American Poetry, 1609-1870 Author Index

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Reel: 21, No. 585
Duckworth, Eleanor.

Poems and sketches.

Cincinnati, Wentworth & co. 1857

and Milly Wentworth ... July. Published quarterly.; [7], 10-104 p.; front. (port.); 19 cm.

Reel: 56, No. 998
Dudley, Dean, 1823-1906.

Pictures of life in England and America; prose and poetry.

Boston, J. French. 1851

252 p.; front.; 20 cm.

Reel: 56, No. 999
[Duer, William Alexander] 1780-1858.

The pilgrims of hope: an oratorio for the Clintonian celebration of the new year.

Albany, Re-printed by Packard & Van Benthuysen. 1820

Re-published from "The American" of January 1, 1820. With additional notes and an appendix, containing "The coalition," a political tract, occasioned by the nomination of DeWitt Clinton as a candidate for the office of president of the United States, in the year 1812.; 45, 10 p.; 19.5 cm.

Reel: 21, No. 587
Duffield, Divie Bethune, 1821-1891.

Bench and bar, a post-prandial rhyme recited at the bar supper in Detroit.

Detroit, Printed by Palmer, Luce & Fleming. 1857

January 25, 1857.; 26 p.

Reel: 57, No. 1000
Duffield, Samuel A. Willoughby.

The heavenly land, from the De contemptu mundi of Bernard de Morlaix.

New York, A.D.F. Randolph. 1867

Rendered into corresponding English verse.; xv, 19 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 57, No. 1001
Duffield, Samuel A. Willoughby.

Warp and woof, a book of verse.

New York, A.D.F. Randolph & co. 1870

188 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 57, No. 1002
Duganne, Augustine Joseph Hickey, 1823-1884.

Ballads of the war.

New York, John Robins. c1862-

no. 1-.; v.; illus.; 27 cm.

Reel: 57, No. 1003
Duganne, Augustine Joseph Hickey, 1823-1884.

Duganne's poetical works.

[Philadelphia?]. 1865

Autograph edition, seventy-five copies.; [9], iv-407 p.; front. (port.); 26 cm.

Reel: 57, No. 1007
Duganne, Augustine Joseph Hickey, 1823-1884.

The gospel of labor; a poem, delivered before the Mechanic Apprentices Library Association, on the occasion of their twenty-ninth anniversary, February 22, 1849.

Boston, The Association. 1849

16 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 42, No. 697
Duganne, Augustine Joseph Hickey, 1823-1884.

Massachusetts, and other poems.

Boston, W.D. Ticknor & Co. 1843

64 p.

Reel: 42, No. 699
Duganne, Augustine Joseph Hickey, 1823-1884.

The mission of intellect, a poem delivered at Metropolitan hall, New York, December 20, 1852.

New York, Larkin, Stearns & co. 1853

33, [7] p.; 17.5 cm.; 7 pages of publisher's notices at end of book.

Reel: 57, No. 1004
Duganne, Augustine Joseph Hickey, 1823-1884.

Poetical works of Augustine Duganne.

Philadelphia, Parry & McMillan. 1855

407 p.; front. (port.) 24 cm.

Reel: 57, No. 1006
Duganne, Augustine Joseph Hickey, 1823-1884.


New York, R.M. DeWitt. 1865

36 p.; 25 cm.

Reel: 57, No. 1008
[Duganne, Augustine Joseph Hickey] 1823-1884.

The knights of the seal; or, The mysteries of the three cities; a romance of men's hearts and habits.

Philadelphia, Colon and Adriance. 1845

2p.l., 5-204 p.; 21.5 cm.

Reel: 42, No. 698
[Duganne, Augustine Joseph Hickey] 1823-1884.

Parnassus in pillory.

New York, Adriance, Sherman & co. 1851

A satire. By Motley Manners, esquire [pseud.]...; [2], 96 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 57, No. 1005
Dugué, Charles Oscar, b. 1821.

Essais poétiques.

