American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists Chapter Achievement Awards Program Reporting Guidelines

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  1. Please note that there should only be two files in the main folder: Award Submission Confirmation Form and the Video Submission Form. All other files should be listed in their respective folders.

  1. Once completed, a copy of the completed Award Submission Confirmation Form should be sent via email to, with the subject line “Chapter Name - CAA and PCP Reports”, notifying the APhA-ASP Awards Standing Committee and APhA Staff that you have uploaded your report(s), forms, photographs, and supporting materials to your Chapter’s Dropbox folder. The deadline for submitting this form via email is July 15.

  1. Do not create sub-folders within the Chapter Achievement Award or Patient Care Project Folders. The APhA-ASP Awards Standing Committee and APhA Student Development Staff have found that multiple folders (while it may assist you with organizing the file) leads to reports, forms, photographs, and supporting materials either not being submitted, missed, or not copied over to APhA’s server correctly. Please see the screen shot on the following page as an example of how reports, forms, photographs, and supporting materials should be listed in the Chapter Achievement Award Folder. Please use the same procedure for the Patient Care Project Folders as well.

  1. If you need assistance, have questions, or need more information, please contact Crystal Atwell, Director of Student Development, by phone (800) 237-APhA ext. 7586, or via email at

  1. As a reminder, all reports must be received via the Chapter’s Dropbox Folder by 11:59pm (PST) on July 15. Dropbox provides a time/date stamp on each file. Files with a time/date stamp after the deadline will not be accepted.

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