American Poetry, 1609-1870 Author Index

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Reel: 76, No. 2245
Wolf, Ethel.

The glad new year and other poems.

New York, Moorhead, Simpson & Bond. 1867

3 p.l., 66, [1] p.; 22 cm.

Reel: 190, No. 3425
Wolfe, C. Toler.

A book of odds and ends.

Winchester [Va.]. 1852

120 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 190, No. 3426
The Wonderful history of an enchanted castle, kept by Giant Grumbo.

Albany, Printed by E. and E. Hosford. 1810

Ornamented with engravings.; 31 p.; Cover-title: The enchanted castle.; Includes alphabet verses.

Reel: 76, No. 2246
Wood, Anne Brown (Francis), b. 1828.

[Manuscript book of poems].

[n.p.]. [1844]

[12] l.; 28 cm.

Reel: 156, No. 2628
Wood, Benjamin, 1772-1849.

A sermon delivered at Upton [Mass.] by Rev. Benjamin Wood, June 1, 1846, being the day which completed fifty years from the time of his induction into the Pastral office over the [Congregational] church and people in that place.

Worcester, H.J. Howland. 1846

32 p.; 22 cm.

Reel: 156, No. 2629
Wood, James, 1799-1867.

Memoir of Sylvester Scovel, D.D., late president of Hanover college, Ia., and formerly domestic missionary and missionary agent in the West.

New Albany [Indiana] J.B. Anderson. 1851

213 p.; front. (port.); 19 cm.

Reel: 191, No. 3427
Wood, M. Elva.

Songs of the noon and night.

New York, D. Appleton & co. 1866

ix, [11]-251 p.; 16 cm.

Reel: 191, No. 3428
[Wood, Mary S.] comp.

Social hours with friends.

Philadelphia. [1857]

315 p.; 18 cm.

Reel: 191, No. 3429
Woodman, Charles T., b. 1802.

Narrative of Charles T. Woodman, a reformed inebriate.

Boston, T. Abbot. 1843

1 p.l., [v]-viii, [9]-208 p.; 17 cm.

Reel: 156, No. 2630
Woodman, Charles T., b. 1802.

Temperance & intemperance contrasted.

Newburyport, Mass. 1842

and metaphorically illustrated. A poem written in an alms house.; 8 p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 156, No. 2631
Woodmansee, James, 1814-1887.

The closing scene: a vision.

Cincinnati, Printed at the Methodist Book Concern for the Author. 1857

In twelve books.; 296 p.; 17.5 cm.; At end: Does the world want the other six books?; Contains only six books; no more published?; In verse.

Reel: 191, No. 3430
Woodmansee, James, 1814-1887.

Wrinkles from the brow of experience; and other poems.

Cincinnati. 1860

51, [1], 55-179 p.; 19 cm.; Testimonials: p. 157-179.

Reel: 191, No. 3431
Woodruff, Leo M.

The man for the times; a poem before the Delta Upsilon fraternity at its 35th annual convention, 1869.

[New York]. (1870)

In The University review, a quarterly review. 20 cm. p. 24-29.

Reel: 191, No. 3432
Woodward, B.W.

Our country; a poem read before the students of Hobart College and the citizens of Geneva, Feb. 22, 1862.

Geneva. 1862

14 p.; 25 cm.

Reel: 191, No. 3433
Woodworth, David.

The grave of Morris; a poem.

Albany. 1847

12 p.; 15 cm.

Reel: 156, No. 2632
Woodworth, David.

The pilgrim fathers.

Albany. 1843

15 p.

Reel: 156, No. 2633
[Woodworth, David].

Young life, a poem; or, The author's own amusements.

Albany, Printed by J. Munsell. 1838

64 p.; 16 cm.

Reel: 156, No. 2634
Woodworth, Francis Channing, 1812-1859.

Buds and blossoms from our own garden.

Auburn, Alden, Beardsley & co. 1852

By F.C. Woodworth and T.S. Arthur.; xii, [13]-240 p.; front., illus.; 19 cm.; Running-title: Wreaths of friendship.

Reel: 191, No. 3435
Woodworth, Francis Channing, 1812-1859.

Uncle Frank's pleasant pages for the fireside.

New York, H. Dayton; Indianapolis, Indiana, Asher & co. 1859

A miscellany of tales, sketches, travels, biography, history, fables, anecdotes, dialogues, poetry, etc.; viii, [9]-312 p.; front., illus.; 19.5 cm.

Reel: 191, No. 3437
Woodworth, Francis Channing, 1812-1859.