Nouvelle-Orléans, Imp. de A. Fortier. 1847

2 p.l., xx, [2] p., 1 p.l., 248 p.; 19.5 cm.

Reel: 42, No. 700
Duke, William, 1757-1840.

Hymn and poems on various occasions.

Baltimore, Printed by Samuel and John Adams, in Market street. 1790

By a member of the Protestant Episcopal church.; 90 p.; 18 mo.

Reel: 21, No. 588
Dumser, Johann Simon, 1817-1857.

Hinterlassen gedichte.

New York, H. Ludwig. 1858

118 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 57, No. 1009
Duncan, Blanton.

Lady Icicle; an idyl.

[n.p.]. [186-?]

8 p.

Reel: 57, No. 1010
Duncan, J.

The mourner's friend; or, Recognition of friends in Heaven.

Lowell [Mass.] Published by N.L. Dayton. 1850

72 p.; incl. front.; 16 cm.

Reel: 42, No. 701
Duncan, W.B.

The snow-drop, a birthday story for Jessie Percy Butler Duncan, February 9th, 1865.

New York. 1865

32 p.; front.; 18 cm.

Reel: 57, No. 1011
Dunigan's history of Robinson Crusoe.

[n.p.]. [184-?]

8 p.

Reel: 42, No. 702
[Dunlap, Jane] fl. 1771.

Poems, upon several sermons, preached by the Rev'd, and renowned, George Whitefield, while in Boston.

Boston, Printed and sold next to the writing school in Queen street. 1771

A new-years gift, from a daughter of liberty and lover of truth.; 1 p.l., 22 p.; illus.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 22, No. 590
Dunlap, William, 1766-1839.

The life of George Fred.

London, Printed for Henry Colburn, Public Library, Conduit street, Hanover square: and sold by Bell and Bradfute, Edinburgh; and John Cumming, Dublin. 1815

Cooke (late of the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden) composed principally from journals and other authentic documents left by Mr. Cooke, and the personal knowledge of the author, comprising original anecdotes of his theatrical contemporaries, his opinions on various dramatic writings, &c. 2d ed., rev. and improved.; 2 v. in 1.; front. (port.); 22 cm.

Reel: 22, No. 592
Dunlap, William, 1766-1839.

The life of the most noble Arthur, Marquis and Earl of Wellington.

New York, Printed and published by Van Winkle and Wiley, corner of Wall and New streets. 1814

The first part by Francis L. Clarke. The second part, from the attack on the castle of Burgos to the taking of Bordeaux.; 423 p.

Reel: 22, No. 591
Dunn, Samuel.

The misery of domestic feuds, and the happiness of domestic tranquility, illustrated by the similitude of "Remarks and observations of a traveller.".

[New Salem? Mass.]. [182-?]

Written at the request of a young lady.; [8] p.

Reel: 42, No. 703
Dunn, Samuel, b. 1746.

The misery of domestic feuds, and the happiness of domestic tranquility, illustrated by the similitude of "Remarks and observations of a traveller.".

[n.p.]. [ca1820]

(Written at the request of a young lady.) ...; [8] p.; 13.8 cm.; Caption title.

Reel: 22, No. 593
Dunshee, Henry Webb.

The Knickerbocker's address to the Stuyvesant pear tree: respectfully dedicated to the Knickerbockers of Manhattan Island.

[New York, Pettiner & Gray, printers]. [1857?]

10 p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 57, No. 1012
Dupuis, Thomas Skelton.

Miscellaneous poetry; (many of the pieces written at an early age.).

London, Printed by C. Buckton, no. 9, Great Pulteney street, Golden square. 1789

To which is added, a sacred oratorio, called Elijah.; viii p., 1 l., [1], 87 p.; 28 cm.

Reel: 22, No. 595
Durfee, Job, 1790-1847.

The complete works of the Hon. Job Durfee, L L.D., late Chief Justice of Rhode Island; with a memoir of the author.

Providence, Gladding and Proud. 1849

Edited by his son [Thomas Durfee]; xxvi, 523 p.; 24 cm.

