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Reel: 51, No. 1475
[Peck, John] 1735-1812.

On the last judgment.

[Re-printed for James Grimes, Randolph]. [1801]

23 p.; Caption title.

Reel: 51, No. 1476
[Peck, John] 1735-1812.

On the last judgment: designed for the use of children.

[Augusta, Printed by Peter Edes]. [1806]

22 p.; Caption title.

Reel: 51, No. 1477
Peck, John, 1735-1812.

A short poem, containing a descant on the universal plan: also, lines on the happy end of the righteous.

[n.p.] Printed and sold. April, 1813

3d ed.; 23 p.

Reel: 51, No. 1479
Peck, John, 1735-1812.

A short poem, containing a descant on the universal plan: also, Lines on the happy end of the righteous.

Boston, Printed for Nath'l Coverly. 1818

24 p.

Reel: 51, No. 1480
Pemberton, Ebenezer, 1671-1717.

A funeral sermon on the death of.

Boston, Printed by B. Green, for Benj. Eliot. 1707

Mr. Samuel Willard, Pastor of a church of Christ in Boston, and vice-president of Harvard Colledge, who deceased Sept. 12, 1707, aetatis suae 68. To which is annexed, a poem on the same sorrowful occasion by the Reverend Mr. Benjamin Colman.; [16], 80, [2], 14 p.

Reel: 51, No. 1481
[Pennsylvania]. University.

An exercise containing a dialogue and two odes, performed at the commencement in the College of Philadelphia, June 5th, 1770.

Philadelphia, Printed by J. Crukshank, and I. Collins. [1770]

8 p.; 22.5 cm.

Reel: 51, No. 1483
[Pennsylvania. University].

An exercise performed at the public commencement, in the College of Philadelphia, July 17, 1790.

Philadelphia, Printed and sold by William Young, bookseller, the corner of Second and Chesnut streets. 1790

Containing an ode, set to music, sacred to the memory of Dr. Franklin ...; 11 p.; 23 cm.; Cover-title.

Reel: 51, No. 1484
Pepper, Henry.

Juvenile essays; or A Collection of poems: inscribed to my valued friend, Henry Mac-Neale Kennedy.

Philadelphia, Printed by Richard Folwell, no. 33, Carter's Alley. [1798]

75, [1] p.

Reel: 51, No. 1485
Perkins, M.H.

Hard times.

Boston, Printed by E. Bellamy, State street. 1818

A poem on the choice of life, addressed to a friend.; 12 p.; 18.7 cm.

Reel: 51, No. 1486
Perrin, William.

Hebrew canticles; or, A poetical commentary, or paraphrase, on the various songs of Scripture.

Philadelphia, Printed and published by J. Maxwell for the author. 1820

Including Solomon's song, lamentations, &c. And a few miscellaneous pieces.; 126 p.

Reel: 51, No. 1488
Perry, Nora, 1841-1896.

Lyrics and legends.

Boston, Little, Brown and company. 1891

142 p.; illus.; 18 cm.

Reel: 52, No. 1489
The Prisoner; or, A collection of poetical pieces, written by a person confined in the state-prison, and principally published in the "True American.".

Trenton, Printed by Wilson & Blackwell. 1802

24 p.

Reel: 52, No. 1491
Person, William, 1793-1818.

Life and letters, together with poetical and miscellaneous peices, of the late William Person.

Cambridge, Printed by Hilliard and Metcalf. 1820

251 p.; 15.5 cm.

Reel: 52, No. 1492
Perspective, pseud.

The changery.

Boston. 1805

An allegoric memoir of the Boston Exchange Office; or, The pernicious progress of bank speculation unveiled.; 48 p.

Reel: 52, No. 1493 & 1494
Phelps, John, d. 1849.

An oration, pronounced July 4, 1811 at the request of the inhabitants of the town of Guilford in commemoration of the anniversary of American Independence.

Brattleborough, Printed by William Fessenden. 1811

16 p.; Ode for the 4th July, 1811, p. [2].; Ode addressed to the Revolutionary patriots of 1776, p. [3].

Reel: 52, No. 1498
Philadelphiensis, pseud.

The manners of the times; a satire in two parts.

Philadelphia, Printed and sold by William Dunlap. 1762

16 p.

Reel: 52, No. 1501
[Phillips, Samuel] 1690-1771.

An elegy upon the deaths of these excellent and learned divines, the Reverend Nicholas Noyes, A.M. and the Reverend George Curwin, A.M. the pastors of the First church of Christ in Salem.

[Boston]. [1717?]

8 p.; 14.6 cm.; In verse.; Signed: Samuel Phillips.