A wheat-sheaf gathered from our own fields, by F. C. Woodworth and T. S. Arthur.

New York, M.W. Dodd. 1850

xii, [13]-288 p.; front., illus., plates.; 17 cm.

Reel: 156, No. 2635
[Woodworth, Francis Channing] 1812-1859.

The A B C picture book.

New York, Clark, Austin & Smith. 1853

With stories. By Theodore Thinker [pseud.]; 96 p.; illus.; 12 cm.

Reel: 191, No. 3434
[Woodworth, Francis Channing] 1812-1859.

The two cousins; or, How to be loved, by Theodore Thinker [pseud.].

New York, Clark, Austin & Smith. 1853

96 p.; front., illus., plates; 12 cm.

Reel: 191, No. 3436
[Woodworth, John].

An address to youth: by a young man, in a declining state of health.

Montpelier, Vermont. 1819

[3], 4-7, [2], 10 p.

Reel: 76, No. 2248
[Woodworth, John].

The battle of Plattsburgh: a poem.

Montpelier, [Vt.], Printed by E.P. Walton. 1819

In three cantos. By an American youth.; iv, 46 p.

Reel: 76, No. 2249
Woodworth, Samuel.

Beasts at law; or, Zoologian jurisprudence; a poem, satirical, allegorical, and moral.

New-York: Printed and published by J. Harmer & Co. 1811

In three cantos. Translated from the Arabic of Sampfilius Philoerin, Z.Y.X.W., &c., &c. whose fables have made so much noise in the East, and whose name has eclipsed that of Aesop. With notes and annotations.; [5], 6-104 p.

Reel: 76, No. 2250
[Woodworth, Samuel].

Bubble & squeak; or, A dish of all sorts.

New York: Printed for the booksellers. 1814

Being a collection of American poems, published in New York; comprising Quarter-day, or The horrors of the first of May; Beasts at law, or Zoologian jurisprudence; The fatal armour; The desponding lovers, and the capture and shipwreck of the U.S. Brig. Vixen.; 35, 104, 22, 35, 16 p.

Reel: 76, No. 2251
[Woodworth, Samuel].

An excursion of the dog-cart, a poem by an imprisoned debtor.

New York, W. Bonker. 1822

24 p.; 22 cm.

Reel: 156, No. 2636
Woodworth, Samuel.

Melodies, duets, trios, songs and ballads, together with metrical epistles, tables, and recitations.

N.Y. 1826

252 p.

Reel: 157, No. 2639
[Woodworth, Samuel].


New-York: Printed for the Author. 1809

A poem, satirical and sentimental, with critical, humorous, descriptive, historical, biographical, and explanatory notes. By Selim [pseud.]; [3], 4-34 p.

Reel: 77, No. 2255
Woodworth, Samuel, 1785-1842.

The champions of freedom; or, The mysterious chief, a romance of the nineteenth century, founded on the events of the war, between the United States and Great Britain, which terminated in March, 1815.

New York: Printed and published by Charles N. Baldwin. 1816

2 v.; 17.5 x 10 cm.

Reel: 77, No. 2252
Woodworth, Samuel, 1785-1842.

Melodies, duets, trios, songs, and ballads, pastoral amatory, sentimental, patriotic, religious and miscellaneous.

New-York, Pub. for the author, by Elliot & Palmer. 1830

Together with metrical epistles, tales and recitations. 2nd ed., comprising many late productions never before published.; 3 p.l., [5]-288 p.; front., plates.; 15.5 cm.

Reel: 156, No. 2637
Woodworth, Samuel, 1785-1842.

Melodies, duets, trios, songs, and ballads, pastoral, amatory, sentimental, patriotic, religious and miscellaneous.

New-York, Pub. for the author, by Elliot & Palmer. 1831

Together with metrical epistles, tales and recitations. 3d ed., comprising many late productions never before published.; 3 p.l., [5]-288 p.; front., plates.; 15.5 cm.

Reel: 156, No. 2638
Woodworth, Samuel, 1785-1842.

The poems, odes, songs, and other metrical effusions, of Samuel Woodworth.

New-York: Published by Abraham Asten and Matthias Lopez. 1818

xii, [13]-288 p.; front. (port.) illus.; 18.5 x 11 cm.; Variant bindings.

Reel: 77, No. 2256
Woodworth, Samuel, 1785-1842.

The poetical works of Samuel Woodworth.

