American Poetry, 1609-1870 Author Index

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Reel: 6, No. 162
Becker, Abraham.

Address delivered at Worcester, New York, July 26, 1852, on the occasion of the burial of Capt. Leslie Chase, of the U.S. Army.

Albany, J. Munsell. 1852

... and poem delivered on the same occasion by Robert F. Queal.; 23 p.; 22 cm.

Reel: 15, No. 247
Beckett, Sylvester Breakmore, 1812-1882.

Hester, the bride of the islands: a poem.

Portland, [Me.], Bailey & Noyes. 1860

336 p.

Reel: 15, No. 248
Beckwith, E.

Various poems, for the perusal of young and old.

Greenfield: Charles A. Mirick, Printer. 1863

38, [6] p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 15, No. 249
Bedell, Gregory Thurston, 1793-1834.

"Pay thy vows".

New York, Stanford and Swords. 1846

A pastoral address, subsequent to confirmation. edited, with additions by his son.; 3 p.l., [v]-viii, [9]-74 p.; 12 cm.

Reel: 8, No. 160
Beebee, Samuel, ca.1660-1741.

An answer to Mr. Wadsworth's book; intituled, The Lord's day proved to be the Christian sabbath.

America, Printed for the author. 1722

To which is added a tragical and typical poem, concerning Joseph and his brethren. Together with Pharoah's dreams, poetically and metahporically[!] handled, with other useful poems.; 108 p.; 15 cm.; Partial Contents:--The author's prayer, p. 89--A three-fold cord; or, Treble obligation to love the Lord Jesus Christ, p. [90]-106.--An hymn on the Lord's supper, p. 106-107.--Another hymn, or Consolatory meditation upon a sickbed, p. 107-108.

Reel: 6, No. 163
Beecher, Charles.

The Incarnation; or, Pictures of the Virgin and her son.

New York, Harper & brothers. 1849

With an introductory essay, by Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe. [1st edition]; ix p., 1l., [13]-227 p.; 17.5 cm.

Reel: 8, No. 161
The Bees of St. Simon's.

Savannah, Press of Locke and Davis. 1843

23, [1] p.; 24 cm.

Reel: 8, No. 162
Belcher, Joseph, 1749-1859.

Poetical sketches of biblical subjects; partly original, partly selected from our most esteemed poets.

London. 1825

298 p.; 20 cm.

Reel: 8, No. 163
Belding, John.

Spiritual songs, composed and published by John and Sally Belding.

Pawtucket [R.I.] H. & J.E. Rousmaniere. 1836

43, [2] p.; 14 cm.

Reel: 8, No. 164
Belisle, David W.

The parterre: a collection of flowers culled by the wayside.

Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott and co. 1849

128 p.; 16 cm.

Reel: 8, No. 165
Belknap, Jeremy, 1744-1798.

A discourse intended to commemorate the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus; delivered at the request of the Historical Society in Massachusetts, on the 23rd day of October, 1792, being the completion of the third century since that memorable event.

Boston, Printed at the Apollo press, by Belknap and Hall, State street. 1792

To which are added four dissertations, connected with various parts of the discourse...; 132 p.; 21 cm.; Contents.--A discourse on the discovery of America.--Ode for the 23rd of October, 1792, p. 56-58.

Reel: 6, No. 165
[Belknap, Jeremy] 1744-1798.

An eclogue occasioned by the death of the Reverend Alexander Cumming, on the 25th of August, A.D. 1763, aetat 37.

Boston, Printed by D. & F. Kneeland for J. Edwards, in Cornhill. 1763

8 p.

Reel: 6, No. 166
Bell, Helen, fl. 1869.

Man's castastrophe, and other poems.

Middlebury, [Vt.], Printed at the Register Office. 1869

43 p.; 20 cm.; Cover title: Helen Bell's poems.

Reel: 15, No. 250
The Belle's complete letter writer.

