American Poetry, 1609-1870 Author Index

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Reel: 54, No. 1601
Prentiss, Charles, 1774-1820.

New England freedom: a poem delivered before the Washington Benevolent Society, in Brimfield, February 22d, 1813.

Brookfield, Printed by E. Merriam & co. March 1813

28 p.

Reel: 54, No. 1603
[Prentiss, Charles] 1774-1820.


[Brookfield, E. Merriam]. [1813.]

[Delivered at Brookfield, July 5th, 1813, before the Washington benevolent societies of that and the adjacent towns.]; [3]-14 p.

Reel: 54, No. 1602
[Prentiss, Charles] 1774-1820.

The reporter.

[Washington, D.C.] Printed by S. Snowden. 1812

A partial imitation of the VIth satire of the second book of Horace.; 14 p.; 21 cm.

Reel: 54, No. 1604
Prentiss, Elizabeth (Payson), 1818-1878.

Little Susy's six birthdays.

New York, A.D.F. Randolph & co. 1869

By her Aunt Susan [pseud.] First [and second] series.; 96, 96 p.; illus.; 15 cm.; Second series has separate t.-p.

Reel: 141, No. 2515
[Prentiss, Sophia].

Remains of my early friend.

Keene, N.H. 1828

55 p.

Reel: 109, No. 1873
Prescott memorial.

New York, Richardson. 1859

xxxii p.; port.; [Historical magazine. Extra.].

Reel: 141, No. 2516
Prescott, Henrietta.

Poems, written in New found land.

London, Saunders and Otley. 1839

xiv p., 1 l., 311, [1] p.; 17.5 cm.

Reel: 110, No. 1874
A Present for a little girl.

Philadelphia, Published by Jacob Johnson, no. 147 Market street, Samuel Akerman, printer. 1804

24 l. illus.

Reel: 54, No. 1605
A Present for sabbath school children.

Boston, Printed and sold by Lincoln & Edmands, no. 53 Cornhill. 1819

16 p.

Reel: 54, No. 1607
A Present for the Sodomites, in return to their polite treatment to a pedagogue, for teaching the catechism and giving moral instruction in school; in a poem, containing a review of their magnanimity.

[n.p.] Printed for the purchaser. 1808

By a friend of morality, humanity and decency.; 16 p.; 19 cm.; Photoduplication of originial.

Reel: 54, No. 1606
[Preston, Henry C.].


(Boston, Otis Clap). 1855

(In Payne, William Edward. Address and poem delivered before the Massachusetts Homoeopathic Medical Society ... on the occasion of the centennial birthday of Dr. Samuel Hahnemenn ... p. [41]-52).

Reel: 141, No. 2517
Preston, Margaret (Junkin), 1820-1897.

Beechenbrook; a rhyme of the war.

Baltimore, Kelly & Piet. 1866

2 p. l., [5]-94 p.; 19.5 cm.

Reel: 141, No. 2519
Preston, Margaret (Junkin), 1820-1897.

Beechenbrook; a rhyme of the war.

Baltimore, Kelly & Piet. 1867

5th thousand.; 3 p.l., 9-106 p.; 18 cm.; Contents.--Beechenbrook.--Lyrics of the war.

Reel: 142, No. 2520
Preston, Margaret (Junkin), 1820-1897.

Beechenbrook; a rhyme of the war.

Richmond, J.W. Randolph. 1865

64 p.; 18 cm.

Reel: 141, No. 2518
Preston, Margaret (Junkin), 1820-1897.

Old song and new.

Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & co. 1870

312 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 142, No. 2521
Pretty pictures and pleasant rhymes for dear children, by J.P.W.

New York, Leavitt & Allen. 1864

1 p.l. (pasted to cover), [4]-16 p.; col. illus. 27 cm.; Illustrated t.-p., with title in red, yellow and green. Text within line borders.

Reel: 142, No. 2522
... Pretty stories for children.

New York, C.P. Huestis. [186-?]