Reel: 52, No. 1502
Philolagos, Euphronius, pseud.

The Olla Podrida being the delectable musings of the trio.

Providence. July 1816-

v. I., no. 1. -; 15 cm.

Reel: 52, No. 1505
Phylanthus, pseud.

The scourge of fashion, a poem.

New York, Printed by Ming & Young. 1800

23 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 52, No. 1506
Risible, Ralpho, pseud.

The pickeroniad; or, Exploits of faction, celebrated in Mock-heroic-al, Serio-comic-al Hudibrastical, and Quizzic-al numbers.

Newburyport, Printed by N.H. Wright. 1811

Illustrated with explanatory notes ...; 36 p.

Reel: 52, No. 1507
[Pickney, Maria Henrietta] d. 1836.

Essays, religious, moral, dramatic & poetical, addressed to youth; and published for a benevolent purpose, by a Lady.

Charleston, Printed by Archibald E. Miller, Queen street, near the N.W. corner of Meeting-Street. 1818

111, [1], 117-168, 170-185, 190-207, [1], 212-242 p., 2 l.; 17.2 cm.

Reel: 52, No. 1508
Pierce, John, 1773-1849.

A discourse, delivered at the dedication of the Brick meeting-house erected by the First Congregational Society, in Burlington, Vermont, on Thursday, 9 January 1817.

Burlington. 1817

20 p.

Reel: 52, No. 1509
Pierce, William Leigh.

The year; a poem in three cantos.

New York, Published by David Longworth, at the Shakespeare-Gallery. 1813

191, [1], 75, [3] p.; 15 cm.

Reel: 52, No. 1511
Pierpont, John, 1785-1866.

Airs of Palestine; a poem.

Baltimore, Published for the author; B. Edes, printer. 1816

4 p.l., [vii]-xxvi, 56 p.; 22.5 cm.; Added t.p., engr.

Reel: 52, No. 1512
Pierpont, John, 1785-1866.

Airs of Palestine; a poem.

Boston, Published by Wells and Lilly. 1817

2d ed.; 3 p.l., [5]-58 p.; Added t.p., engr.

Reel: 52, No. 1513
Pierpont, John, 1785-1866.

The portrait; a poem delivered before the Washington Benevolent Society, of Newburyport, on the evening of October 27, 1812.

Boston, Pub. by Bradford & Read; T.B. Wait & Co., printers. 1812

36 p.; 21.5 cm.

Reel: 52, No. 1514
Pietas et congratulatio Collegii Cantabrigiensis apud novanglos.

Bostoni, Massachusettensium, Typis J. Green & J. Russell. 1761

xiv, [2], 106 p.

Reel: 52, No. 1515
Pitman, John, jr.

A poem on the social state and its future progress delivered before the Philermenian Society of Brown University, on its anniversary, September 3d. A.D., 1811.

Providence, Printed by Jones & Wheeler. [1811?]

14 p.

Reel: 52, No. 1519
A Pleasing toy.

[New York, S. Wood & sons]. [1819.]

27 p.; illus.

Reel: 52, No. 1520
Plummer, Jonathan.

The awful malignant fever at Newburyport, in the year 1796.

[Newburyport?] Printed for and sold by the author. [1796?]

An elegiac epistle to the mourners, on the death of forty-four persons, who died of a malignant fever in Newburyport and the adjacent towns, in the summer and autumn of the year 1796--Together with a short account of that alarming disorder.; broadside.

Reel: 52, No. 1521
Plummer, Jonathan.

Death of Tamar Harn! For the unmarried ladies of America.

[n.p.] Printed for the Author and sold by him. [1816?]


Reel: 52, No. 1522
Plummer, Jonathan.

An elegiac ode, and a funeral sermon on the death of Mr. George Hooker, who was drowned at Newburyport, on the 30th of October, 1807, and on the death of a number of other persons who died suddenly, very lately.

[Newburyport?] Sold by the author at his baskets Market-Square. [1807?]


Reel: 52, No. 1523
Plummer, Jonathan.

Elegy on the death of His Excellency Sir Timothy Dexter, together with a sketch of his character & a few reflections.

[n.p.] Printed for & sold by the author. [1807?]


Reel: 52, No. 1525
Plummer, Jonathan, jr.

Elegy on the death of the Rev. Mr. John Murray, late pastor of the Presbyterian church in Newbury-port, who died the 13th March, Anno Domini 1793; together with a sketch of his character.

[n.p.]. [1793?]


Reel: 52, No. 1526
[Plummer, Jonathan].

Murder; death of Miss Mack Coy, and the Young Teazer.