N.Y. 1847

Containing a choice collection of sentiments, in original and selected poetry.; 32 p.; 11 cm.

Reel: 8, No. 166
Bellew, Frank, 1828-1888.

The art of amusing.

New York, Carleton; London, S. Low, son & co. 1866

Being a collection of graceful arts, merry games, odd tricks, curious puzzles, and new charades. Together with suggestions for private theatricals, tableaux, and all sorts of parlor and family amusements. With nearly 150 illustrations by the author.; [3], vi-302, [8] p.; illus., 12 plates.; 19 cm.; Halftitle.; 8 pages of publisher's notices at end of book.

Reel: 15, No. 251
Bellows, Henry Whitney, 1814-1882.

A discourse occasioned by the death of William Ellery Channing, D. D.

New York, C.S. Francis & company. 1842

Pronounced before the Unitarian societies of New York and Brooklyn, in the Church of the Messiah, October 13th, 1842...; iv, [5]-28 p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 8, No. 167
Bellows, Henry Whitney, 1814-1882.

Relation of Christianity to human nature.

Boston, W. Crosby and H. P. Nichols. 1847

A sermon preached at the ordination of Mr. Frederick N. Knapp, as colleague pastor of the First Congregational church in Brookline, Mass, on Wednesday, Oct. 6, 1847.; 1 p.l., 47 p.; 24 cm.

Reel: 8, No. 168
Bellows, Henry Whitney, 1814-1882.

A sermon preached at the installation of Adams Ayer, as associate pastor of the Unitarian society in Charlestown, N.H., June 7, 1855.

Brattleboro [Vt.] O.H. Platt. 1855

... with the Charge, Right hand of fellowship and Address to the people ...; 32 p.

Reel: 15, No. 252
Belshaw, Robert Redman.

Ode to Washington.

[n.p.]. [n.d.]

[Broadside poem (clipping) from an old scrapbook]; Unpaged.

Reel: 8, No. 168.1
Bemis, Stephen, 1774-1828.

Coquet turned preacher; or a true copy, of a series of letters, to a young lady in Westminster.

[n.p.]. [1812?]

16 p.; 17 cm.

Reel: 6, No. 167
Ben Asaph, pseud.

The moriad; or, End of the Jewish state.

Nashville. 1854

a Christian Jew of the third century. Translated from the Syriac Hebrew, by Anslem Korlstoff.; 261, xi p.; 18 cm.

Reel: 15, No. 253
Benedict, Alanson, 1798-1833.

A valedictory poem, delivered in the chapel of Yale college, 18 July, 1821.

New Haven. 1821

15 p.

Reel: 8, No. 169
Benedict, David, 1779-1874.

A poem delivered in Taunton, September 16th, 1807, at the anniversary election of the Philandrian society.

Boston, Belcher & Armstrong, printers. 1807

19 p.; 21 cm.

Reel: 6, No. 168
[Benedict, David] 1779-1874.

The watery war; or, a poetical description of the existing controversy between the Pedobaptists and Baptists on the subject and mode of baptism, by John of Enon. [pseud.].

Boston, Printed and sold by Manning & Loring. 1808

34 p.

Reel: 6, No. 169
Benedict, Erastus Cornelius, 1800-1880, comp. and tr.

The hymn of Hildebert and other mediaeval hymns.

New York, A.D.F. Randolph. 1867

x p., 1 leave, 128 p.; 24.5 cm.; "Edition 50 copies.".

Reel: 15, No. 254
Benedict, Erastus Cornelius, 1800-1880, ed. and tr.

The hymn of Hildebert and other mediaêval hymns, with translations.

A new and enlarged ed. New York, A.D.F. Randolph & co. 1868

xiii, [3], 143 p.; 19 cm.; The Latin and English of the hymns on opposite pages.

Reel: 15, No. 255
Benedict, Frank Lee, 1834-1910.

The shadow worshiper, and other poems.

New York, J.S. Redfield. 1857

197 p.; 19.5 cm.