16 p.; illus.; 23 cm.; Cover-title.; Pages 7-8 misbound to follow p. 2; p. 9-10, to follow p. 14.; Illustrated cover-title.

Reel: 142, No. 2523
Preuss, Henry Clay.

Fashions and follies of Washington life.

Washington, D.C., Published by the author. 1857

A play in five acts.; 75 p.; 19.5 cm.

Reel: 142, No. 2524
Preuss, Henry Clay.

... God save our noble Union! and other poems for the time; also, Metropolitan notes of men and things at Washington, and A reply to charges of disloyalty by the Potter investigating committee.

[Washington, D.C.]. [c1862]

8 p.; 24 cm.; Caption-title.

Reel: 142, No. 2526
Preuss, Henry Clay.

A vision of freedom: one of the rejected "Latham prize poems.".

Washington, Printed for the author. 1854

16 p.; 22.5 cm.

Reel: 142, No. 2525
Price, C. Augustus.


Charleston, Printed for the author. 1850

xi, 180 p.; 19.5 cm.

Reel: 110, No. 1875
Price, Issachar, 1828-1881.

School-day rhymes.

Philadelphia, H.B. Ashmead, printer. 1856

viii, [9]-124 p.; front. (port.); 15.5 cm.

Reel: 142, No. 2527
[Price, James Cave].

The ignis fatuus; or, A voice from the clouds, comprising the climax of iniquity, an opera; The quincaid, and other poems.

Richmond. 1827

136 p.

Reel: 110, No. 1876
[Price, James H.].

Don Paez, and other poems.

New York, W.H. Graham. 1847

By a Virginian.; vii, [4], 150, [3] p.; 19.5 cm.

Reel: 110, No. 1880
Price, James H.

Miscellany, in verse and prose.

Albany, Published by H.C. Southwick. 1813

168 p.

Reel: 54, No. 1609
Price, Thomas B.

Kissing a soldier; a drama in three acts.

Baltimore. 1863

25 p.

Reel: 142, No. 2528
Prime, Benjamin Young.

Columbia's glory; or, British pride humbled.

New York, Printed by Thomas Greenleaf, for the author. 1791

A poem on the American Revolution: Some part of it being a parody on an ode, entitled Britain's glory; or, Gallic pride humbled. Composed on the capture of Quebec, A.D. 1759.; 42 p.

Reel: 54, No. 1610
[Prime, Benjamin Young].

The patriot muse; or, Poems on some of the principal events of the late war; together with a poem on the peace.

London, Printed for John Bird, in Ave Maria lane. 1764

By an American gentleman.; vi, [1], 10-94, [3] p.; Typescript: "Biographical sketch [of author]": 2 p. at end.

Reel: 54, No. 1611
[Prime, Benjamin Young] 1733-1791.

Muscipula sive Cambromymochia: The mouse-trap, or the battle of the Welsh and the mice; in Latin and English: with other poems, in different languages.

New York, M.W. Dodd; Albany, W. E. Little; [etc., etc., pref.]. [1840]

By an American.; 96 p.; front. (map.); 17 cm.

Reel: 110, No. 1878
Prime, Samuel Irenaeus, 1812-1885.

Thoughts on the death of little children.

New York, A.D.F. Randolph. 1856

With an appendix selected from various authors. 4th ed.; 154 p.; 17 cm.; Appendix: "Hymns and poems": p. [61]-154.

Reel: 142, No. 2529
Prime, Samuel Irenaeus, 1812-1885.

Thoughts on the death of little children.

New York, A.D.F. Randolph. 1865

With an appendix from various authors. New and enl. ed.; vi, [7]-170 p.; 18 cm.

Reel: 142, No. 2530
A Primer: containing the account of the burning of John Rogers; a dialogue between Christ, a youth and the devil.

New York. 1859

1 p.l., [3]-36 p.; 15 cm.; Cover-title: The youth's primer.

Reel: 142, No. 2531
The Prince and the outlaw!.