New York, C. Scribner. 1861

Edited by his son [Frederick A. Woodworth]; 2 v.; 15 cm.; "Introductory notice of Samuel Woodworth ... by George P. Morris": vol. 1, p. [11]-30.

Reel: 191, No. 3438
[Woodworth, Samuel] 1785-1842.

The heroes of the lake.

New York, S. Woodworth. 1814

A poem ... written in the autumn of 1813 ...; 108 p.

Reel: 77, No. 2254
[Woodworth, Samuel] 1785-1842.

Quarter-day, or The horrors of the first of May.

New-York: Printed and published by S. Woodworth & Co. 1812

A poem by the author of "Beasts at law." From the Halcyon Press.; [3], 4-35, [1] p.

Reel: 77, No. 2257
Worcester, Samuel Melanchthon, 1801-1866.

Triumph in trial.

Boston, Crocker and Brewster. 1862

A memorial of Sarah S. Mugford, of Salem, Mass., by S.M. Worcester, D.D., [with selections from her writings, poetry and prose]...; 108 p.

Reel: 191, No. 3439
A Word to husbands and wives, or those who intend to become such: being the last legacy of a disconsolate old widower.

Boston, Skinner & Blanchard. 1844

28 p.; 21 cm.

Reel: 157, No. 2650
The Work and contention of Heaven.

[New-London, Printed and sold]. [1800?]


Reel: 77, No. 2261
Work, Henry Clay, 1832-1884.

The Upshot family, a serio-comic poem.

Philadelphia, H.C. Work. 1868

64 p.; illus.; 19 cm.

Reel: 191, No. 3440
[Wormeley, Judith].

The Potomic muse.

Richmond, T.W. White. 1825

2 p.l., iii, [13]-172 p.

Reel: 157, No. 2641
[Worth, Gorham A.].

American bards: a modern poem, in three parts.

[Cincinnati]. 1819

West of the mountains.; vi, 52 p.

Reel: 77, No. 2262
Worthington, George Fitzhugh, d. 1887.

Sacred poems.

Baltimore, The author. 1868

3d ed., with additions and corrections.; 1 p.l., vi, 7-170 p., 1 l.; 14 cm.

Reel: 191, No. 3442
[Worthington, George Fitzhugh] d. 1887.

Behold thy mother; and other poems.

Baltimore, G.F. Worthington. 1864

By a clergyman of Maryland. 2d ed., enlarged and improved.; 91 p.; 13 cm.

Reel: 191, No. 3441
A Wreath for home.

New York. 1837

86 p.

Reel: 157, No. 2642
A Wreath of wildwood flowers.

[n.p.]. 1845

unp.; 15 cm.

Reel: 157, No. 2643
[Wrenshall, John] 1761-1821.

Farewell to Pittsburg and the mountains.

Philadelphia, Printed for the author, by Joseph Rakestraw. 1818

Remarks on the scenery; description of the difficulties surmounted by emigrants. Interspersed with reflections political, prudential and moral; and exactly calculated for those whom it may fit. A poem,; 32 p.

Reel: 77, No. 2264
Wright, Elizabeth C.

Lichen tufts, from the Alleghanies.

New York, M. Doolady. 1860

viii, [9]-228 p.; 19 cm.; Verse and prose.

Reel: 191, No. 3443
Wright, Elizur, 1804-1885.

An eye opener for the wide awakes.

Boston, Thayer & Eldridge. 1860

a Union-saving, constitutional, conservative ... abolitionist.; 59 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 191, No. 3444
Wright, Ida Russell.

Household stuff and some other things.

Boston. 1866

2 p.l., 173, [2] p.

Reel: 192, No. 3445
Wright, Judah, 1774-1844.

Alonzo's dream; or, An allegorical representation of the light in which faults and misfortunes are frequently viewed by the unthinking part of mankind.

Worcester, Printed by Wm. Manning. 1823

To which are subjoined, Lines, composed on the death of four young ladies, drowned at Sutton, May 27, 1822.; 24 p.

Reel: 157, No. 2644
Wright, Judah, 1774-1844.

Poems, on various subjects.

Boston: Printed by Samuel Avery. 1812

48 p.

Reel: 77, No. 2265
Wright, Nathaniel Hill.

Boston; or, A touch at the times.

Boston: Printed by Hews & Goss. 1819

A poem, descriptive, serious, and satirical. "Boston folks are full of notions."--Anonymous.; [7], 8-24 p.

Reel: 77, No. 2266
Wright, Nathaniel Hill.

The fall of Palmyra: and other poems.

Middlebury, Vt., Published by William Slade, jun. 1817

143 p.