Reel: 15, No. 256
Benedict, Joel.

A sermon delivered at the funeral of the Reverend Levi Hart, … who died October 27, 1808.

Norwich, Printed by Russell Hubbard. 1809

[2], [5]-31 p.; 26 cm.; Poem appended.

Reel: 6, No. 170
Benjamin, Mary Gladding (Wheeler), 1814-1871.

The missionary sisters: a memorial of Mrs. Seraphina Haynes Everett, and Mrs. Harriet Martha Hamlin, Late missionaries of the A. B. C. F. M. at Constantinople.

Boston, American tract society. [1860]

viii, [11]-335 p.; front., 2 port.; 10.5 cm.

Reel: 16, No. 257
Benjamin, Park, 1809-1864.

Infatuation: a poem, spoken before the Mercantile library association of Boston, October 9, 1844.

Boston, W.D. Ticknor and company. 1844

Published by the association.; 31 p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 8, No. 171
Benjamin, Park, 1809-1864.

A poem on the meditation of nature, spoken September 26th, 1832, before the Association of the alumni of Washington college.

Hartford, F.J. Huntington. 1832

23, [1] p.; 25 cm.

Reel: 8, No. 172
Benjamin, Park, 1809-1864.

Poetry: a satire, pronounced before the Mercantile Library association at its twenty-second anniversary.

New York, J. Winchester. 1842

40 p.; 24.5 cm.

Reel: 8, No. 173
[Benjamin, Park] 1849-1922.


Boston, Lee & Shepard. [c1867]

Etchings from the Naval academy, by a member of the class of '67, engraved by John Andrew.; [63] p.; illus.; 17 x 26 cm.

Reel: 16, No. 258
Benjamin, Samuel Green Wheeler.

Constantinople, The isle of perls, and other poems.

Boston, N.J. Bartlett. 1860

96 p.

Reel: 16, No. 259
Benner, Enos.

Das neue buchstabir und lesebuch, zum gebrauch deutscher volksschulen in Pennsylvannien und andern staaten.

Sumnytaun, Gedreckt von E. Benner fur S. Diehl. 1848

144 p.; illus.; 16 cm.

Reel: 8, No. 174
Bennett, Alvin.

A poem on "Woman's rights.".

Holmer, N.Y., Dixon & Case, printers. 1855

7 p.; 21 cm.

Reel: 16, No. 260
Bennett, Emerson.

The brigand: a poem.

New York. 1842

36 p.

Reel: 8, No. 175
Bennett, Emily Thacher B.

Song of the rivers.

New York, Dexter and company; Cincinnati, R.W. Carroll & co. 1865

262 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 16, No. 261
[Bennett, Joseph William] 1811-1883.

The misanthrope of the mountain.

New Haven, Published for the author, by A.H. Maltby. 1833

A poem...; 48 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 8, No. 175.1
Bennett, Mary E, b. 1841.

Poems and tales, by Mary Campbell, Mary Mel, etc., noms de plume of M. E. B.

New York, T.W. Strong. 1851

160 p.; 19 cm.; Copy presented to Jenny Lind by author.

Reel: 16, No. 262
Bennett, William Cox, 1820-1893.

To Mr. and Mrs. James T. Fields of Boston, U.S. from W.C. Bennett.

London [Wertheimer & Co.]. 1860

May 1860.; 84 p.; 18 cm.

Reel: 16, No. 263
Bennett, William Cox, 1820-1893.

The worn wedding-ring, and other poems.

London, Chapman and Hall. 1861

viii, 192 p.; 8; Half-title.

Reel: 16, No. 264
Bennison, D.M.

Poems original and selected.

Boston. 1847

144 p.

Reel: 8, No. 176
Benson, John, 1744-1818.

A short account of the voyages, travels and adventures of John Benson; comprising seven voyages to different parts of the world; interspersed with anecdotes and observations upon men and manners.