Reel: 42, No. 704
Durfee, Job, 1790-1847.

The vision of Petrarch, a poem.

Providence, Printed by Miller, Goddard & Mann. 1814

Delivered before the United Brothers' Society of Brown University, on their anniversary, September 6, 1814.; 17 p.; 21 cm.

Reel: 22, No. 596
Durfee, Job, 1790-1847.

"What cheer"; or, Roger Williams in banishment, a poem with a recommendatory preface by John Eustace Giles, Leeds.

Providence, R.I., printed, Leeds, reprinted. 1840

196 p.

Reel: 43, No. 706
Durfee, Job, 1790-1847.

What cheer; or Roger Williams in banishment.

Providence, R.I., Cranston & Hammond. 1832

A poem.; 200 p.; 20.5 cm.

Reel: 42, No. 705
Durivage, Francis Alexander.

Angela; or, Love and guilt.

n.p. n.d

A tale of Boston and its environs.; 32 p.; 28 cm.

Reel: 43, No. 706.1
Durivage, Francis Alexander, 1814-1881.


(Boston). 1850

(In Everett, Edward--An oration delivered at Charlestown on the seventy-fifth anniversary of the battle of Bunker Hill, June 17, 1850.; p. 57. 24 cm.).

Reel: 43, No. 707
Durivage, Francis Alexander, 1814-1881.

Stray subjects, arrested and bound over.

Philadelphia, Carey and Hart. 1848

Being the fugitive offspring of the "old'un" and "young'un," that have been "lying round loose," and are now "tied up" for fast keeping. Illustrated by Darley.; 3 p.l., [v]-viii p., 1 l., [19]-199 p.; front., plates. 19 x 12 cm.

Reel: 43, No. 708
Dutcher, J.W.

Narrative of the mysterious can, illustrative of the Washingtonian reform.

Printed at the Amenia times office. 1854

To which is appended the temperance platform.; 104 p.; 15 cm.

Reel: 57, No. 1013
Dutton, Timothy.

A Christmas hymn: Composed and written.

Brattleborough, Printed by William Fessenden for the author. 1811

December 25, 1810.; 22 cm.

Reel: 22, No. 597
Dutton, Warren, 1774-1857.

The present state of literature; a poem, delivered in New-Haven, at the public commencement of Yale-college, September 10, 1800.

Hartford [Conn.], Printed by Hudson and Goodwin. 1800

16 p.; 22.5 cm.

Reel: 22, No. 599
Dwight, Harrison Gray Otis, 1803-1862.

Memoir of Mrs. Elizabeth B. Dwight, including an account of the plague of 1837; with a sketch of the life of Mrs. Judith S. Grant.

New York, M.W. Dodd. 1840

323 p.; 20 cm.

Reel: 43, No. 709
Dwight, John William, b. 1817.

Poems [manuscript].

[n.p.]. 1842-1863

written from 1842-1863.; 224 p.; 28 cm.

Reel: 43, No. 713
[Dwight, John William] b. 1817.

[Miscellaneous manuscript poems, and notes, by John William Dwight, and other members of his family].

[n.p.]. [184-?]


Reel: 43, No. 710
[Dwight, John William] b. 1817.

[Poems (manuscript written from 1837- to 1844].

[n.p.]. 1837-1844

32 p.; 20 cm.

Reel: 43, No. 712
[Dwight, John William] b. 1817.

[Poems (manuscript)] written at various times from 1837 to 1844.

[n.p.]. 1837-1844

[140] p.; 24 cm.

Reel: 43, No. 711
Dwight, Timothy, 1752-1817.

The conquest of Canaan; a poem, in eleven books.

Hartford, New-England, London, reprinted for J. Johnson, no. 72, St. Paul's church yard. 1785; 1788

vii, [1], 363 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 23, No. 602
Dwight, Timothy, 1752-1817.

The conquest of Canäan; a poem, in eleven books.

Hartford, Printed by Elisha Babcock. 1785

2 p.l., [6], 2-304 p.; 17 cm.

Reel: 22, No. 601
Dwight, Timothy, 1752-1817.

