American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists Chapter Achievement Awards Program Reporting Guidelines

APhA Academy of Student Pharmacists

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APhA Academy of Student Pharmacists

Chapter Achievement Awards Program


The following instructions are to be applied when completing and submitting all APhA-ASP CAA Reports.

  • As set forth by each chapter’s affiliation agreement, participation in the CAA Program is required for all APhA-ASP Chapters to maintain their charter. All APhA-ASP Chapters must submit the following required sections of the CAA Report:

1. Chronological List

2. Essay (must include the following sections in one total document):

    • Chapter Leadership & Operations

    • Patient Care

    • Policy and Advocacy

    • Professionalism

3. Executive Summary

4. Chapter Statistical Information Questionnaire (online)

5. Chapter’s Constitution/Bylaws (only if an update occurred during the reporting cycle)

6. Chapter Goals and Objectives

7. Award Submission Confirmation Form

8. Photographs, Supplemental Materials, and Videos (if applicable)

  • Try to be as thorough, accurate, and concise as possible. Please include detailed descriptions of dates and activities. Report only the activities that occurred during the current reporting period and related to APhA-ASP activities. Please remember to answer all questions with honesty and integrity. The APhA-ASP Awards Standing Committee will review the CAA Report, and may ask for supporting documentation or further clarification to aid in its decision.

  • Report APhA-ASP Chapter activities that are directly initiated or conducted by your Chapter. Collaborations with other organizations and the school or college of pharmacy are highly encouraged, however clearly delineate APhA-ASP’s role within each activity. Activities completed as part of the student IPPE or APPE curriculum independently and without the support of the APhA-ASP chapter should not be reported.

  • Photographs are encouraged. Up to 15 digital photographs may be submitted electronically through the Dropbox folder and must be labeled “Chapter Name Pic #.jpg” (i.e. “U Arizona Pic 1.jpg” or “SDSU Pic 4.jpg” or “Mercer Pic 3.jpg”). Photographs should be submitted separately from the text document of the report. Once photographs have been submitted electronically to APhA, the Association reserves the right to use these photographs in APhA publications, marketing materials, and during APhA meetings.

  • Original documents and supporting materials are encouraged. However, they must be developed by your chapter (original documents/materials only). Up to 15 documents and supporting materials may be included to illustrate the activities described in your essay. All supporting materials must be scanned as a PDF and submitted electronically through the Dropbox folder. Files must be labeled “Chapter Name SM #.pdf”

(i.e. “U Arizona SM 1.pdf” or “SDSU SM 4.pdf” or “Mercer SM 3.pdf”).

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