American Poetry, 1609-1870 Reel Listing

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Reel: 14, No. 341
The Carrier of the Independent Ledger, &c., wishes his kind customers a Merry Christmas & Happy New-Year.

Boston. January 1, 1785

and presents the following ...; broadside.

Reel: 14, No. 344
[Carrier's adress] A poem addressed to the people of Virginia, on New Year's day, 1788.

Alexandria. January 10, 1788

(In American museum. January, 1788. p. 92-93).

Reel: 14, No. 349
Carseer, G.

Hymns for the nativity of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Boston, Printed by John Elliot, no. 5 Court street. 1817

In four parts.; 24 p.; 21.5 cm.; Cover title.

Reel: 14, No. 351
Carter, Bernard M.

Miscellaneous poems.

Philadelphia, Printed for J. Maxwell, Walnut street. 1820

4 p.l., [5]-95 p.

Reel: 14, No. 352
Cary, Thomas, 1751-1823.

Abram's plains: a poem.

Quebec, Printed for the author. 1789

iv, 20 p.; 36 cm.; A photostatic copy.

Reel: 14, No. 354
[Case, Wheeler] d. 1793.

Poems on several occurrences in the present grand struggle for American liberty.

Chatham [N.Y.], Printed by Shepard Kollock. 1779

5th ed.; 1 p.l., 3, 6-24 p.; 11 cm.; Cover title.

Reel: 14, No. 356
[Case, Wheeler] d. 1793.

Poems on several occurrences in the present grand struggle for American liberty.

[n.p.] Printed. 1779

5th ed.; 39 p.; 11 cm.

Reel: 14, No. 357
[Cate, James] 1728?-1813.

The following lines were composed on the melancholy state of the family of Mr. Benjamin Sandborn, of Sandbornton, who departed this life October 20, 1794, in the 49th year of his age.

[Dover, N.H., Printed by Samuel Bragg, jun.]. [1795]


Reel: 14, No. 358
Cate, James, 1728?-1813.

Devastation by the "King of Terrours," in the family of Mr. Jeremiah Sandborn, &c. of Sandbornton, in the year 1798, &c.

[Exeter, N.H.] Printed by J.L. [i.e. John Lamson] for the author. 1799


Reel: 14, No. 359
Cate, James, 1728?-1813.

Remarks on the death of Mr. George Hancock, jun.

Northfield, Printed by J.L. [i.e. John Lamson] for the Author. 1798


Reel: 14, No. 360
Catonis disticha. Cato's Moral distichs, englished in couplets [by James Logan].

Philadelphia, Printed and sold by B. Franklin. 1735

23, [1] p.; 19.7 cm.

Reel: 14, No. 362
A Caution; or, Reflections on the present contest between France and Great Britain.

[Philadelphia], Printed by Benjamin Franklin Bache, no. 112, Market street. 1798

14 p.; 21 cm.

Reel: 14, No. 363
[Cecil, Richard] 1748-1810.

A friendly visit to the house of mourning.

Boston, Printed and sold by Manning & Loring, no. 2, Cornhill. 1805

4th ed.; 1 p.l., 2, 4-72, 1 l. [1] p.; 14 cm.; Nancy Luce's copy, with original mss. poems.

Reel: 14, No. 364
Chandler, David.

The miscellaneous works of David Chandler, Elizabeth-Town, New-Jersey.

Schenectady [N.Y.], Published by Jonathan Price Riggs & Stevens, printers. 1814

21 p.

Reel: 14, No. 366
Chandler, William.

A journal of the survey of Narragansett Bay, and parts adjacent taken in the months of May and June A.D. 1741.

[Newport, The Widow Franklin]. [1741]


Reel: 14, No. 368
Channing, William Ellery, 1780-1842.

Discourse delivered in Boston, at the solemn festival in commemoration of the goodness of God in delivering the Christian world from military despotism, June 15, 1814.

Boston, Published by Henry Channing. 1814

16, 8 p.; 24 cm.; Cover title.

