American Poetry, 1609-1870 Author Index

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Reel: 18, No. 484
Crawford, Charles, b. 1752.

Observations upon negro-slavery.

Philadelphia, Printed and sold by Joseph Crukshank, in Market street, between Second and Third streets. 1784

24 p.; 17 cm.

Reel: 18, No. 483
Crawford, Charles, b. 1752.

A poetical paraphrase on our Saviour's sermon on the mount.

Philadelphia, Printed and sold by Thomas Bradford, book-seller and stationer, no. 8, south Front street. 1796

New ed.; 24 p.

Reel: 18, No. 481
Crawford, Charles, b. 1752.

The progress of liberty: a Pindaric ode.

Philadelphia, Printed and sold by Ormrod & Conrad. 1796

New ed.; 1 p.l., 21, [1] p.; 18 cm.

Reel: 18, No. 482
[Crawford, Charles] b. 1752.

The Christian: a poem; in four books.

Philadelphia, Printed and sold by Joseph Crukshank, in Market street, between Second and Third streets. 1783

To which is prefixed a preface in prose in defence of Christianity: with an address to the people of America.; xl, [3], 4-111 p.; 16.5 cm.

Reel: 18, No. 473
[Crawford, Charles] b. 1752.

A poetical paraphrase on our Saviour's sermon on the mount.

Philadelphia, Printed for the author, by Robert Aitken, at Pope's Head in Market street. 1783

24 p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 18, No. 480
Creecy, James R.

Scenes in the South, and other miscellaneous pieces.

Washington, T. McGill, printer. 1860

294 p.; 19 cm.; Prose and poetry.

Reel: 45, No. 808
Cressy, Noah.

The battle and monument of Bunker Hill, compared with the agonies and triumphs of the cross.

Portland, Me., Foster & Gerrish, printers. [18--?]

24 p.; 19 cm.

Reel: 35, No. 582.1
Cressy, Noah.

A desperate battle with rum. Satan's stronghold demolished.

Boston. 1855

Temperance triumphant. Success in this good war. Huzza! Huzza! Huzza! A poem.; 7, [1] p.; 22 cm.; Cover-title.

Reel: 45, No. 809
Cressy, Noah, poet.

The burning of the Phoenix.

Milwaukee [Wis.] Daily Wisconsin book and job printing office. 1848

A poem.; 21 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 35, No. 583
Cressy, Noah, poet.

The murder of Dr. George Parkman, of Boston, Nov 23, 1849, by Dr. John W. Webster, who was executed, Aug., 30, 1850, a poem.

Portland, Harmon & Williams, Printers. 1850

40 p.; 20 cm.

Reel: 35, No. 584
Crey, Ethel.

Sunset gleams from the city of the mounts.

St. Louis, Mo., New York, John F. Trow. 1850

[5], 8-182 p.; illus.; (incl. front.); 22 cm.; Half-title.

Reel: 45, No. 810
Crider, H.M.


York, Pa., Kephart & Crider. 1866

[2], 5-87, [3] p.; Half-title.; Contains two pages of advertisements at end.

Reel: 45, No. 811
Cries of the metropolis: or, Humble life in New York.

Rutland, Published by George A. Tuttle & Co. 1857

[16] p.; illus.; 24 cm.; Cover title.; At head of title: Part II.; In verse.; Vignette on front cover.

Reel: 45, No. 812
Crihfield, Arthur.

The Universaliad; or, Confessions of Universalism.

Cincinnati, E. Shepard. 1849

A poem, in twelve cantos. To which are added Lectures on Universalism. Wherein the system is explained, and its chief arguments considered and refuted.; 177, 192 p.; 18 cm.

Reel: 35, No. 585
Crispianus, pseud.

To perpetuate the memory of peace, the triumphal arch, and looking glass, or the continental mirror.

[n.p.]. [1783?]

8 p.

Reel: 15, No. 385
[Crocker, Hannah (Mather)] 1752-1829.

A series of letters on free masonry.

Boston: Printed by John Eliot. 1815

By a lady of Boston.; 24 p.; 19.5 cm.