New York, McLoughlin brothers. 1856

[14] p.; col. illus.; 28 cm.; (Aunt Mary's series).; In verse.; Cover-title.

Reel: 142, No. 2532
Prince, John, 1820-1900.

Rural lays and sketches, and other poems.

Essex [Mass.] Printed by the author. 1845

vi, [7]-83 p.; 17 cm.

Reel: 110, No. 1877
[Prince, Joseph].

Night thoughts.

[n.p.]. [1780?]

8 l.; Holograph "composed by the Rev. Joseph Prince, ...".

Reel: 54, No. 1613
Prince, William Reed, 1817-1845.

Memoir and select writings of William Reed Prince, edited by N. A. Prince.

Portland, Hyde, Lord & Durcs. 1846

With a sketch of his qualities as a preacher, by George Shepard ...; xi, 300 p.; front. (port.); 20 cm.

Reel: 110, No. 1881
Prindle, Cyrus.

Memoir of the Rev. Daniel Meeker Chandler.

Middlebury. 1842

114 p.

Reel: 110, No. 1882
The Prisoner; or, A collection of poetical pieces, written by a person confined in the state-prison, and principally published in the "True American.".

Trenton, Printed by Wilson & Blackwell. 1802

24 p.

Reel: 52, No. 1491
Privateering and pirateering alias, the "Peace Party" at war; alias, the devil to pay in the federal camp.

Boston, Printed by Nathaniel Coverly, jun., Milk street. [c1815]

broadside.; Photoduplication of original.

Reel: 54, No. 1615
The Prize book; No. 1. of the Publick Latin school in Boston.

Boston, Published by Cummings and Hilliard; Hilliard & Metcalf, printers. 1820

63 p.; Poems: [41]-61.

Reel: 54, No. 1616
Proceedings at the celebration of the golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Orin S. Worthington, held at Spencer, Worcester county, Mass., October 29th, 1866.

Pawtucket [Rhode Island] R. Sherman and co., printers. 1866

24 p.; 23.5 cm.

Reel: 142, No. 2533
The Proceedings at the Cushman celebration, at Plymouth, August 15, 1855, in commemoration of the embarkation of the Plymouth pilgrims from Southampton, England; together with an account of the services at the grave of Elder Thomas Cushman, August 16, 1855.

Boston, J.M. Hewes, printer. 1855

viii p., 1 l., [3]-76 p.; 23.5 cm.; Prepared for publication by Nathaniel B. Shurtleff and Henry W. Cushman.

Reel: 142, No. 2534
Proceedings of the commemorative union meeting of the three Presbyterian churches of the city of Detroit, held.

Detroit. 1869

December 6, 1869.; 2 p.l., [4]-36 p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 142, No. 2535
The Procession, with the standard of faction: a cantata, recitative.

[n.p.]. [n.d.]

4 p.

Reel: 54, No. 1618
Proctor, Edna Dean, 1829-1923.


New York, Hurd and Houghton; Boston, E.P. Dutton and co. 1866

iv, 140 p.; 17 cm.

Reel: 142, No. 2536
The Prodigal daughter: or, A strange and wonderful relation: shewing how a gentleman of a vast estate in Bristol, in England, had a proud and disobedient daughter; who, because her parents would not support her in all her extravagance, bargained with the devil to poison them.

Sold at the printing office, no. 5. Cornhill, Boston. 1807

How an angel informed her parents of her design.--How she lay in a trance four days, and when she was put in the grave, she came to life again, and related the wonderful things she saw in the other world.; 15, [1] p.; illus.; 19 cm.

Reel: 54, No. 1620
The Prodigal daughter: or, A strange and wonderful relation: shewing how a gentleman of vast estate in Bristol in England, had a proud and disobedient daughter.

Boston, N. Coverly, printer, Milk street. [1816?]

12 p.; illus.

Reel: 54, No. 1621
The Progress of society, a poem, in three parts.