Reel: 14, No. 369
Chapin, Pelatiah, 1746-1837.

Evangelic poetry, for the purposes of devotion, excited by spiritual songs and conviction urged by gospel truth.

Concord [N.H.], Printed by Geo. Hough, for the author. 1794

207, [1], 132 p.; 17 cm.

Reel: 14, No. 371
Chapman, Joseph W.

Poems on various subjects, religious and moral.

[n.p.] Printed in the year. 1813

[12] p.; 18.6 cm.

Reel: 14, No. 374
Charlie and Beatrice, and other stories.

Boston, Published by Henry Hoyt, no. 9 Cornhill. [18--]

64 p.; illus. (front.); 15 cm.

Reel: 14, No. 375
Charlton, John K.M.

Tales and miscellanies in prose and poetry.

Washington, Geo., Published by P.C. Guieu. 1820

By ... author of several dramatic works. No. 1.; 2 p.l., 28 p.

Reel: 14, No. 376
Chase, Ebenezer, 1785-1866.

Divine songs, composed on various occasions and subjects.

Exeter [N.H.], Printed for J. Richardson. 1814

46 p.; front.; 12.2 cm.

Reel: 14, No. 377
Chatterton, Augustus.

The buds of beauty; or, Parnassian sprig.

Baltimore, Printed for the author by John Hayes. 1787

Being a collection of original poems upon various subjects...; x p., 1 l., [11]-106 p.; incl. front.; 16.5 cm.

Reel: 15, No. 378
[Chauncy, Charles] 1705-1787.

The opinion of one that has perused the summer morning's conversation concerning original sin, wrote by the Rev. Mr. Peter Clark.

Boston, Printed and sold by Green & Russell, opposite the probate office in Queen street. 1758

To which is added, a few remarks on the recommendatory preface by five reverend clergymen. In a letter to a friend.; 28 p.; 19.5 cm.

Reel: 15, No. 379
Cheever, Ezekiel, 1783-1862.

A poem, occasioned by the death of Master John Whitman, son of Rev. Mr. Whitman of Goshen, who died in Boston, Sept. 3, 1805, aged sixteen.

Northampton [Mass.], Printed by William Butler. 1806

By his brother.; 8 p.; 20.5 cm.

Reel: 15, No. 380
[Chester, Leonard] 1750-1803.

Federalism triumphant in the steady habits of Connecticut alone; or, The turnpike road to a fortune.

[n.p.], Printed. 1802

A comic opera or, political farce in six acts, as performed at the Theatres Royal and Aristocratic at Hartford and New Haven, October, 1801.; 40 p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 15, No. 382
Child, William.

A collection of hymns, newly composed on different subjects.

[Providence, Printed for the author]. [1795]

27 p.

Reel: 15, No. 384
Crispianus, pseud.

To perpetuate the memory of peace, the triumphal arch, and looking glass, or the continental mirror.

[n.p.]. [1783?]

8 p.

Reel: 15, No. 385
The Christian's duty exhibited in a series of hymns, collected from various authors, designed for the worship of God, and for the edification of Christians recommended.

Philadelphia, Printed for and published by Peter Leibert; W.W. Woodward, printer. 1813

To the serious of all denominations, by the fraternity of Baptists. 3rd ed., improved.; [4], [1]-331, [26], 2-28 p.

Reel: 15, No. 386
Christie, William, 1748-1823.

Jesus the Messiah, suffering, dying, raised, and exalted; for the glory of God, and the renovation of the world: a sacred poem, in seven cantos, composed from the narratives of the four evangelical historians, and arranged in the form of a harmony.

Philadelphia, Printed by Abel Dickinson, Whitehall, for the author. 1812

75, [1] p.; 23.3 cm.

Reel: 15, No. 387
[Church, Benjamin] 1734-1776.

An address to a provincial bashaw.

[n.p.], Printed in (the Tyrannio Administration of St. Francisco). 1769

By a Son of liberty.; 8 p.