Reel: 77, No. 2267
Wright, Nathaniel Hill.

Monody, on the death of Brigadier General Zebulon Montgomery Pike, and other poems.

Middlebury, Vt., Printed by Slade & Ferguson. 1814

79 p.

Reel: 77, No. 2268
[Wright, Robert William] 1816-1885.

The church knaviad; or, Horace in West Haven.

New Haven, Published by Dr. Faustus [pseud.] No. 89 High-old-Fleet-street. 1864

A slight touch of the serio-comic, touching church knavery, by Horatius Flaccus [pseud.]; 91 p.; 19.5 cm.; Fictitious imprint.; In verse.

Reel: 192, No. 3446
Wright, William Bull, 1840-1880.

Highland rambles: a poem.

Boston, Adams & co. 1868

vi p., 1 l., [9]-183 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 192, No. 3448
Wright, William H.

Remorse; a poem.

Baltimore. 1860

31 p.; 25 cm.; Contains also, The characteristics of a statesman, an oration by J.A. Pearce.

Reel: 192, No. 3449
Wrightson, William.


[n.p.]. 1845

12 p.; 20 cm.

Reel: 157, No. 2645
Wyatt, Thomas.

Memoirs of the generals, commodores, and other commanders, who distinguished themselves in the American army and navy during the wars of the revolution and 1812, and who were presented with medals by Congress, for their gallant services.

Philadelphia, Carey and Hart. 1848

viii, [9]-315 p.; front., plates.; 25 cm.

Reel: 157, No. 2646
[Wylie, David, 1811-1891].

Recollections of a convict, and miscellaneous pieces, by Y-Le [pseud.].

Montreal, R. & C. Chalmers. 1847

197 p.; 18 cm.

Reel: 157, No. 2647
[Wynkoop, Matthew Bennett].

Song leaves from the book of life and nature.

New York, J.S. Redfield. 1852

By an American...; vii, [9]-113 p.; 19 cm.; Copyrighted by M.B. Wynkoop.

Reel: 192, No. 3450
Wythes, Joseph Henry, 1822-1901.

The spirit world, a poem; and scenes from the life of Christ.

Philadelphia. 1849

vi, [7]-106 p.; 17 cm.

Reel: 157, No. 2648
Yale University.

Two dialogues, on different subjects, being exercises, delivered on a quarter-day, in the chapel of Yale-college, New-Haven, March 28, 1776.

Hartford: Printed by E. Watson. 1776

31 p.; 22.8 cm.

Reel: 77, No. 2269
Yale University. Class of 1833.

Third record of the Class of 1833 in Yale College.

New Haven, J.H. Benham & son, printers. 1870

Printed for the use of the Class.; 142, [2] p.; illus.; 25 cm.

Reel: 192, No. 3451
Yale University. Class of 1846.

Poem and Valedictory oration, pronounced before the senior class in Yale college, July 1. 1846.

New Haven. 1846

48 p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 157, No. 2649
Yale University. Class of 1847.

Poems, by Emlen Franklin, and the valedictory oration, by Thomas Levingston Bayne, pronounced before the senior class in Yale College, July 7, 1847.

New Haven, Printed by J.H. Benham. 1847

Published by request of the class.; 40 p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 157, No. 2650
Yale University. Class of 1849.

Report of the secretary of the class of 1849, of Yale College, addressed to his classmates on the occasion of their decennial meeting, July, 1859.

New Haven, Printed by E. Hayes. 1859

Published by order of the class.; 65 p.; 23 cm.; Timothy Dwight, compiler.

Reel: 192, No. 3452
Yale University. Class of 1851.

Statistics of the class of 1851, of Yale college.

Boston, Printed by J. Wilson and son. 1854

Presented, July 26, 1854, by W.W. Winthrop, class secretary. Published by order of the class.; 59 p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 192, No. 3453
Yale University. Class of 1857.

Poem and valedictory oration, pronounced before the senior class in Yale college, Presentation day, June 17, 1857.

New Haven, The class. 1857

47 p.; 22 cm.; Contents.--Perkins, N.C. Poem.--Strong, A.H. Oration.--Pratt, G. Parting ode.

Reel: 192, No. 3454
Yale University. Class of 1858.

Poem [by Edward Clarke Porter] and valedictory oration [by George Pierce [sic] Andrews] pronóunced before the Senior class in Yale college, Presentation day, June 16, 1858.

New Haven, Printed by T.J. Stafford. 1858

44 p.; 22.5 cm.; "Parting ode", by Isaac Riley, p. [43]-44.