New York, Published by D. Longworth, 11 Park, Clayton & Kingsland, printers. 1817

62, [1] p.

Reel: 54, No. 1622
Proudfit, Alexander.

The faithful pastor.

Newburyport. 1828

A sermon preached in the First Presbyterian Church in Newburyport, Oct. 4, 1827 at the installation of the Rev. John Proudfit ...; 31 p.; 22 cm.

Reel: 110, No. 1884
Providence (R.I.). Swan Point Cemetery.

The Swan Point cemetery: its charter, rules and regulations, list of lot-owners and first annual report of the actuary, 1848.

Providence, J. Knowles. 1848

36 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 110, No. 1885
Psi Upsilon.

Poem and address delivered before the Psi upsilon fraternity in.

Cincinnati, Ohio. 1868

Cincinnati at the 34th annual convention. Also, address of James Strong, S.T.D. at Middleton, Conn., at 33rd convention.; 23, 10 p.; 24 cm.

Reel: 142, No. 2537
Pu, Piang, pseud.

Revolution in Orcus, and the establishment of a democratic republic headed by the hero of a thousand fights, an epic.

New York. 1848

112 p.

Reel: 110, No. 1886
Puffem, Peter.

Heaven on earth; or, The new lights of harmony: an extravaganza, in two acts.

Philadelphia. 1825

22 p.

Reel: 110, No. 1887
Pummill, James.

The fruits of leisure; a collection of original verse.

Circleville, Ohio. 1847

95 p.

Reel: 110, No. 1888
Punch and Judy.

...Punch and Judy.

Philadelphia, Turner & Fisher. [1835?]

[9] p.; col. illus.; 15 cm.; (Turner & Fisher's golden toys).

Reel: 110, No. 1889
Punshon, William Morley, 1824-1881.

Sabbath chimes; or, Meditations in verse for the Sundays of a year.

London, J. Nisbet & co. 1867

Fourth thousand.; 4 p.l., 208 p.; illus.; 18 cm.

Reel: 142, No. 2538
Punshon, William Morley, 1824-1881.

Sabbath chimes; or, Meditations in verse for the Sundays of a year.

New York, Carlton & Porter. 1868

223, [1] p.; incl. front. (port.) illus., plates. 20 cm.

Reel: 142, No. 2539
Puny poets and piratical publishers.

(January 1851)

(In The American Whig review. 23 cm. p. 68-79).

Reel: 142, No. 2540
[Purdon, John] d. ca.1817?.

A leisure hour; or, A series of poetical letters, mostly written during the prevalence of the yellow fever.

Philadelphia, Printed and sold by P. Stewart, no. 84, South second street. 1804

By a citizen of Philadelphia.; 36 p.; 16.5 cm.

Reel: 54, No. 1626
[Purdon, John] d. ca.1817?.

The Pilgrim's address, and an improved mode of defence, against the bucaniers of the ocean, humbly submitted to the consideration of General John Shee, and all those gentlemen through the United States, to whom the more immediate care of our seaport's are committed.

Philadelphia, Printed for the author. 1807

24 p.; "Contrast": p. 21-24.

Reel: 54, No. 1627
[Purdon, John] d. ca.1817?.

The Pilgrim's address, and an improved mode of defence, against the bucaniers of the ocean, of every nation, humbly submitted to the serious consideration of the citizens of the United States, especially to those gentlemen to whom the more immediate care of our seaport's are connected.

Philadelphia, Printed for the Author. 1808

2d ed.; 24, 12 p.; "Contrast": p. 21-24.; "Supplement to the Pilgrim": last 12 p.

Reel: 54, No. 1628
Puss in boots, as exhibited by the S.P. society, Christmas season, 1868.

Portland. 1868

1 p. l., [3]-12 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 142, No. 2541
Putlitz, Gustav Heinrich Gans, edler herr zu, 1821-1890.

Forest voices; translated from the German of Putlitz; Rev. Charles A. Smith, D.D., editor.