Reel: 15, No. 389
[Church, Benjamin] 1734-1776.

The choice; a poem, after the manner of Mr. Pomfret by a young gentlemen.

Boston, Printed and sold by Edes and Gill, in Queen street. 1757

15 p.; 20.5 cm.

Reel: 15, No. 390
Church, Benjamin, 1734-1776.

The choice: a poem after the manner of Mr. Pomfret.

[South Kingston]. [April 18th, 1783]

By a Young gentleman in Boston.; 8 l.; Holograph.

Reel: 15, No. 391
Church, Benjamin, 1734-1776.

The choice: a poem, after the manner of Pomfret.

Worcester, Printed by Isaiah Thomas, jun. April, 1802

Written in the year 1757.; 16 p.; 18.5 cm.; Printer's device on t.-p.; First published in 1757, but apparently written several years earlier, as the author was graduated from Harvard in 1754.

Reel: 15, No. 392
Church, Benjamin, 1734-1776.

Elegy on the death of the Reverend Jonathan Mayhew, D.D., who departed this life July 9th, Anno Domini, 1766, Aetatis suae 46.

Boston, N.E., Printed and sold by Edes and Gill in Queen street. [1766]

15 p.; 24.5 cm.

Reel: 15, No. 393
[Church, Benjamin] 1734-1776.

A poem occasioned by the death of the honourable Jonathan Law.

[n.p.], Printed in the year. 1751

Late Governor of Connecticut.; 6 l.

Reel: 15, No. 395
[Church, Benjamin] 1734-1776.

The times; a poem by an American.

[Boston]. [1765]

2 p.l., 1, 4-16 p.; 20 cm.; Caption title.

Reel: 15, No. 396
Church, Edward, b. 1740.

The dangerous vice, a fragment.

Columbia. 1789

Addressed to all whom it may concern. By a gentleman, formerly of Boston.; 16 p.; 21 cm.

Reel: 15, No. 397
Churchill, George, Mrs.

The following lines were composed by the widow of Mr. George Churchill, who died at Martha's Vineyard, September 14, 1796, in the 35th year of his age.

[n.p.]. [1796?]


Reel: 15, No. 398
Civil war: a poem, written in the year 1775.

[n.p.]. 1775

2 p.l., 3, 6-35 p.

Reel: 15, No. 399
Clark, Victorianus.

A rhyming geography; or, a Poetic description of the Unite States of America.

Hartford, Printed by Peter B. Gleason & co. 181[?]

Prefaced by a prose introduction to geography in general, and concluded with an appendix of questions.; 167, [1] p.; 17.5 cm.

Reel: 15, No. 402
Clarke, McDonald, 1798-1842.

To the old maids of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, (and Toney-Town, if its health will admit of its travelling so far) this work is affectionately dedicated by one who sincerely wishes them halters to their hearts and husbands to their hopes.

New York, Printed for the author. 1820

To be published in New York, the Eve of eternity, and other poems ...; 36 p.; 18 cm.

Reel: 15, No. 403
[Cleaveland, John] 1722-1799.

An epicedium; or, A poetical attempt upon the life & death of Mr. Josiah Cleaveland, late of Canterbury, who departed this life (undoubtedly) to a better, February 9th, 1750, 51, aged sixty years four months, and two days.

Boston, Printed by S. Kneeland. 1753

1 p.l., [3], 2-12, 6 p.; 21 cm.

Reel: 15, No. 406
[Cliffton, William] 1772-1799.

The group; or, An elegant representation illustrated.

Philadelphia, Printed for Thomas Stephens, by Land and Ustick. 1796

Embellished with a beautiful head of S. Verges, C.S.; 35, [1] p.; front. (port.); 20 cm.

Reel: 15, No. 407
Cliffton, William, 1772-1799.

Poems, chiefly occasional.