Reel: 35, No. 586
Crompton, William, 1806-1891.

To the Honorable Hall? come [!] Hornby, of Hornby House, these papers are respectfully inscrib'd.

Hartford. 1861

16 p., 1 l.; 24 cm.; In verse.

Reel: 45, No. 814
Cromwell, Oliver, of South Carolina.

The soldier's wreath, or The battle ground of New Orleans, and other poems.

Charleston, Printed by W. Riley. 1828

3 p.l., [ix]-xii, [13]-101 p., 1 l.; 20 cm.

Reel: 35, No. 587
Cromwell, Ruth Natalie.

Nancy Blake letters.

New York, J. Bradburn. 1864

To a western cousin.; 36 p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 45, No. 815
Crosby, William George, 1806-1881.

Poetical illustrations of the Athenaeum gallery of paintings.

Boston, True and Greene. 1827

[2] l., 39 p.; 22 cm.

Reel: 35, No. 588
[Crosland, John M.].

An American's offering.

Philadelphia. 1849

A recitative ode, on events of revolutionary times. Dedicated to the American people. By a mechanic. In five cantos. With historical notes, and memoranda illustrative of the truth of the poem.; 40 p.; incl. front. (port.); 22.5 cm.

Reel: 35, No. 589
Cross, Leila Adaline (Lindsley).

Portraiture and pencilings of the late Mrs. L.A.L. Cross.

Nashville, A.H. Ford. 1851

By her husband...; viii, 10-352 p.; 19 cm.; Foreword signed: Joseph Cross.

Reel: 45, No. 816
Cross, Marcus E.

The mirror of intemperance, and history of the temperance reform.

Philadelphia, J.T. Lange. 1845

To which is added, The life and death of King Alcohol, and original and selected anecdotes.; x, 11-240 p.; 19.5 cm.

Reel: 35, No. 590
Croswell, Joseph.

A new world planted; or, The adventures of the forefathers of New-England, who landed in Plymouth, December 22, 1620. An historical drama, in five acts.

Boston, Printed for the author, sold by E. Larkin, no. 47, Cornhill. 1802

45 p.; 20.5 cm.

Reel: 18, No. 486
Croswell, William.

Poems, sacred and secular: D.D., edited, with a memoir by A. Cleveland Coxe.

Boston, Ticknor & Fields. 1861

xlviii, 284 p.; front. (port.); 16 cm.

Reel: 46, No. 817
Crow, William.

The banks of the Hudson, a poem, descriptive of rural scenery, manners & customs in the United States of America.

Leith, Printed by and for W. Reid; Edinburgh, A Constable and co.; [etc., etc.]. 1821

iv, 108 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 35, No. 591
Crowne, John, 1640?-1712.

Daeneids; or, The noble labours of the great dean of Notre-Dame in Paris, for the erecting in his quire a throne for his glory, and the eclipsing the pride of an imperious, usurping chanter.

London, Printed for R. Baldwin, in Warwick lane, near the Oxford Arms Inn. 1692

An heroic poem in four cantos. Containing a true history, and shews ... the Romish clergy. Licensed Jan. 27, 1691/2.; 4 p.l., 32 p.; 19.5 cm.

Reel: 18, No. 487
Crowne, John, 1640?-1712.

Pandion and Amphigenia: or, The history of the coy lady of Thessalia, adorned with sculptures.

London, Printed by I.G. for R. Mills, at the sign of the pestle and mortar without Temple Bar, anno. 1665

7 p.l., 307 p.; plates, (front.); 16 cm.

Reel: 18, No. 488
Cruger, Eliza.

Regina, and other poems.

New York, G.W. Carleton. London, S. Low., son & co. 1868

378, [3]-8 p.; 19 cm.; 6 pages of publisher's notices at end of book.

Reel: 46, No. 818
Cruickshank, James, jr.

A bouquet of flowers from the garden of paradise.

New York, Harper & Bros. 1851

with critical notes, and biography of the author. 2 ed.; 38 p.; port.; illus.