Albany, J. Munsell. 1866

vii p., 1 l., [11]-102 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 142, No. 2542
[Putnam, Ellen Tryphosa Harrington].

Stories for the strawberry party: a gift book for children by Thrace Talmon [pseud.].

Boston, James French and co.; Galesburg, Illinois, Hastings & French. 1857

[5], 6-79 p.; 16.5 cm.

Reel: 142, No. 2543
Putnam, George, 1807-1878.

An address delivered before the city government and citizens of Roxbury, at the consecration of the cemetery at Forest Hills, June 28, 1848.

Roxbury, J.G. Torrey, city printer. 1848

Together with the other services of consecration. Printed by order of the City council.; 28 p.; 23.5 cm.

Reel: 110, No. 1890
Putnam, J.W.

Salvation and safety.

Danvers, C.D. Howard. 1859

A discourse delivered at the dedication of the Universalist church in Danvers, August 18, 1859...; 20 p.

Reel: 142, No. 2544
Putnam, John Milton, 1794-1871.

A sermon preached Nov. 10, 1836 at the dedication of the Congregational meeting house in Dunbarton, N.H.

Concord. 1836

21 p.; 20 cm.

Reel: 110, No. 1891
[Putnam, Mary (Lowell)] 1810-1898.

Tragedy of errors.

Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1862

1862.; 249 p.; 18 cm.; In verse.; "Part II" announced on verse of t.-p. appeared under title: Tragedy of success, 1862.

Reel: 142, No. 2545
[Putnam, Mary (Lowell)] 1810-1898.

Tragedy of success.

Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1862

191 p.; 18 cm.; Sequel to her "Tragedy of errors."; In verse.

Reel: 142, No. 2546
Puzzlebrain, Jeffrey, pseud.

Fire-side amusement: a new collection of choice riddles.

Hartford, Printed by Hale & Hosmer. 1812

Printed for the entertainment of all the good and merry little boys and girls, who are lucky at [!] to obtain it. Ornamented with cuts.; [3], 6-30 p.; illus.

Reel: 54, No. 1629
Quarles, Virginia.


New York, Rudd & Carleton. 1861

120 p.

Reel: 142, No. 2547
Quigley, Michael.

The friar's curse.

Milwaukee, Evening Wisconsin printing house. 1870

A legend of Inishowen; or, Dreams of fancy when the night was dark.; 268 p.; 19 cm.; In verse.

Reel: 143, No. 2548
Quilp, pseud.

The bridal ballad, and other poems.

Norfolk. 1846

178 p.

Reel: 111, No. 1892
Quincey, Vernon H.

A parody on some of the most striking passages in a late pamphlet, entitled "A letter to a Federalist," with large additions & improvements.

Portsmouth, N.H., Printed at the Oracle Press. 1805

47 p.

Reel: 54, No. 1631
Quincy, Josiah Phillips, 1829-1910.

Lyteria: a dramatic poem.

Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1855

2d ed.; 125 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 143, No. 2551
[Quincy, Josiah Phillips] 1829-1910.

Charicles: a dramatic poem.

Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1856

By the author of Lyteria.; 1 p.l., 5-106 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 143, No. 2549
[Quincy, Josiah Phillips] 1829-1910.

Lyteria: a dramatic poem.

Boston, Ticknor and Fields. 1854

iv, [5]-123 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 143, No. 2550
Quiz, Jeremiah, [pseud.].

The ass on Parnassus; and From Scotland, Ge Ho!! comes Roderigh Vich Neddy Dhu, Ho! Ieroe!!! Cantos I, II of a poem, entitled What are Scot's collops?.

Philadelphia, Published by Mathew Carey, No. 121, Chestnut Street. 1815

A prohetic tale; written in immitation of The lady of the lake.; 108 p.

Reel: 2, No. 96
Quiz, Jeremiah, pseud.