New York, Printed for J.W. Fenno, by G. & R. Waite. 1800

To which are prefixed introductory notices of the life, character and writings of the author, and an engraved likeness.; xviii, 119, [1] p.; front. (port.); 15 cm.

Reel: 15, No. 408
[Cliffton, William] 1772-1799.

A poetical rhapsody on the times.

[New York?]. [179-?]

Describing the disasters of an emigrant.; 25 p.

Reel: 15, No. 409
[Cobbett, William] 1763-1835.

A kick for a bite; or, Review upon review; with a critical essay on the works of Mrs. S. Rowson, in a letter to the editor, or editors, of the American monthly review.

Philadelphia, Printed By Thomas Bradford no. 8, south Front street. 1795

By Peter Porcupine [pseud.].; 31, [1] p.; 20 cm.

Reel: 15, No. 411
Cobby, John.

Poetic essays on the glory of Christ, and on the divinity and work of the Holy Spirit.

New-York, Printed by John Tiebout, no. 358, Pearl street, for the author. 1797

16 p.

Reel: 15, No. 412
[Cockings, George] d. 1802.

The American war, a poem in six books.

London, Printed by W. Richardson for the author, and sold by S. Hooper (no. 4) St. Martin's Lane, corner of May's Buildings; and P. Broke, opposite Exeter Change in the Strand. 1781

In which the names of the officers who have distinguished themselves during the war are introduced.; 2 p.l., 181 p.; front.; 25.5 cm.

Reel: 15, No. 413
Cockings, George, d. 1802.

Arts, manufactures, and commerce: A poem.

London, Printed for the author, and sold by J. Cooke, Bookseller, at Shakespeare's Head, Paternoster Row. [1765?]

1 p.l., iv, 36 p.; 22 cm.

Reel: 15, No. 414
Cockings, George, d. 1802.

Benevolence and gratitude.

London, Printed for, and sold by the author; and may be had of all booksellers in London and Westminster. 1762

A poem.; [4], 9-44 p.

Reel: 16, No. 415
Cockings, George, d. 1802.

War; an heroic poem, from the taking of Minorca, by the French; to the reduction of the Havannah, by the Earl of Albemarle, Sir George Pocock, &c.

Boston, N.E., Printed by S. Adams, for the author, and sold by T. Leverett, in Cornhill, Edes & Gill, and D. & J. Kneeland, in Queen street. 1762

To the raising the siege of Quebec: with large amendments, and additions. 2d ed.; 190, 1 l., 46, [2] p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 16, No. 418
Codman, John, 1782-1847.

A sermon delivered at the ordination of the Rev. Leonard Withington to the pastoral care of the First church and society in Newbury, Oct. 31, 1816.

Newburyport, Printed by William B. Allen & co., no. 13, Cornhill. 1817

Published by request.; 24 p.

Reel: 16, No. 419
Coffin, Alexander, 1765-1836.

The battle of Bunker Hill, or The death of Warren; a poem.

New-York, Printed for the author, by J. Seymour, no. 49, John street. 1814

69 [i.e. 96] p.; 12 cm.

Reel: 16, No. 420
Coffin, Alexander, jr.

The death of General Montgomery, or, The storming of Quebec, a poem.

New York, Printed for the author. 1814

69, [2] p.

Reel: 16, No. 421
[Coffin, Robert Stevenson] 1797-1827.

The miscellaneous poems of the Boston bard.

Philadelphia, Printed for the author, by J. H. Cunningham. 1818

156 p.; illus. (port.).

Reel: 16, No. 422
Coffin, Robert Stevenson, 1797-1827.

The printer, and several other poems.

Boston, Printed by Farnham and Badger, Congress street. 1817

84 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 16, No. 423
[Coffin, Robert Stevenson] 1797-1827.

William Penn, and other poetic effusions.

Philadelphia, Printed by George Goodman. 1819

16 p., 1 l., 18 p.; 19.8 cm.

Reel: 16, No. 424
[Cole, John].

The minstrel; a collection of celebrated songs, set to music.

