.; Binding varies.; Author's autographed presentation copy to Henry B. Anthony.

Reel: 133, No. 2396
Perry, Timothy.

Poem delivered before the alumni of New Ipswich academy, September 18, 1861.


(In: New Ipswich, N.H.--Appleton academy. Oration, poem and chronicles).

Reel: 133, No. 2397
Peter Piper's tales.

Albany, R.H. Pease. [1865?]

Danger of fire.; 26 p. incl. col. front., col. plates.; 23 cm.; Caption: Mama's stories to her little girl.; Numerous errors in paging.

Reel: 133, No. 2398
Peter Prim's pride; or, Pleasing proverbs for little people.

Philadelphia. 1853

unp.; col. illus.; 21 cm.

Reel: 133, No. 2399
Peters, Absalom, 1793-1869.

The city of the silent.

New York, J.A. Gray & Green, printers. 1866

A tribute to the Wood-lawn cemetery, established for the city of New York and Westchester county. Opened for burials, January, 1865.; 12 p.; 19 cm.; On cover: From "Hours at home", for May, 1866.; Verse and prose.

Reel: 133, No. 2400
Peters, Absalom, 1793-1869.

Life and time.

New York, Sheldon & co., Boston, Gould & Lincoln. 1866

A birth-day memorial of seventy years. With memories and reflections for the aged and the young.; 80 p.; 17.5 cm.; Appendix: Notes, explanatory and biographical [etc.].

Reel: 133, No. 2401
Peters, W.A.

Embers of the past.

New York. 1866

2 p.l., [vii]-viii, [9]-50 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 133, No. 2402
Peterson, Henry, 1818-1891.

The modern Job.

Philadelphia, H. Peterson & co. 1869

124 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 134, No. 2403
Peterson, Henry, 1818-1891.


Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & co. 1863

viii, 9-203 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 134, No. 2404
Pettes, George William.

Corona: a poem delivered at the first anniversary of the First light infantry veterans association of Providence, Rhode Island, May 11, 1870.

Cambridge [Mass.] Printed at the Riverside press. 1870

24 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 134, No. 2406
Pettes, George William.

Laurea: the anniversary poem read to the graduating class of Pemberton square school, Boston, June 19th, 1867.

Boston, Press of S. Chism. 1867

Published by request of the class.; 29 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 134, No. 2407
[Pettes, George William].


Chicago. 1862

(In Celeberation of the eighty-sixth anniversary of the independence of the United States 1862. Chicago, 1862, p. 21-31).

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