The ass on Parnassus; and from Scotland, ge ho!! comes Rodlrigh Vich Neddy Dhu, ho! Ieroe!!! Cantos I.II. of a poem entitled, What are Scot's collops?.

Philadelphia, Published by Mathew Carey, no. 121 Chesnut street. 1815

A prophetic tale; written in imitation of The lady of the lake.; 108 p.

Reel: 54, No. 1632
[Quizumall, Peter, esq., pseud.].

The new quizzical valentine writer.

[Boston, C. Gaylord]. [1840]

[Excerpt from the Evening museum: a collection of...interesting tales and legends...]; [7]-28 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 111, No. 1894
Quizumall, Peter, esq., pseud.

The new quizzical valentine writer.

New-York, W. Borradaile. 1823

Being an excellent collection of all the humourous, droll, and merry valentines, ever published.; 1 p.l., [7]-28 p.; col. front.; 20 cm.

Reel: 110, No. 1893
Radcliffe, George K.

Pen-dashes; or, Scribblings at leisure, printed by George K. Radcliffe.

Dover, N.Y., G.H. & S.E. Twombly. 1864

180 p.; 20 cm.

Reel: 143, No. 2552
Radicalism in religion, philosophy and social life; four papers from the Boston Courier for 1858.

Boston. 1858

79 p.; 18 cm.

Reel: 143, No. 2553
Rae, Luzerne, 1811-1854.

The coming age.

New Haven, Printed by B. L. Hamlen. 1847

A poem, pronounced before the Phi beta kappa society of Yale college, August 18, 1847.; 16 p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 111, No. 1895
[Rae, Luzerne] 1811-1854.

Text and context.

Hartford, Press of Case, Tiffany & co. 1853

68 p.; 15.5 cm.

Reel: 143, No. 2554
Rafinesque, Constantine Samuel, 1783-1840.

The world, or, Instability.

Philadelphia, The author. 1836

A poem, with notes and illustrations. 2d ed.; 248 p.

Reel: 111, No. 1897
[Rafinesque, Constantine Samuel] 1783-1840.

The world, or, Instability.

Philadelphia. 1836

248 p.

Reel: 111, No. 1896
Ralling, John.

Miscellaneous sketches, in prose and verse: written for the spiritual improvement and instruction of mankind.

Newbury-port, Printed by William Barrett, Market square. 1796

24 p.

Reel: 55, No. 1634
Ralling, John.

Miscellanies, moral and instructive, in prose and verse; collected from various authors for the use of schools, and improvement of young persons of both sexes: A new edition, with additions.

Philadelphia, Printed; London, Reprinted by James Phillips, George-Yard, Lombard street. 1790

iv, 208 p.

Reel: 55, No. 1635
[Ralling, John].

Miscellanies, viz. I. The time-piece; or, An honest servant's advice to his master. II. Verses on the month of May. III. An affectionate father's dying advice.

Philadelphia, Printed for the author, by John McCulloch. 1790

24 p.

Reel: 55, No. 1636
Ralling, John.

The time piece.

Philadelphia, Printed by Jane Aitken, no. 20 north third street. 1803

Tempus fugit multum in Parvo. 3d ed., cor. and enl.; 170 p.

Reel: 55, No. 1637
Ralph, James, d. 1762.

The muse's address to the king.

London, Printed for W. Meadows, at the Angel in Cornhill. 1728

An ode.; 4 p.l., v, 43 p.; 20 cm.

Reel: 55, No. 1640
Ralph, James, d. 1762.

Night: a poem.

Dublin, Printed by S. Powell, for George Risk, at Shakespeare's head, George Erving, at the Angel and Bible, and William Smith, at the Hercules. [1728?]

In four books.; 3 p.l., x, 47, [1] p.; 16.5 cm.

Reel: 55, No. 1641
Ralph, James, d. 1762.

The tempest, or, The terrors of death.

London, Printed for W. Meadows, at the Angel in Cornhill. 1727

A poem in blank verse.; 1 p.l., ii, 27 p.

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