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Category: Activities

Activities One Step at a Time

Goodwin, D

Date: 1983 pp: 23

Topic(s): Activities

Booklet of activity suggestions for working with individuals with limited cognitive abilities in nursing homes.

Activity Programming for Persons with Dementia

Alzheimer’s Association

Date: 1995 pp: 138

Topic(s): Activities

Guide to assessment, care planning, and activity groupings. Description of various activities by category such as reminiscence, music and movement, creative arts and crafts, lifework activities, activities to challenge the mind and stimulate the imagination, activities with children, etc.

Alzheimer’s Activities: Hundreds of Activities for Men & Women with AD and Related Disorders

Fitzray, B J

Date: 2001 pp: 250

Topic(s): Activities

Includes ideas for everyday and special-occasion activities, caregivers’ anecdotes, tips, and encouragement.

Alzheimer’s Disease: Activities That Work

Abrignani, C & Messenger, B

Date: 1991 pp: 115

Topic(s): Activities

Music, crafts, group art projects, poetry, reminiscence, and other activities..

Best Friends Book of Alzheimer's Activities

Bell, Troxel, Cox and Hamon

Date: 2004 pp: 199

Topic(s): Activities, Best Friends

Planning activities for people with dementia may seem challenging, but The Best Friends Book of Alzheimer's Activities shows how easy and natural it can be. Plus, all activities are adult in content and provide meaningful engagement for participants.

Big Brain Puzzle Book

Terry Sickles / Time Inc. Home Entertainment

Date: 2009 pp: 157

Topic(s): Activities, Brain, Therapeutic Activities

A perfect way to relax, it serves as a fun and easy way to activate your brain, and may inspire you to learn more about Alzheimer's.

Connections: Engagement in life for persons diagnosed with Dementia

Phipps, Ellen CTRS; Braddock, Barbara PhD / Alzheimer’s Association Central and Western Virginia Chapter

Date: 2009 pp: 113

Topics: Activities, Caregiver Training, Montessori

A step-by-step training program to assist family members and volunteers to informally assess the needs and strengths of individuals with dementia and to set up meaningful activities accordingly. Includes checklists for ongoing assessment and detailed instructions for presenting several activities, color-coded to level of function. Core principles derive from three activities practice fields: Therapeutic Recreation, Montessori Based Dementia Programming™, and Cognitive Intervention Approaches.

Conversations: An Activity Book for Making Connections with Older Adults

Goldfein, S; Matthews, M; Horowitz, J; Faggella, K

Date: 1999 pp: 39

Topic(s): Activities, Reminiscences

An interactive photo and reminiscence album that can help stimulate memory through inclusion of personal experiences, guided conversation, photographs and mementos.

Different Visit, A - Activities for Caregivers and their Loved Ones with Memory Impairments

Joltin, A M.A; Camp, C PhD; Noble, B RN; Atenucci, V MA

Date: 2005 pp: 118

Topic(s): Activities, Reference: Not for Circulation, Activities, Montessori

Find activities that are right for you and your family: Sequencing, Art, Helping Others, Keeping in Touch, Community Involvement. Includes an informational CD. Work supported by the Alzheimer's Association.

Doing Things: A Guide to Programming Activities for Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders

Zgola, J M

Date: 1987 pp: 150

Topic(s): Activities, Training, Facilities, Planning

One of the first books to provide a comprehensive look at the way environment and structuring of activities can impact the lives of individuals with dementia.

Failure Free Activities for the Alzheimer’s Patient: A Guidebook for Caregivers

Sheridan, C B

Date: 1987 pp: 104

Topic(s): Activities, Caregiving

Focusing on abilities that remain rather than deficits, this book provides ideas, advice, activities, and resources to occupy someone with AD and elevate self-esteem.

Father’s Legacy: Your Life Story in Your Own Words

Countryman, J

Date: 1999 pp: 205

Topic(s): Activities, Journal, Reminiscences

A memory journal to record significant moments in one’s life. The journal is a helpful tool in reminiscence activities, and can be used by family members to help talk about past events and happy times.