[n.p.], Published by John C. Benson. [1818]

120 p.; 17 cm.; Hymns p. [107]-112.

Reel: 6, No. 171
Bentley, Oliver Carleton.

The flower of Roussillon; a poem.

[n.p.] December. 1866

[9], 8-86 p.; 21 cm.

Reel: 16, No. 265
Benton, David D.

An exhibition in the Hall of Inanimate Speakers; or, A Personification of various material and ideal objects: designed, not only to amuse, but to improve the mind in virtue, piety and benevolence.

Ravenna, Ohio, Printed by Dewey and Wadaworth. 1843

112 p.; 18 cm.

Reel: 8, No. 177
Benton, W.C.

The past, the present, the future: a poem.

Hudson, printed by M.P. Williams. 1865

16 p.; 25 cm.

Reel: 16, No. 266
Beranger, Pierre Jean De, 1780-1857.

Beranger: two hundred of his lyrical poems, done into English verse, by William Young.

New York, George P. Putnam, D. Appleton. 1850

[viii], 400, [1] p.; 21 cm.

Reel: 16, No. 267
Beranger, Pierre Jean de, 1780-1857.

Songs of Beranger in English; with a sketch of the author's life [R. W. C.].

Philadelphia. 1844 [c1843]

xii, [17]-148 p.

Reel: 8, No. 178
[Beresford, Richard] 1755-1803.

Nugae canorae; consisting of a few minor poems.

Charleston, Printed by W.P. Young, Franklin's head, no. 43, Broad street. 1797

By the author of A plea for literature.; 28 p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 6, No. 172
Bergh, Henry, 1823-1886.

"Married off": (a New port sketch).

New York, Carleton, Publisher (late Rudd & Carleton). 1862

[3], 6-73 p.; illus., 2 plates.

Reel: 16, No. 268
Bergrath, Innocent A., tr.

Aner's return; or, The migration of a soul.

New York, P. O'Shea. [1867]

An allegorical tale. By Alto S. Hoermann, O.S.B., translated from the original German.; 294, vi p.; 19.5 cm.; 6 pages of publisher's notices at end of book.

Reel: 16, No. 269
Berlin (Mass.).

Memorial record of the soldiers of Berlin, in the great rebellion, with the exercises at the dedication of the tablets of the deceased, Memorial hall, and the Town house, Wednesday, March 2d, 1870, Berlin, Mass.

Clinton, Printed by W.J. Coulter. 1870

46 p.; 23 cm.; "Address accepting the building. By Hon. Wm. Bassett," [2] p., inserted between p. 8 and 9.; Includes a poem, by Josiah Bride.

Reel: 17, No. 270
Bernard, of Cluny, 12th cent.

The celestial country.

New York, E.P. Dutton. [c1868]

From the rhythm of St. Bernard. Translated by Rev. John Mason Neale, D.D. ...; 20 p.; 17 cm.; "This reprint follows the seventh English edition, where the translator's work was revised by himself for the last time."; Illustrated t.-p.

Reel: 17, No. 271
Bernard, of Cluny, 12th cent.

The celestial country, by Bernard de Morlaix.

Charleston, S.C., J. Russell. 1870

Translated by J. M. Neale.; 31 p.; music 14 cm.; Cover title.; Translation of a portion of the author's De contemptu mundi.

Reel: 17, No. 272
Berni, Francesco, 1497?-1535.

The enchanted lake of the Fairy Morgana.

New York, Printed and published by Isaac Riley and Co. Lexitypographic office. 1806

From the Orlando inamorato of Francesco Berni.; vii, 67 p.; front.; 22 cm.

Reel: 6, No. 173
[Berquin, Arnaud] 1749-1791.

The looking-glass for the mind; or The juvenile friend, being a valuable collection of interesting and miscellaneous incidents, calculated to exhibit to young minds the happy effects of youthful innocence, and filial affection, in prose and verse; designed to improve and amuse the rising generation.