Reel: 46, No. 819
Cullen, Cassius C.

The American melodies in three parts, and miscellaneous poems.

Trenton, New Jersey, Murphy & Bechtel, printers. 1864

96 p.; 17.5 cm.

Reel: 46, No. 820
Culver, Nathan.

The returning prodigal.

[n.p.]. [ca. 1790]

(In his [Vision]; p. 11).

Reel: 18, No. 489
[Culver, Samuel].

A handle for the battle axe.

[Groton? Conn.]. 1842

27 p.; 20 cm.

Reel: 35, No. 593
Cumberland Terrace.

[n.p.]. [186-?]

Dedicated to C----- B----- H-----, late Captain U.S.A., the companion of the author in the adventure here described.; 30 p.; 20 cm.; A poem.

Reel: 46, No. 821
Cummings, Ariel Ivers, 1823-1863.

The factory girl: or, Gardez la coeur.

Lowell, J.E. Short & co. 1847

viii, [9]-167 p.; col. front., col. plates.; 17 cm.

Reel: 35, No. 594
Cummings, Ariel Ivers, 1823-1863.

The lady's present: or, Beauties of female character.

Boston, J. Buffum. 1852

2d ed.; 188 p.; col. front.; 14 cm.

Reel: 46, No. 822
Cummings, Ariel Ivers, 1823-1863.

The lady's present: or, Beauties of female character.

Boston, J. Buffum. 1854

3 ed.; 188 p.; 14.5 cm.

Reel: 46, No. 823
Cummings, Ariel Ivers, 1823-1863.

The lady's present: or, Beauties of female character.

Nashua, H.H., J. Buffum. 1849

188 p.; 14.5 cm.

Reel: 35, No. 595
Cummings, Ariel Ivers, 1823-1863.

The lady's present; or, Beauties of female character.

Boston, J. Buffum. 1856

5th ed.; 188 p.; front.; 16 cm.; Not a gift book.

Reel: 46, No. 824
Cummings, E.L., Mrs.


[n.p.]. [n.d.]

(In Phillips academy, Andover, Massachusetts. Order of exercises at exhibition, Andover, Mass., July 28, 1857.; p. 4).

Reel: 134, No. 2422
Cummings, Jeremiah Williams, 1823-1866.

Italian legends and sketches.

New York, E. Dunigan & brother, J.B. Kirker. 1858

[9], 12-275 p.; 18.5 cm.; Half-title.; Contains poetry.

Reel: 46, No. 825
Cummings, Jeremiah Williams, 1823-1866.

The Silver stole, being a collection of one hundred texts of Scripture and one hundred original epitaphs suitable for the grave of a child.

New York, [O'Shea]. 1859

[108] p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 46, No. 826
[Cunningham, Joseph].

A dream of a happier time, and other pieces in verse.

New York, John F. Trow. 1855

Printed for distribution among the friends of the author.; 40 p.; 23.5 cm.

Reel: 46, No. 827
Curney, F.J.

A poem: or, An argumentative rhyme, entitled; The difference of beliefs; or, The spirit of agitation, through the medium ships of F.J.G.

Boston, Franklin Printing House. 1860

24 p.

Reel: 46, No. 828
Currie, E.A.

Masonry: first period.

Baltimore, William Woody & son. 1851

25, [2] p.

Reel: 46, No. 829
Currie, Helen.


Philadelphia, Printed by Thomas H. Palmer. 1818

viii, [3], [8]-150 p.; 15 cm.

Reel: 19, No. 490
Currie, Margaret Gill, b. 1843.

Gabriel West, and other poems.

Fredericton, N.B., H.A. Cropley. 1866

[11], 4-127 p.; 14 cm.

Reel: 46, No. 830
Curry, Otway, 1804-1855.

The lore of the past.

Cincinnati, R.P. Brooks & Co. 1838

A poem; delivered before the Union Literary Society of Hanover College, Ind., at their fifth anniversary, September 26, 1837.; 23 p.; 21 cm.

Reel: 35, No. 596
Curtis, George William, 1824-1892.