Greenfield Hill; a poem, in seven parts.

New York, Printed by Childs and Swaine. 1794

I. The prospect. II. The flourishing village. III. The burning of Fairfield. IV. The destruction of the Pequods. V. The clergyman's advice to the villages. VI. The farmer's advice to the villagers. VII. The vision, or prospect of the future happiness of America.; 183, [1] p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 23, No. 603
[Dwight, Timothy] 1752-1817.

America; or, A poem on the settlement of the British colonies.

New Haven, Printed by Thomas and Samuel Green. [1780?]

Addressed to the friends of freedom, and their country, by a gentleman educated at Yale-College.; 12 p.; 20 cm.

Reel: 22, No. 600
[Dwight, Timothy] 1752-1817.

The triumph of infidelty.

[n.p.] Printed in the World. 1788

A poem.; 24 p.; 21 cm.

Reel: 23, No. 604
Dyer, Ebenezer Porter, 1813-1882.

Bunyan's Pilgrim's progress in verse.

Boston, Lee and Shepard. 1869

290 p.

Reel: 57, No. 1016
Dyer, Ebenezer Porter, 1813-1882.

The child's keepsake: a book of original poems for the young.

Boston, C. Stone. [c1852]

4th edition enlarged.; 128 p.; illus.

Reel: 57, No. 1017
[Dyer, Ebenezer Porter] 1813-1882.

The child's keepsake; a poetical bouquet, for little children.

New Haven, S. Babcock. 1850

8 p.; illus.; 9.5 cm.

Reel: 43, No. 714
[Dyer, Ebenezer Porter] 1813-1882.

The young maiden's mirror.

Boston, C. Stone. 1858

By the author of "The child's keepsake" ... 4th ed., enlarged, with music.; 274, [12] p.

Reel: 58, No. 1020
[Dyer, Ebenezer Porter] 1813-1882.

The young maiden's mirror.

Boston, C. Stone and co. 1856

By the author of "The child's keepsake" ... 2d ed., enlarged, with music.; 268, [4] p.; front.

Reel: 57, No. 1018-1019
Dyer, Sidney, 1814-1898.

An olio of love and song, delivered before the Athenian society, of Indiana university, July 31, 1855.

[Indianapolis, Ind.] Indianapolis journal co. 1855

29, [1] p.; 17 cm.; Half-title.

Reel: 58, No. 1021
Dyer, Sidney, 1814-1898.

Songs and ballads.

New York, Sheldon, Blakeman, and co.; Indianapolis, Stearns and Spicer. 1857

xv, [1], 298 p.; front. (port.); 18 cm.

Reel: 58, No. 1022
Dyer, Sidney, 1814-1898.

Voices of nature, and thoughts in rhyme.

Louisville [K.Y] J.V. Cowling & G.C. Davies. 1849

156 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 43, No. 715
The Dying pastor: an elegiac narrative of the departure of the Rev. Artemas Boies.

[n.p.]. 1844

12 p.; 20 cm.

Reel: 43, No. 716
Dyson, Julia A. (Parker), 1818-1852.

Life and thought; or, Cherished memorials of the late Julia A. Parker Dyson.

Boston, Whittemore, Niles, and Hall. 1856

Edited by Miss E. Latimer.; xiii, [3], 314 p.; front. (port.); 20 cm.

Reel: 58, No. 1023
Eames, W.H.

Phonetics; a poem.

Ruttland, Tuttle's Book and job office. 1851

giving a brief account of the rise, history and progress of the language reform, to which is added a plea for "Phonotopy for Africa", by Rev. G. Thompson, returned missionary from A[frica]; 16, [2] p.; 18 cm.; One page of publisher's notices at end of book.

Reel: 58, No. 1024
Earle, Jabez, 1676?-1768.

Sacramental exercises, or The Christian's employment before at, and after the Lord's supper.

Middletown [Conn.] Printed by Seth Richards. 1815

6th ed. To which is added divine hymns for sacramental occasions.; 86 p.