Baltimore, Published by F. Lucas, Jun., 138 Market street, G. Dobbin & Murphy, printers. 1812

Copyright secured.; x, [3], 6-316 p.

Reel: 16, No. 426
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, 1772-1834.

Sibylline leaves; a collection of poems.

London, Rest Fenner, 23, Paternoster Row. 1817

2 p.l., x, [4], 3-303 p.

Reel: 16, No. 427
A Collection of poems.

Boston, Printed and sold by B. Green and Company, at their printing house in Newbury-street, and D. Gookin, in Cornhil. 1744

By several hands.; 35 p.; front. (port.).

Reel: 16, No. 429
[Collins, Nathaniel] 1677-1756.

On the much lamented death of the Reverend Mr. Noadiah Russel, late pastor of the Church of Christ in Middletown, who had his clayey tabernacle dissolved and his mortality swallowed up of life, December 3d, 1713.

[New London? Timothy Green?]. [1714?]

Aetatis suae 55.; broadside.

Reel: 16, No. 431
Colman, Benjamin, 1673-1747.

Memoirs of the life and death of the pious and ingenious Mrs. Jane Turell, who expired at Medford, March 26th, 1735.

Boston, N.E., Printed in the year. 1735

Aetat. 27. Chiefly collected from her own manuscripts.; (In Colman, Benjamin. Reliquiae Turellae. Boston, 1735. p. [57]-129).

Reel: 16, No. 432
Colman, Benjamin, 1673-1747.

A poem on Elijah's translation, occasioned by the death of the reverend and learned Mr. Samuel Willard, late pastor to a church of Christ in Boston, and Vice-President of Harvard College in Cambridge.

Boston, Printed for Benjamin Eliot. 1707

1 p.l., 14 p.; 16 cm.

Reel: 16, No. 433
Colman, Benjamin, 1673-1747.

Reliquiae Turellae, et lachrymae paternae.

Boston, Printed by S. Kneeland & T. Green for J. Edwards and H. Foster in Cornhill. 1735

The father's tears over his daughter's remains. Two sermons preach'd at Medford, April 6, 1735, The Lord's Day after the funeral of his beloved daughter Mrs. Jane Turell. To which are added, Some large memoirs of her life and death, by her consort, the Rev. Mr. Ebenezer Turell, M.A. Pastor of the Church in Medford.; 1 p.l., iv, vi, 129 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 16, No. 434
Columbia's naval triumphs.

New-York, Published by Inskeep and Bradford, no. 128, Broadway, J. Seymour, printer, no. 49, John street. 1813

132 p.

Reel: 17, No. 436
The Columbian muse.

New York, Printed by J. Carey, for Matthew Carey, Philadelphia. 1794

A selection of American poetry from various authors of established reputation.; 1 p.l., 2, 224 p.

Reel: 17, No. 437
The Columbian tragedy: containing a particular and official account of the brave and unfortunate officers and soldiers, who were slain and wounded in the ever memorable and bloody Indian battle.

America: Boston, Printed by E. Russell, for Thomas Bassett, of Dunbarton, (New-Hamp.). [1792?]

at Miami village.; broadside.

Reel: 17, No. 438
The Combustible; a heroic poem.

[Philadelphia?]. [18

With notes critical explanatory. By Johannes Scrawlenburgius.; 16 p.

Reel: 17, No. 439
[Concanen, Matthew] 1701-1749.

Miscellaneous poems, original and translated, by several hands.

London, Printed for J. Peele, at Locke's Head in Pater noster Row. 1724

Viz. Dean Swift, Mr. Parnel, Dr. Delany, Mr. Brown, Mr. Ward, Mr. [James] Sterling, Mr. Concanen, and others. Published by Mr. Concanen.; vii, [8], 416 p.; 23.5 cm.

Reel: 17, No. 443
A Conference on society and manners in Massachusetts.