Boston, Sold corner of Theatre Alley, Milk st. [1813?]


Reel: 52, No. 1527
Plummer, Jonathan.

An ode and sermon, on the subject of studying to be quiet.

[n.p.] Printed and sold by the author. [1806]

Occasioned by a difference between the Rev. Dr. Dana and his consort. Written by Jonathan Plummer, an independent travelling preacher, and poet laureat to his excellency Sir Timothy Dexter.; broadside.

Reel: 52, No. 1528
Plummer, Jonathan.

Parson Pidgin; or, Holy kissing.

Newburyport, Printed by the author and sold by him at his basket in Market Square. 1807

Verses and a sermon on the subject of Holy kissing occasioned by a report that Parson Pidgin had kissed a young woman ...; broadside.

Reel: 52, No. 1529
Plummer, Jonathan.

Plummer's alarm to the uncoverted; being a new funeral sermon, and a new funeral psalm, on the death of thousands!.

[n.p.] Printed for the author and sold by him at his basket. [n.d.]


Reel: 52, No. 1530
Plummer, Jonathan.

A poem on Gen. Washington.

[Boston] Printed by E. Russell, next Liberty-Pole. [1789]

Composed in 1782, but never before published. By J. Plummer, a citizen of the world.; (In Bickerstaff's Boston almanack; or, Federal calender, for 1790.; p.[3-4]).

Reel: 52, No. 1531
Plummer, Jonathan.

The second Ode, and a second and concluding part of a sermon, on the subject of studying to be quiet; occasioned by a difference between the Rev. Dr. Dana and his consort.

[n.p.]. [n.d.]

By Jonathan Plummer, an independent travelling preacher, and poet laureat to his Excellency Sir Timothy Dexter.; broadside.

Reel: 52, No. 1532
A Poem, addressed to a young lady.

Boston: Printed by Green and Russell. 1773

In three parts. Part I. Descriptive and moral. 2. On love and friendship. 3. The caution...Written at Antigua.; 33 p.

Reel: 53, No. 1533
[Stiles, Ezra] 1727-1795.

A poem, commemorative of Goffe, Whaley, & Dixwell, three of the judges of Charles I.

Boston, Printed and sold by Samuel Hall, in Cornhill. 1793

Who, at the Restoration, took refuge and died in America. To which is prefixed, An abstract of their history, by Philagathos, [pseud.]; 28 p.

Reel: 53, No. 1534
A Poem occasioned by the late sudden and awful death, of a young woman, who was found drowned, in Medford-River, July 14th, 1771.

Medford: Printed & sold. 1771


Reel: 53, No. 1541
A Poem, on the acquisition of Louisiana.

Charleston, Printed by Query and Evans. 180[4]

Respectfully dedicated to the committee appointed for the celebration of that great event, in this city.; 24 p.; 16.9 cm.; Stoddard 189.

Reel: 53, No. 1547
A Poem on the joyful news of the Rev. Mr. Whitefield's visit to Boston.

Boston. 1754


Reel: 53, No. 1554
A Poem, on the unsuccessful measures, taken ay [sic] the British Army, in order to enslave and destroy the United States in North-America.

[n.p.]. 1782

From the beginning of the war, 1775, to the taking of General Burgoyne, and the army under his command at Syratoga, [sic] 1777.; 16 p.

Reel: 53, No. 1556
A Poem on universal salvation; or, A gentle stroke at Calvinism.

New-York, Printed for the author, and sold by J. Black, no. 31, Cedar street. 1802

24 p.

Reel: 53, No. 1557
A Poem, written on a Methodist camp-meeting.

New York, Printed for the purchaser. 1807

12 p.; 16.3 cm.

Reel: 53, No. 1564
Poems for children.

New York, Printed and sold by S. Wood & Sons at the Juvenile Book Store, No. 357, Pearl-street. 1815

44 p.; illus.

Reel: 53, No. 1565
Poems moral and divine.

London, Printed by Charles Rivington for John and James Rivington in St. Paul's church-yard. 1756

by An American gentleman. To which is added Some account of the author.; [6], 106 p.

Reel: 53, No. 1566
[Spraat, Nancy Dennis].

Poems, on different subjects, by a lady.

Boston, Published by West & Richardson, No. 75, Cornhill, E.G. House, printer. 1813

117 p.

Reel: 53, No. 1568
Poems on different subjects calculated to improve and edify young Christians.

Albany, Printed by Charles R. and George Webster, No. 36, State-street, near the English church. [1790?]

12 p.

Reel: 53, No. 1569
Poems on several occasions by a young man, formerly attached to the squadron under the command of Commodore S. Decatur.