Reel: 23, No. 607
Earle, Pliny, 1809-1892.

[Lessons from the past].

(Providence, R.I., Knowles, Anthony & co.). 1861

(In Moses Brown school, Providence, Rhode Island. Alumni Association. Proceedings ... 3rd.; p. [1]-16).

Reel: 122, No. 2182
Earle, Pliny, 1809-1892.

Marathon, and other poems.

Philadelphia, H. Perkins. 1841

vi p., 1 l., [9]-120 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 43, No. 717
Earle, Pliny, 1809-1892.

Poem delivered before the Alumni association of the New England yearly meeting school, at their third annual meeting, at Newport, 1861.

Providence, Knowles, Anthony & co. printers. 1861

16 p.; 24 cm.; Half-title.

Reel: 58, No. 1025
An Earnest call from a school-master to his scholars, to remember their creator in the days of their youth.

[Boston]. [1763]

8 p.

Reel: 23, No. 608
East Hartford (Conn.). Congregational Sabbath School.

Semi-centennial anniversary of the Congregational Sabbath school, in East Hartford, Conn. September 1, 1869.

Hartford, Case, Lockwood & Brainard. 1869

50 p.

Reel: 58, No. 1026
Eastburn, James Wallis, 1797-1819.

Yamoyden, a tale of the wars of King Philip: in six cantos, by.

New York, Published by James Eastburn, Clayton & Kingsland, printers. 1820

and his friend.; xii, 339, [1] p.; front.; 19 cm.

Reel: 23, No. 611
Eastman, Charles Gamage, 1816-1860.


Montpelier [Vt.] Eastman & Danforth. 1848

vii, 208 p.; 17 cm.

Reel: 43, No. 718
Eastman, Elaine (Goodale), b. 1863.

Apple blossoms; verses of two children [by] Elaine Goodale [and] Dora Read Goodale.

New York, G.P. Putnam's sons. 1878

x, [3], 12-253, [2] p.; 2 port. (incl. front); 16 cm.; Preface by the author's mother, signed: D.H.R.G.

Reel: 58, No. 1027
Eastman, Hubbard, d. 1891.

An elegy.

Bellows Falls, Vt., John W. Moore, printer. 1842

24 p.; 13 cm.

Reel: 43, No. 719
[Eastman, Mary (Henderson)] b. 1818.

Jenny Wade of Gettysburg.

Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & co. 1864

33 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 58, No. 1028
Easy lessons for the little ones at home.

New York, American Tract Society. [n.d.]

96 p.; col. illus.; 16 cm.

Reel: 43, No. 719.1
Eaton, B.A.

The minstrel, and other poems.

Boston, Russell, Odiorne, and co. 1833

54 p.; 16 cm.

Reel: 43, No. 719.2
Eaton, Bennett, Rev.

An essay on death; its author and causes.

Middlebury, Register book and job printing establishment. 1866

16 p.; 14.5 cm.; Half-title.

Reel: 58, No. 1029
Eaton, Charles W.

An address, delivered before the Mechanic apprentices' library association, in the Masonic Temple, Boston, on the occasion of its thirty second anniversary, February 22, 1852, by Charles W. Eaton, president of the association. [and the Anniversary poem ...].

Boston, Published by the Association. 1852

[by Oscar Mellish]; 36 p.; 24 cm.

Reel: 58, No. 1030
Eaton, Cyrus, 1784-1875.

Woman; an address delivered to the Ladies' Sewing Circle, Warren, Maine, at their anniversary meeting, February 9, 1854.

Hallowell [Me.] Masters, Smith & co., printers. 1854

Printed by request.; 14 p.; A poem.

Reel: 58, No. 1031
Eaton, Lilley.

Poem delivered at the firemen's fair in the town hall, South Reading, January 13, 1853.

Boston, Moore & Crosby. 1853

13 p.; Half-title.

Reel: 58, No. 1032
Eaton, Nathaniel W.

Alberto and Matilda: or, The unfortunate lovers, a drama, in two acts.