Philadelphia, Printed and published by John Bioren, no. 88, Chesnut street. 1819

iv, 271 p.; front., illus.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 7, No. 174
Berry, Ira, b. 1801.

The canonization of Santa Clause.

Portland, Me., Berry, Printer. [1870?]

Christmas Eve, 1870.; 12 p.; 17 cm.

Reel: 17, No. 273
Berry, Sarah W.

The May flower, as exhibited by the S. P. society of the New Jerusalem church, at Mechanic's hall, May 1, 1867.

Portland, Stephen Berry. 1867

[2], 12, [2] p.; 19 cm.; Cover-title.; 1 page of publisher's notices at beginning and 2 pages at end of book.

Reel: 17, No. 274
Best, Larry.

The planet: a song of a distant world.

Cambridge, printed at the Riverside Press. 1869

[6], 161 p.; Half-title.

Reel: 17, No. 275
Beta Theta Phi.

Address by Edward B. Stevens, and poem by Rev. John Hogarth Lazier, delivered before the national convention of the Beta Theta Phi, July 8th., 1869.

Chicago, Press of Church, Goodman and Donnelley. 1869

32 p.; Title of poem: What of the day?.

Reel: 17, No. 276
Bethune, George Washington, 1805-1862.

Lays of love and faith.

Philadelphia, Lindsay and Blakiston. 1848

With other fugitive poems.; viii, [13]-184 p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 8, No. 179
Bethune, George Washington, 1805-1862.

Lays of love and faith, with other fugitive poems.

Philadelphia. 1848 [c1847]

184 p.

Reel: 8, No. 180
Bethune, George Washington, 1805-1862.

Memoirs of Mrs. Joanna Bethune, by her son.

New York, Harper & Brothers. 1863

With an appendix, containing extracts from the writings of Mrs. Bethune.; 250, [14] p.; incl. plates.; 20 cm.; 14 pages of publisher's notices at end of book.

Reel: 17, No. 277
Bethune, George Washington, 1805-1862.

Papers and documents relating to the separation of the Rev. G. W. Bethune.

New York, John P. Prall. 1863

from the Rev. Prot. Dutch on the Heights, Brooklyn.; 40 p.; 23 cm.; "Published at his request, for private distribution.".

Reel: 17, No. 278
Bethune, George Washington, 1805-1862.

Services at the funeral of the Rev. Jacob Brodhead D.D.

New York, John A. Gray. 1855

... and a discourse on the occasion of his decease...; [3], 8-56 p.; front.; 23 cm.; Half-title.

Reel: 17, No. 279
The Better sort; or, A girl of spirit; An operatical comical farce.

Boston, Printed at Boston, by Isaiah Thomas and company. Sold at their bookstore, no. 45, Newbury street, and at Saul Thomas's bookstore in Worcester. 1789

50, [1] p.

Reel: 7, No. 175
Bettner, George.

Harmoniae caelestes; or, Christian melodies: and other poems.

New York. 1833 [c1832]

147 p.

Reel: 8, No. 181
Beveridge, John, d. 1767.

Epistolae familiares et alia quaedam miscellanea.

Philadelphia, Printed for the author by William Bradford, at the London Coffee House, at the corner of Market and Front streets. 1765

Familiar epistles and other miscellaneous pieces, wrote originally in Latin verse ... to which are added several translations into English verse, by different hands.; xi, 88 p.

Reel: 7, No. 176
Bible, English. 1791.

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments; translated out of the original tongues; and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by His Majesty's special command.

Edinburgh, Printed by Mark and Charles Kerr, His Majesty's printers. 1791

1 v. (unpaged).

Reel: 7, No. 178
Bible, O.T. Genesis. English. Paraphrases. 1816.

Paraphrase on the book of Genesis; a poetical essay.

Providence, Printed at the American Office, by Goddard & Mann. 1816

By Arthur Matthews.; 76 p.