Boston, Printed by Wells & Lilly. 1820

A poem.; 2 p.l., [5]-70, [1] p.; 17 cm.; Describes the author's home as being "Within the view of Silver hill ... not far from Bradford and Methuen [Mass.]".

Reel: 17, No. 445
Confessional tears of a Louis d'or, giving a short account of his rise and progress, and his adventures in Europe, with some account of his political campaigns and adventures as a spy in the American States, under the auspices of Generals G-n-t and F-ch-t, and his disgraceful retreat and narrow escape from America.

[n.p.]. [n.d.]

11 p.; At head of title: "Auri sacra fames!".

Reel: 17, No. 447
The Consociational court of inquisition.

[n.p.]. 1795

7 p.; 22 cm.

Reel: 17, No. 450
Constitution and guerriere.

[n.p.]. [n.d.]


Reel: 17, No. 451
The Continental key of the liberties of America.

New York, Printed for Elijah Weege. 1776

In three parts.; 15 p.; 21 cm.; Cover title.

Reel: 17, No. 452
Cooke, Ebenezer.

The sot-weed factor: or, A voyage to Maryland.

London, Printed and sold by D. Bragg, at the Raven in Pater noster Row. 1708

A satire. In which is describ'd the laws, government, courts and constitutions of the country, and also the buildings, feasts, frolicks, entertainments and drunken humours of the inhabitants of that part of America. In burlesque verse.; 1 p.l., 21 p.

Reel: 17, No. 454
Coombe, Thomas T, 1747-1822.

Edwin: or, The emigrant.

Philadelphia, Printed by John Dunlap, in Market street. 1775

An eclogue. To which are added three other poetical sketches ...; 24 p.

Reel: 17, No. 456
[Cooper, Myles] 1737?-1785.

The patriots of North-America: a Sketch with explanator notes.

New York. Printed in the year 1775

iv, 47, [1] p.

Reel: 17, No. 458
Cooper, Myles, 1737?-1785.

Poems on several occasions.

Oxford, Printed [by W. Jackson]. 1752

vi, ix-xviii, 342 p.

Reel: 17, No. 459
[Cornyn, Dominick].

A poetical discription [!] of the present oppressions of Ireland.

Reading [Pa.], Printed by J. Schneider & Comp. 1798

To which is annexed, The angel of intelligence; an eastern tale, in verse, with The emigrant, an ode, by the same.; 1 p.l., 33, [1] p.; 18.4 cm.

Reel: 17, No. 460
[Cotton, John] 1640-1699.

Upon the death of that aged, pious, sincere-hearted Christian, John Alden, Esq., late magistrate of New-Plimouth colony, who dyed Sept. 12th, 1687, being about eighty nine years of age.

[n.p.]. [c1714]


Reel: 17, No. 461
The Counterpart to the state-dunces.

London, Printed for W. Mears, at the lamb, on Ludgate Hill. 1733

By a native of New York.; 10 p.

Reel: 17, No. 462
The Court of Neptune and the curse of liberty, with other poems, on subjects connected with the late war.

New York, Van Winkle, Wiley & Co., printers. 1817

106, [1] p.

Reel: 17, No. 463
C[ourtwright], G.

A little looking-glass for the times; or, A brief remembrancer for Pennsylvania.

Wilmington, Printed and sold by James Adams. 1764

Containing some serious hints, affectionately addressed to people of every rank and station in the province: with an appendix, by way of supplication to almighty God.; 24 p.

Reel: 18, No. 464
[Cowdell, Thomas Daniel].

A poetical account of the American campaigns of 1812 and 1813; with some slight sketches relating to the party politics which governed the United States, during the war and at its commencement.

Halifax, Printed by John Howe, jun. 1815

Dedicated to the people of Canada, by the publisher.; 139 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 18, No. 465
[Cox, Henry Hamilton] 1750-1821.

Metrical sketches.

Philadelphia; Printed for the author, by J.R.A. Skerrett. 1817

By a Citizen of the world.; 60 p.; 16 cm.

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