The Rhode Island prisoner.

[New York]. 1865

broadside.; 26 cm.

Reel: 46, No. 831
Curtis, John W.


New York, Edward G. Jenkins. 1846

168 p.; por.

Reel: 36, No. 597
Curtiss, Abby (Allin), b. 1820.

Home ballads: a book for New Englanders.

Boston and Cambridge, J. Munroe and company. 1851

In three parts,; [4], 7-238 p.; 17 cm.; Half-title.

Reel: 46, No. 832
Curtiss, Abby (Allin), b. 1820.

Kriss Kringle's Christmas book.

Boston and Cambridge, J. Munroe and co. 1851

A gift for children.; 80 p.; 18 cm.; Poetry and prose.

Reel: 46, No. 833
Cushing, Eliza Lanesford (Foster), Mrs., b. 1794.

Esther, a sacred drama: With Judith, a poem.

Boston, J. Dowe. 1840

118 p.; 16 cm.

Reel: 36, No. 598
Cushman Monument Association.

Proceedings at the consecration of the Cushman monument at Plymouth, September 16, 1858: including the discourse and poem delivered on that occasion, together with a list of contributors to the monument.

Boston, Little, Brown & co. 1859

viii, [9]-96 p.; front.; 24 cm.; Prepared by Nathaniel B. Shurtleff and Henry W. Cushman for the Cushman monument association.

Reel: 46, No. 834
Cushman, Robert, 1579?-1625.

Self-love, 1621; the first sermon preached in New England and the oldest extant of any delivered in America.

New York J.E.D. Comstock. 1847

47 p.; facsims.; 20 cm.

Reel: 36, No. 599
[Custis, George Washington Parke] 1781-1857.

The Indian prophecy, a national drama, in two acts.

Georgetown, D.C., J. Thomas. 1828

Founded upon a most interesting and romantic occurrence in the life of General Washington... To which is prefixed, A memoir of the Indian prophecy, from the Recollections and private memoirs of the life and character of Washington. By the author of the Recollections.; 35 p.; 15.5 cm.

Reel: 36, No. 600
Cutler, Benjamin Clarke, 1798-1863.

Twelve hours on the wreck; or, The stranding of the Sheffield.

New York, Butler. 1844

72 p.; plates.; 16 cm.

Reel: 36, No. 601
Cutler, Elbridge Jefferson, 1831-1870.

Liberty and law: a poem for the hour.

Boston, American Unitarian Association. 1861

11 p.; 22.5 cm.

Reel: 46, No. 835
Cutler, Elbridge Jefferson, 1831-1870.

Liberty and law: a poem for the hour.

Boston, American Unitarian Association. 1862

11 p.; 22.5 cm.

Reel: 46, No. 836
Cutler, Elbridge Jefferson, 1831-1870.


Boston, Little, Brown, & co. 1868

[5], 8-23 p.; 17 cm.; Half-title.

Reel: 46, No. 838
Cutler, Elbridge Jefferson, 1831-1870.

War poems.

Boston, Little, Brown and co. 1867

[7], 10-59 p.; 17.5 cm.; Half-title.

Reel: 46, No. 839
[Cutler, Elbridge Jefferson] 1831-1870.


New York [Baker and Godwin]. 1859

36 p.; 21 cm.

Reel: 46, No. 837
Cutter, Bloodgood Haviland.

A poem on the New England kitchen.

[Little Neck, Long Island]. 1864

Published for the benefit of the Metropolitan sanitary fair.; 8 p.; 16 cm.

Reel: 47, No. 841
Cutter, Bloodgood Haviland, 1817-1906.

Eulogy on General Scott.

[Little Neck]. [1861.]

8 p.

Reel: 47, No. 840
Cutter, Bloodgood Haviland, 1817-1906.

Poetical lecture, suggested after seeing the model of Solomon's temple, by Bloodgood H. Cutter, the Long Island farmer, who delivered the descriptive part standing on the model at Temple hall, New York, March 5, 1860.

Flushing, [N.Y.] L.I. times office. 1860

20 p.; 15.5 cm.