Reel: 7, No. 180
Bible. Bible stories for children. 1846.

[Bible stories for children].

[n.p.]. [1846]

[72] p.; illus.; 10 cm.

Reel: 9, No. 182
Bible. English. 1829.

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments: translated out of the original tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised.

New York: Sterotyped by E. and J. White, for "The American Bible Society,". 1829

Stereotype ed.; 703, [1], 215 p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 9, No. 183
Bible. English. 1848.

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments: translated out of the original tongues; and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, by His Majesty's special command.

London, G.E. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode. 1848

Appointed to be read in churches.; Unp.; maps.; 16 cm.

Reel: 9, No. 184
Bible. English. 1851. Authorized.

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, together with the Apocrypha; translated out of the original tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised.

New York, Leavitt & Allen. [1851?]

To which are added the Concordance and Psalms in metre.; Variously paged.; front.; 30 cm.

Reel: 17, No. 284
Bible. English. O.T. Job. Paraphrases.

The book of Job.

Boston, Printed for the editor. 1866

[An interpretation by William Batchelder Greene]; 144 p.

Reel: 17, No. 280
Bible. English. O.T. Prophets. 1868.

A new translation of the Hebrew prophets, with an introduction and notes.

Boston, American Unitarian association. 1868

By George R. Noyes ... Fourth edition.; 2 v.; 20 cm.

Reel: 17, No. 281
Bible. English. O.T. Psalms. 1867. tr. Noyes.

A new translation of the book of Psalms and of the Proverbs, with introductions, and notes, chiefly explanatory.

Boston, American Unitarian association. 1867

By George R. Noyes ... 3d ed.; 421 p.; 20 cm.

Reel: 17, No. 282
Bible. English. Paraphrases. 17--.

[The Bible in verse.].

[n.p.]. [17--?]

1 v.; 13 cm.; Imperfect: lacks title page and unknown number of leaves.

Reel: 7, No. 179
Bible. English. Paraphrases. 1870. Murray.

Bible lyrics, by Rev. John A. Murray.

New York, C.F. Vent. 1870

502 p.; illus.; 23 cm.

Reel: 17, No. 283
Bible. English. Selections. 1850.

The hieroglyphick Bible; or, Select passages in the Old and New Testaments, represented with emblematical figures, for the amusement of youth.

Hartford, S. Andrus & son. 1850

To which are subjoined, a short account of the lives of the Evangelists, and other pieces.; 132 p.; front., illus.

Reel: 9, No. 185
Bible. Micmac. O.T. Psalms. tr. Rand.

The buk ov Samz.

Bath, Printed for the British and foren Beibel Soseietis, by Elizak Pitman. 1859

In Mikmak.; 282 p.; 15.5 cm.; Translated by Silas T. Rand.; In phonetic characters.

Reel: 18, No. 285
Bible. N.T. Gospels. English. Harmonies. 1845. Authorized.

The life, doctrine, and sufferings of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; as recorded by the four Evangelists; with moral reflections, critical illustrations, and explanatory notes by the Reverend Henry Rutter.

New York, Johnson, Fry & co. [1845?]

New ed., rev. & cor.; 3 p.l., [5]-535 p.; front., plates. 28 cm.

Reel: 10, No. 186
Bible. O.T. Prophets. English. 1833.

A new translation of the Hebrew prophets arranged in chronological order.

Boston, C. Bowen. 1833-1837

By George R. Noyes.; 3 v.; 22 cm.

Reel: 10, No. 187
Bible. O.T. Psalms. English. Paraphrases. 1818.

The Psalms of David; imitated in the language of the New Testament, and applied to the Christian state and worship. By I. Watts.

Newburyport, Published for West & Richardson, R.P. & C. Williams, Boston; Bill Blake & Co., Bellows Falls, Vermont; J. Milligan, Georgetown, (Col.) and E.W. Allen, Newburyport; William Hastings, printer. 1818

563 p.

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