Reel: 192, No. 3455
Yale University. Class of 1859.

Poem, by George W. Fisher, and Valedictory oration, by Edward Carrington, pronounced before the senior class in Yale college, Presentation day, June 15th, 1859.

New Haven, Morehouse & Taylor, printers. 1859

38 p.; 23 cm.; Includes Parting Ode, by Edward C. Sheffield.; Oration has title: First principles in the state.

Reel: 192, No. 3456
Yale University. Class of 1859.

Valedictory poem and oration, pronounced before the Senior class in Yale college, Presentation day, June 15th, 1859.

New Haven, Morehouse & Taylor, printers. 1859

Class poet, George W. Fisher; Class orator, Edward Carrington.; Includes Parting ode, by Edward C. Sheffield.

Reel: 192, No. 3457
Yale University. Class of 1860.

Poem [by Charles A. Boies] and valedictory oration [by Joseph L. Daniels] pronounced before the senior class in Yale college, Presentation day, June 13, 1860.

New Haven, Printed by Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor. 1860

32 p., 2 l.; 22.5 cm.; Oration has title: The educated man a conservative and reformer.; "Parting ode" by Charles H. Richards, 2 l. at end.

Reel: 192, No. 3458
Yale University. Class of 1866.

Valedictory poem [by James Brand] and oration [by George Chandler Holt] pronounced before the senior class in Yale college, Presentation day, June 27, 1866.

New Haven, Printed by Tuttle, Morehouse and Taylor. 1866

37 p., 1 l.; 24 cm.; "Parting ode, by Charles C. Chatfield...". 1 l. at end.; Oration has title: The necessity of a broader and higher system of education in America.

Reel: 192, No. 3460
Yale University. Class of 1867.

Valedictory poem [by W.H. Bishop] and oration [by J.W. Showalter] pronounced before the senior class in Yale college, Presentation day, June 26th, 1867.

New Haven, Published at the College book store. 1867

37 p., 1 l.; 23 cm.; "Parting ode, by Cornelius L. Allen...": 1 l. at end.

Reel: 192, No. 3461
Yale University. Linonian Society.

An oration, by William Maxwell Evarts, and a poem, by Francis Miles Finch, delivered before the Linonian Society of Yale college, at its centennial anniversary, with an account of the celebration.

New Haven, Published by the Linonian Society. 1853

91 p.; Includes Song, by F.M. Finch, and Song, by W.S. Colton.

Reel: 192, No. 3462
The Yankies war-hoop, or, Lord North's Te-Deum for the victorious defeat at Boston, on the 17th of June, 1775.

London: Printed for S. Bladon. 1775

Written by an American.; 15 p.; 26.3 cm.

Reel: 77, No. 2273
Yarico to Inkle, an epistle.

Springfield: Printed by Elisha Babcock. 1784

24 p.; 19 x 15 cm.

Reel: 77, No. 2274
Yates, J.D.

An oration, delivered at the public anniversary celebration of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in Odd Fellow's Hall, Boston, Feb. 22, 1826.

Boston. 1826

20 p.; 24 cm.

Reel: 157, No. 2655
Yawger, Clara P. (Walley), 1826-1862.


Auburn, W.J. Moses. 1864

iv, [5]-260 p.; front. (port.); 15 cm.; Lettered on spine: Poems by Alice.

Reel: 192, No. 3463
Ye Book of bubbles; a contribution to the New York fair in 1864 and of the Sanitary commission.

New York, Endicott & co. 1864

1 p.l., iv p., 68 p.l.; 16 x 24.5 cm.

Reel: 21, No. 353
[Yelland, Francis] b. 1823.

The exile's lay: valedictory to the land of his birth and salutatory to that of his adoption: and other poems.

Boston, J. French & co. 1855

By the Border minstrel.; iv, [5]-122 p.; 16 cm.

Reel: 192, No. 3464
Yellott, Coleman, 1821-1870.


[Baltimore]. [1850]

39 p.

Reel: 157, No. 2651
Yellott, Coleman, 1821-1870.

The professor of insanity; or, A new way to make a fortune.

Baltimore. 1856

A drama, in five acts.; 36 p.; 17.5 cm.

Reel: 192, No. 3465
[Yellott, George].

The paradise of fools, or, The wonderful adventures of Beelzebub Bubble, a satire on somebody, by Nathan Nobody; with a critique, by Simon Snappingturtle, esq.

Baltimore, N. Hickman. 1841

88 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 157, No. 2653
Yellott, George, b. 1819.