Reel: 47, No. 842
Cutter, George Washington, 1801?-1865.

Buena Vista: and other poems.

Cincinnati, Morgan & Overend, printers. 1848

168 p.; front. (port.); 19 cm.

Reel: 36, No. 602
Cutter, George Washington, 1801?-1865.

Poems and fugitive pieces.

Cincinnati, Moore, Wilstach, Keys & co. 1857

viii, 279 p.; front. (port.); Added t.-p., illus.

Reel: 47, No. 843
Cutter, George Washington, 1801?-1865.

Poems, national and patriotic.

Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott & co. 1857

3 p.l., [v]-viii, 279 p.; 21.5 cm.; Added t.-p., engr., with vignette portrait.

Reel: 47, No. 844
Cutter, Louise J, 1835-1853?.

Cypress leaves.

Boston, J.M. Usher. 1856

with a biography by Mary W. Janvrin.; 336 p.; incl. front. (port.); 19.5 cm.; Half-title.

Reel: 47, No. 845
Cutts, Mary, 1801-1882.

Autobiography of a clock, and other poems.

Boston, W. Crosby and H.P. Nichols: New York, C.S. Francis & co. 1852

v, [3], 247 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 47, No. 846
[Cutts, Mary] 1801-1882.

Grondalla, a romance in verse, by Idamore [pseud.].

New York, Sheldon & co. [etc., etc.]. 1866

2nd ed.; 310 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 47, No. 847
The Cynick.

Philadelphia. 1812

By Growler Gruff, Esquire. Aided by a confederacy of lettered dogs.; [3], ii-iv p., 1 l., [1]-210 p.

Reel: 19, No. 491
Dabney, Richard, 1787?-1825.

Poems and translations.

Richmond [Va.], Printed by John O'Lynch]. 1812

[4], vi-viii, 160 p.; 20 cm.; Cover title.

Reel: 19, No. 492
Dabney, Richard, 1787?-1825.

Poems, original and translated.

Philadelphia, Published by M. Carey, no. 121, Chesnut street. 1815

2d ed.; viii, [2], [7]-172 p.; 14 x 8 cm.

Reel: 19, No. 494
[Daddow, Samuel Harries] 1827-1875.

Trevaro, and other occasional poems, written by "Alpha Lyra" [pseud.].

Pottsville, Pa., J. Robins. 1853

xii, [13]-159, [1] p.; 2 front., ports.; 15 cm.; Introduction signed: S.H.D.

Reel: 47, No. 848
Dagnall, John Malone, 1818-1917.

Daisey Swain, the flower of Shenandoah.

Brooklyn, New York. 1865

A tale of the rebellion.; [3], vi-167 p.; incl. front., illus. pl.; 16.5 cm.

Reel: 47, No. 849
Dagnall, John Malone, 1818-1917.

England not dead.

London, The author. 1878

And Turk and Briton. Also containing Scenes of Cumberland; sketched in tint, tone, word, and verse.; 1 p.l., [5]-128 p.; 18.5 cm.

Reel: 47, No. 850
Dagnall, John Malone, 1818-1917.

The Mexican, or love and land.

New York, American new company. 1868

Founded on the invasion of Maximilian.; [3], 6-228, [4] p.; incl. front. illus.; 15 cm.

Reel: 47, No. 851
The Dagon of Calvinism, or, The Molech of decrees.

[n.p.]. [182-?]

A poem in three cantos. To which is annexed, a song of reason and fall of Calvinism. By the same.; v, [6]-52 p.; 14 cm.

Reel: 36, No. 603
The Dagon of Calvinism, or, The Moloch of decrees; a poem, in three cantos.

[n.p.] Printed for the publisher. 1827

To which is annexed, A song of reason. By the same...; vi, [7]-95 p.; 13.5 cm.

Reel: 36, No. 604
Dailey, W.B.

Saratoga: a dramatic historical romance of the Revolution.

Corning, [N.Y.], T. Messenger. 1848

96 p.; illus.

Reel: 36, No. 605
The Daisy; or, Little rhymes for little readers.