Boston, Printed for the author. February, 1809

17, [1] p.; 14.5 cm.

Reel: 23, No. 612
Eaton, Theophilus.

Review of New York, or Rambles through the city.

New York, Printed and Published by John Low, no. 17, Chatham street. 1814

Original poems. Moral, religious, sarcastic, and descriptive. 2d ed.; 144 p.; 15.5 cm.

Reel: 23, No. 614
Eaton, Theophilus.

Review of New York, or Rambles through the city.

New-York, Printed for the author, by John Low, no. 17, Chatham street. 1813

Original poems moral, religious, sarcastic and descriptive.; 144 p.; 15 cm.

Reel: 23, No. 613
The Echo, with other poems.

[n.p.]. 1807

2 p.l., xv, [1], 2-331, [11] p.; illus.; (front.); Half title.

Reel: 23, No. 615
Eckley, Joseph, 1750-1811.

A discourse, delivered before the members of the Boston female asylum, September 24, 1802, being their second anniversary.

Boston, Printed at the Ornamented printing office under the Columbian museum. [1802]

Preached and published by desire.; 22 [i.e. 23] p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 23, No. 616
An Eclogue occasioned by the death of the Reverend Alexander Cumming, A.M.

Boston, Printed by D. & J. Kneeland, for J. Edwards. 1763

On the 25th of August A.D. 1763.; 8 p.

Reel: 23, No. 617
Edgar A. Poe.

March, 1857

In: United States magazine.; p. 262-276. illus., port.; 24 cm.; Contains: A descent into the maelstrom.

Reel: 58, No. 1034
Edgar A. Poe.

Lowell, Mass., J.C. Ayer & co. 1855

In Ayer's American almanac.; p. [22]; 20 cm.; A parody on Poe's "The Raven.".

Reel: 58, No. 1033
Edmond, Amanda M. (Corey), 1824-1862.

The forget me not.

Philadelphia, American baptist publication society. [1852]

A gift for Sabbath school children.; [3], 6-108 p.

Reel: 58, No. 1035
Edmond, Amanda M. (Corey), Mrs., 1824-1862.

The broken vow, and other poems.

Boston, Gould, Kenda & Lincoln. 1845

xii, [13]-324 p.; front. (port.) plates.; 20 cm.

Reel: 44, No. 721
Edmond, Amanda M. (Corey), Mrs., 1824-1862.

Early days; pieces in prose and verse for the young.

Boston, Massachusetts Sabbath School Society. 1848

180 p.; front., illus.; 16 cm.

Reel: 44, No. 722
Edmond, Amanda M. (Corey), Mrs., 1824-1862.

The vase of flowers: a gift for the young.

Boston, Massachusetts Sabbath School Soc. 1847

Written for the Massachusetts Sabbath School Society, and approved by the Committee of Publication.; 180 p.; front.; 16 cm.

Reel: 44, No. 723
Edmund's lyre: being his posthumous poems.

City of Washington, Printed for the editor, by E. Dekrafft. 1826

With a biographical note of his life, by his earliest companion and friend, W. A. R. ...; 350 p.

Reel: 44, No. 724
Edwards, Amelia Ann Blanford, 1831-1892.


Carleton, New York [R. Craighead, printer]. [n.d.]

127 p.; illus.

Reel: 58, No. 1036
[Edwards, Bryan] 1743-1800.

Poems written chiefly in the West Indies.

Kingston, Jamaica, Printed for the author, by Alexander Aikman, Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty. 1792

3 p.l., 67 p.; 8.

Reel: 23, No. 620
Edwards, Charles, 1797-1868.

Feather's from my own wings.

New York, W. Stodart. 1832

4 p.l., 200 p.; illus.; 17 cm.

Reel: 44, No. 725
Edwards, John, 1806-1887.

Llais o'r llwyn: sef barddoniaeth ar amryfal destynau, &c., gan John Edwards.

Utica, Argraffwyd gan E.E. Roberts, dros yr awdwr. 1854

(Eos Glan Twrch.); 108 p.; front. (port.); 19 cm.

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