The maid of Peru, with other poems.

Baltimore, W. Taylor. 1848

156 p.; 20 x 11.5 cm.

Reel: 157, No. 2652
[Yellott, George] b. 1819.

The Thompsonian quack, or The miraculous cure and marvellous metamorphosis: a satire on somebody, by Nathan Nobody [pseud.] with a critique by Billy Booby [pseud.].

Baltimore, W. Taylor, publisher for the author. 1848

vi, [7]-70 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 157, No. 2654
The Young artists, and other stories.

New York, P.J. Cozans. [18--]

128 p.

Reel: 77, No. 2282
The Young grayhead.

Yonkers, New York, W.H. Post. 1865

A tale of the ford.; 16 p.; 17 cm.; "Published in the Knickerbocker of January, 1848, from a manuscript volume in possession of a friend of the editor. It is there attributed to Thomas Miller, the London 'Basket-maker'. It was not, however, written by Miller, and the name of the author is unknown."--Note, verso of t.-p.; Originally published in Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine, February 1843, signed: C.

Reel: 192, No. 3470
"Young Troublesome"; or, Master Jacky's holidays.

New York, Leavitt. [c1850]

from the blessed moment of his leaving school to the identica moment of his going back again; showing how there never was such a boy as that boy. Designed by Leech, and engraved by Baker.; 24 p.; col. illus.; 25 cm.

Reel: 157, No. 2657
Young, Cuyler W.

Greatness reviewed; or, The rise of the South; with a Southern national air, and The song of the Cuba invaders.

Savannah, Printed for the author. 1851

vi, [7]-72 p.; 20 cm.

Reel: 192, No. 3466
Young, David, 1781-1852.

The contrast.

Elizabeth-town [N.J.] Printed by Woodruff and Periam. 1804

A poem, in two parts.; 34 p.

Reel: 77, No. 2276
Young, Edward James, 1829-1906.

The ministry: a farewell discourse delivered in Channing Church, Newton, Mass., March 21, 1869.

Boston, Nichols and Noyes. 1869

Printed by vote of the Society.; 21 p.; 24 cm.; Contains Parting hymn, by Lewis G. Pray.; Author's presentation copy.

Reel: 192, No. 3468
[Young, Edward R.].

One year in Savannah.

Providence: Printed by Brown & Danforth. 1820

A poem, in five parts.; [3], 4-16 p.

Reel: 77, No. 2278
Young, Edward, b. 1818.

The Ladye Lillian, and other poems.

Lexington, Georgia, E. Young. 1859

viii, [9]-191 p.; 19.5 x 11.5 cm.; Dedication signed: Edward.

Reel: 192, No. 3467
Young, Robert.

The dying criminal: a poem.

New-London [n.p.]. [1779?]

on his own execution, which was on Thursday last, November 11th, 1779, for a rape committed on the body of Jane Green, a child eleven years of age, at Brookfield, in the County of Worcester, on the 3rd day of September last. Corrected from his own manuscript.; broadside.

Reel: 77, No. 2280
Young, Robert.

The dying criminal: poem by Robert Young, on his own execution, which is to be on this day Nov. 11, 1779, for rape committed on the body of Jane Green, a child eleven years of age, at Brookfield, in the county of Worcester, on the third day of September last.


Reel: 77, No. 2279
Young, William, 1809-1888.

Béranger: Two hundred of his lyrical poems, done into English verse.

New York, D. Appleton and co. 1869

4th ed.; [2], 370, 9, [3] p.; 12 pages of publisher's notices at end of book.

Reel: 192, No. 3468.1
Young, William, 1809-1888, tr.

Béranger: Two hundred of his lyric poems, done into English verse.

New York. 1850

400 p.

Reel: 157, No. 2656
[Young, William] 1809-1888.

Mathieu Ropars: et cetera [short stories and poems] By an ex-editor.

New York, G.P. Putnam & son. 1868

236 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 192, No. 3469
Zappone, Almerieus.

Latin poems, addressed to his friends on particular occasions, and respectfully dedicated to his pupils.

Washington. 1849

2ed.; 15 p.

Reel: 157, No. 2658
Zilia: a poem, in three cantos.

New York, G. & C. & H. Carvill. 1830

54 p.; 21 cm.

Reel: 157, No. 2659
Zion's bank; or, Bible promises, secured to all believers.

Boston, Henry Hoyt. 1857

15 p.; 6 cm.; A poem.; Variant printings.

Reel: 192, No. 3471

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