Winchester, Va., Printed by John Hieskell. [n.d.]

49, [5] p.

Reel: 53, No. 1572
Poems upon several occasions, viz:--I. A poem on the enemy's first coming to Boston; the burning of Charlestown; the fight at Bunker-Hill, etc. II. The widow's lamentation. III. Nebuchadnezzar's dream. IV. Against oppression. V. An heroic poem on the taking of Gen. Burgoyne, etc.

Boston, Printed for the author. 1779

16 p.

Reel: 53, No. 1575
A Poetical account of the American campaigns of 1812 and 1813; with some slight sketches relating to the party politics which governed the United States, during the war, and at its commencement.

Halifax, Printed by John Howe. Jun., 1815

Dedicated to the people of Canada, by the publisher.; 139 p.

Reel: 53, No. 1576
A Poetic selection for Sabbath schools.

Boston, Printed and sold at No. 53 Cornhill, by Lincoln & Edmands. 1819

16 p.; illus.

Reel: 53, No. 1577
A Poetical description of a respectable club of card-players, which met, February 22, 1803, in one of the towns, in the county of Middlesex, to celebrate Washington's birth-day.

By an enemy of gamblers.; 8 p.

Reel: 53, No. 1578
A Poetical description of song birds; interspersed with entertaining songs, fables, and tales, adapted to each subject for the amusement of children.

Worcester, Mass., Printed by Isaiah Thomas, sold at his bookstore in Worcester, and by him and Company in Boston. 1788

1st Worcester ed.; [2], 5-88 p.; illus.

Reel: 53, No. 1579
A Poetical epistle to the enslaved Africans, in the character of an ancient negro, born a slave in Pennsylvania, but liberated some years since, and instructed in useful learning and the great truths of Christianity.

Philadelphia, Printed by Joseph Crukshank, in Market street, between Second and Third streets. 1790

With a brief historical introduction, and biographical notices of some of the earliest advocates for that oppressed class of our fellow-creatures.; 24 p.; 18 cm.

Reel: 53, No. 1580
A Poetical sermon occasioned by a disappointment in love.

Boston, Printed and sold at J. Boyle's printing-office, Marlborough street. 1778

Preached in the parish church of W------, by the clergyman who met with the disappointment.; 12 p.

Reel: 53, No. 1581
Poetical history.

Newburyport [Mass.] Printed by W. & J. Gilman. [1813?]

14 p., 1 l.; illus.; 11 cm.; Cover title.

Reel: 53, No. 1582
A Poet's progress.

New York, Sold by author. 1818

A true story. Third impression, with addition and improvement.; 12, [1] p.

Reel: 53, No. 1583
[Polhill, J.G.].

The patriot's vision: a poem.


3 l.; Holograph.

Reel: 53, No. 1584
The Political green-house, for the year 1798.

Hartford, Printed by Hudson & Goodwin. [1799?]

Addressed to the readers of the Connecticut Courant, January 1st, 1799. Published according to act of Congress.; 24 p.

Reel: 53, No. 1585
The Political grinder; a poetic satire on certain conspicuous characters.

Boston. [1800]

Contained in an address, to the friends of republican liberty, on the commencement of the new century. From the press of the Constitutional Telegraphe.; 12 p.

Reel: 53, No. 1586
Pollard, Benjamin.

An address to the Massachusetts Charitable Fire Society; delivered before the members, at their seventeenth anniversary meeting, May 31st, 1811.

Boston, Printed by Russell and Cutler. 1811

27, [1] p.; "Ode, ... by Lucius M. Sargent": p. 23-24.; "Ode, ... by John Lathrop, jun.": p. 25-26.

Reel: 53, No. 1588
Poor Barny: to which is added, A Sermon respecting universal salvation, by a man of colour.

Philadelphia, Published by the Religious Tract Society of Philadelphia, and sold at their Depository, no. 8, South Front street, William Bradford. August 1820

12 p.

Reel: 53, No. 1589
The Poor man's advice to his poor neighbours; a ballad, to the tune of Chevy-Chace.

New York, Printed [by James Rivington]. 1774

19 p.; 20 cm.; (Hazard pamphlets, v. 44, no. 15).

Reel: 53, No. 1591
Pope, Henry.

An elegy on Mrs. Elizabeth Lobb, who died in child-birth, December 1810, leaving six small children and a disconsolate husband to deplore her loss.

New York, Printed by Largin & Thompson, no. 189, Water street. [181?]

Humbly inscribed to the Reverend Rich'd C. Moore, D.D. rector of St. Stephen's church, of which she was for many years a pious member, by his most sincere, and most obliged humble servant, Henry Pope.; [8] p.

