American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists Chapter Achievement Awards Program Reporting Guidelines

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Videos are encouraged. Up to 5 videos may be submitted with the report. Due to the large size of video files, the Awards Standing Committee will only accept the URL, title, and 35 word synopsis of the video on the official APhA-ASP Video Submission Form (Appendix E). APhA Student Development Staff may request the original file. Once videos have been submitted electronically to APhA, the Association reserves the right to use or link these videos in APhA resources, marketing, and during APhA meetings.

  • Reports may only be submitted as a PDF and must be double-spaced using a 10-point font (Arial, Calibri, & Times New Roman are acceptable), with 1” margins (top, bottom, left, and right).

  • When labeling your essays and forms, please use the following format: “Chapter Name Award/Form Name.pdf”. (i.e. “U Arizona Essay.pdf” or “SDSU Chronological List.pdf” or “Mercer Executive Summary.pdf”).

  • All essays must include a word count at the end of each section in which limitations on word count have been outlined. Text found in headings and footers should not be included in the essay word count.

  • The header of each report must contain your Chapter’s Name (first line) and the Report Name (second line). The footer of each page must contain Page X of Y.

  • Draw attention to supporting documents and photos by referencing them in the Chapter Achievement Report Essay. Use a superscript endnote in the essay when referencing a document then list the items at the end of the section as shown in the example below. Note: The endnotes section will not count towards the official word count of the essay.


1U ASC Pic 3: Members at the pre-professional student pharmacist booth

2U ASC Pic 2: Students and attendees play “Name that Immunization” game

3U ASC SM 6: Twitter and Instagram promotional screenshots

  • All reports, forms, photographs, and supporting materials will only be accepted via the Chapter’s Dropbox folder, and must be labeled accordingly. Instructions to access your Chapter’s Dropbox Folder are included in the next section.


In an effort to improve file transmission, security, and ease of uploading Chapter Achievement Award Reports for both Mac and PC users, APhA-ASP will only accept reports, forms, photographs, and supporting materials via each Chapter’s Dropbox Folder. Dropbox is a Web-based file hosting service that uses networked storage to enable users to store and share files and folders with others across the Internet using file synchronization.

  1. During the previous reporting cycle, each Chapter President and Chapter Advisor received an email invitation from the account to join a Dropbox Folder with the Chapter’s Name (example: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences – Chapter Reports).

  1. Each Chapter President and/or Chapter Advisor is responsible for ensuring the appropriate chapter leaders have access to the Dropbox account. To share the folder with current leaders, the Chapter President and/or Chapter Advisor would need to:

    • Send an email invitation to the appropriate Chapter Co‐Advisor, and/or Chapter Student Leader who would be placed in charge of the Chapter Folder; and/or

    • Share the Chapter Folder with the necessary Chapter Executive Committee Members and Chapter Patient Care Project Chairs.

  1. Each Chapter is responsible for all of the files, forms, photographs, and supporting materials uploaded to the Dropbox folder. Please use this as a method to transmit your files to APhA only, and not as your folder to store all of the original files. Once the files have been processed by APhA Staff, all files will be moved from the Dropbox Folder to APhA’s server. Therefore, please keep a copy of your original files stored elsewhere.

  1. Create the following folders (if applicable) for the Chapter Achievement Awards and Patient Care Projects in the main folder (please see the following screen shot for further information):

    • Chapter Achievement Awards

    • Operation Diabetes

    • Operation Heart

    • Operation Immunization

    • Operation Self-Care

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