New Haven, S. Babcock. 1844

16 p.; illus.; 9 cm.

Reel: 36, No. 606
Dale, Agania.

Country verses.

Washington, D.C., Philp & Solomons. 1865

8, [13]-87 p.; 12 cm.

Reel: 47, No. 852
Dalee, Justus.

An address delivered to the scholars of the English school, in district no. 27, in the town of Cambridge, state of New-York.

Albany, Printed for the author by Churchill & Abbey, no. 95, State street, five doors east of the Episcopal church. 1815

To which is added a poem, composed upon the name of every scholar who attended school. March 22, 1815.; 12 p.; incl. 1 plate.; 19.1 cm.

Reel: 19, No. 496
Dalee, Justus.

An address delivered to the scholars of the English School, in District no. 27, in the town of Cambridge, state of New-York.

Albany, Printed for the author, [by Churchill & Abbey]. 1815

To which is added a poem, composed upon the name of every scholar who attended school. March 22, 1815. 2nd ed. Corr. and rev. by the author.; 12 p.; incl. 1 plate.; 12 x 19 cm.

Reel: 19, No. 497
Damon, Howard Franklin, 1833-1884.

Winter evenings, a poem, delivered before the Mercantile Library Association, of Boston, on the occasion of the introductory lecture to the members' course, November 16, 1858.

[Boston, John Wilson and Son, Printers]. [1858?]

11 p.; Author's presentation copy.

Reel: 47, No. 854
Damon, Samuel Chenery, 1815-1885.

The history of Holden, Massachusetts, 1667-1841.

[Worcester, Mass., Wallace and Ripley, printers]. 1841

viii, 154 p.; incl. front.; 22 cm.

Reel: 36, No. 607
Dana, Daniel.

A discourse delivered in the First Presbyterian church in Newburyport, on Tuesday, Nov. 19, 1844, it being the fiftieth anniversary of the authors ordination.

Newburyport, [Mass.] John G. Tilton. 1845

32 p.; 23 cm.

Reel: 36, No. 608
Dana, Daniel, 1771-1859.

A discourse on the character and virtues of General George Washington; delivered on the twenty-second of February, 1800: the day of national mourning for his death.

Newburyport From the press of Angier March, sold at his bookstore, north side of Market Square. [1800]

By ... minister of a church in Newburyport. Published at the desire of the bearers, to whom it is affectionately inscribed.; 31 p.; 20 cm.

Reel: 19, No. 498
Dana, Eliza A. (Fuller).

The broken fold: poems of memory and consolation.

New York, A.D.F. Randolph. 1868

[5], iv-124 p.; 18.5 cm.; Half-title.; "Privately printed".

Reel: 48, No. 855
[Dana, Eliza A. (Fuller)].

Gathered leaves.

Cambridge, [Mass., Printed by H.O. Houghton]. 1864

2 p.l., [vii]-viii, 160 p.; 21 cm.; "Private edition."; Dedication signed: Eliza A. Dana.

Reel: 48, No. 856
Dana, Joseph, 1742-1827.

A discourse on the character and death of General George Washington, late president of the United States of America; delivered at Ipswich on the 22d, February, A.D. 1800.

Newburyport, Printed by Edmund M. Blunt. 1800

By ... [a] pastor of the South church in that place. Published by desire.; 28, [1] p.; 20.5 cm.

Reel: 19, No. 499
Dana, Richard Henry, 1787-1879.

The buccaneer, and other poems.

London, G. Slater. 1850

xviii, [19]-154 p.; 14 cm.; [(Slater's shilling series. no. 21)].

Reel: 36, No. 610
Dana, Richard Henry, 1787-1879.

The buccaneer, and other poems.

London, H.G. Clarke and co. 1844

xviii, [19]-156 p.; 13.5 cm.

Reel: 36, No. 609
Dana, Richard Henry, 1787-1879.

A poem delivered before the Porter rhetorical society, in the Theological seminary, Andover, September 22, 1829.

Boston, Perkins & Marvin. 1829

15 p.; 23 cm.

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