Reel: 53, No. 1592
Pope, Thomas.

A treatise on bridge architecture; in which the superior advantages of the flying pendent lever bridge are fully proved.

New York, Printed for the author, by Alexander Niven, no. 120 Dunne street. 1811

With an historical account and description of different bridges erected in various parts of the world, from an early period, down to the present time.; 9 p.l., [ix]-xxxii, 33-288 p.; illus., front., plates. 22.5 cm.

Reel: 53, No. 1593
Porter, Jacob.


Hartford, Printed by Peter B. Gleason and Co. 1818

27 p.

Reel: 53, No. 1594
Porter, Robert Ker, Sir.

A narrative of the campaign in Russia during the year 1812.

Hartford, Published by Andrus and Starr, Peter B. Gleason and co., printers. 1815

To which is added, A narrative of the events which followed Buonaparte's campaign in Russia, to the period of his dethronement. By William Dunlap.; 400 p.; front. (port.); 23 cm.

Reel: 54, No. 1595
Porter, Sarah.

The royal penitent, in three parts, to which is added, David's lamentation over Saul and Jonathan.

Concord, Printed by George Hough, and sold at his office, wholesale and retail. 1791

By Mrs. Sarah Porter of Plymouth in New Hampshire.; 19 p.

Reel: 54, No. 1596
Prentiss, Charles, 1774-1820.

A collection of fugitive essays in prose and verse.

Leominster, (Mass.) Printed by and for the author. 1797

Published according to act of Congress.; 204 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 54, No. 1601
[Prentiss, Charles] 1774-1820.


[Brookfield, E. Merriam]. [1813.]

[Delivered at Brookfield, July 5th, 1813, before the Washington benevolent societies of that and the adjacent towns.]; [3]-14 p.

Reel: 54, No. 1602
Prentiss, Charles, 1774-1820.

New England freedom: a poem delivered before the Washington Benevolent Society, in Brimfield, February 22d, 1813.

Brookfield, Printed by E. Merriam & co. March 1813

28 p.

Reel: 54, No. 1603
[Prentiss, Charles] 1774-1820.

The reporter.

[Washington, D.C.] Printed by S. Snowden. 1812

A partial imitation of the VIth satire of the second book of Horace.; 14 p.; 21 cm.

Reel: 54, No. 1604
A Present for a little girl.

Philadelphia, Published by Jacob Johnson, no. 147 Market street, Samuel Akerman, printer. 1804

24 l. illus.

Reel: 54, No. 1605
A Present for the Sodomites, in return to their polite treatment to a pedagogue, for teaching the catechism and giving moral instruction in school; in a poem, containing a review of their magnanimity.

[n.p.] Printed for the purchaser. 1808

By a friend of morality, humanity and decency.; 16 p.; 19 cm.; Photoduplication of originial.

Reel: 54, No. 1606
A Present for sabbath school children.

Boston, Printed and sold by Lincoln & Edmands, no. 53 Cornhill. 1819

16 p.

Reel: 54, No. 1607
Price, James H.

Miscellany, in verse and prose.

Albany, Published by H.C. Southwick. 1813

168 p.

Reel: 54, No. 1609
Prime, Benjamin Young.

Columbia's glory; or, British pride humbled.

New York, Printed by Thomas Greenleaf, for the author. 1791

A poem on the American Revolution: Some part of it being a parody on an ode, entitled Britain's glory; or, Gallic pride humbled. Composed on the capture of Quebec, A.D. 1759.; 42 p.

Reel: 54, No. 1610
[Prime, Benjamin Young].

The patriot muse; or, Poems on some of the principal events of the late war; together with a poem on the peace.

London, Printed for John Bird, in Ave Maria lane. 1764

By an American gentleman.; vi, [1], 10-94, [3] p.; Typescript: "Biographical sketch [of author]": 2 p. at end.

Reel: 54, No. 1611
[Prince, Joseph].

Night thoughts.

[n.p.]. [1780?]

8 l.; Holograph "composed by the Rev. Joseph Prince, ...".

Reel: 54, No. 1613
Privateering and pirateering alias, the "Peace Party" at war; alias, the devil to pay in the federal camp.

Boston, Printed by Nathaniel Coverly, jun., Milk street. [c1815]

broadside.; Photoduplication of original.

Reel: 54, No. 1615
The Prize book; No. 1. of the Publick Latin school in Boston.

Boston, Published by Cummings and Hilliard; Hilliard & Metcalf, printers. 1820

63 p.; Poems: [41]-61.

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