Fragrance Projects for Sensory Stimulation

Gwinnup, P B

Date: 1985 pp: 33

Topic(s): Activities, Senses

This small booklet provides suggested activities developed as part of a sensory stimulation and horticultural therapy program for confused, disoriented, and non-responsive individuals.

Group Work with Elders: 50 Therapeutic Exercises for Reminiscence, Validation, and Remotivation

Link, A L

Date: 1997 pp: 125

Topic(s): Activities, Group Therapy

Easy-to-follow activities and exercises.

How to Start and Manage Group Activities and Respite Program for People with Alzheimer’s Disease and Their Families (2d Ed)

Brookdale Foundation

Date: 1991 pp: 104

Topic(s): Activities, Respite

A guide for community-based organizations interested in providing activities and respite programs for people with dementia.

Join the Club: Meeting the Special Needs of Men with Alzheimer’s Disease

Tully, M & Turner, J

Date: 1992 pp: 32

Topic(s): Activities, Training, Support Groups

Helpful guide for those interested in starting a club or group for men with AD. Outlines strategies for beginning a group, activities to use, release forms for caregivers to sign, etc.

Keeping Busy: A Handbook of Activities for Persons with Dementia

Dowling, J R

Date: 1995 pp: 178

Topic(s): Activities, Planning

A practical book recommended for those wishing to build an activity program for people with dementia.

Lifesaving Songs and Poems

Tuttle, C P

Date: 2006 pp: 130

Topic(s): Activities, Songs, Poems

For the Sea of Dementia, Alzheimer's, and Palliative Caregiving.

Memories in the Making: A Program of Creative Art Expression for Alzheimer’s Patients

Jenny, S

Date: 1993 pp: 114

Topic(s): Activities, Art

Description of how to develop an art “memories in the making’ project for people with AD. Illustrated with artwork by people with Alzheimer’s disease, this book provides guidelines for doing art projects with people with dementia.

Montessori-Based Activities for Persons with Dementia – Vol. 1

Camp, C PhD

Date: 1999 pp: 76

Topic(s): Activities, Montessori

A manual providing a variety of Montessori-based activities to enable individuals with dementia to maintain or even improve skills needed in daily lives. The activities enhance the skills required to perform basic tasks such as self-feeding, preparing simple meals, dressing, and participating in recreational activities.

Movement with Meaning

Larsen, Barbara M.A, Ed., Health Professions Press

Date: 2006 pp: 201

Topic(s): Activities, Early Stage,

A Multisensory Program for Individuals with Early-Stage Alzheimer's Disease

Music & Memories

Bauman, K L

Date: 1987 pp: 93

Topic(s): Activities, Music

Booklet providing guidance for developing and implementing a music/discussion group, with suggestions for 38 topics of discussion and topic-related songs.

Positive Interactions Program of Activities for People with Alzheimer’s Disease

Nissenboim, S; & Vroman, C

Date: 1997 pp: 137

Topic(s): Activities, Communication

Featuring 92 step-by-step activities for people with dementia, this book outlines an individual approach that helps customize activities to existing needs and abilities of a person at any stage of the disease.

Practical Guide to Art Therapy Groups

Fausek, D BA ADC

Date: 1997 pp: 115

Topic(s): Activities, Art, Group Therapy

A handbook for therapists working with older adults, this book addresses challenges faced and presents a wide range of techniques.

Reflections from a Mother’s Heart: Your Life Story in Your Own Words

Countryman, J

Date: 1999 pp: 200

Topic(s): Activities, Legacy

A memory journal to record significant moments in one’s life. The journal is a helpful tool in reminiscence activities, and can be used by family members to help talk about past events and happy times.

Reminiscence: Uncovering a Lifetime of Memories

Sheridan, C

Date: 1991 pp: 165

Topic(s): Activities, Reminiscences

Practical guide for anyone who has contact with older adults in a long-term care setting, hospital, or at home. The book provides an overview of how to use reminiscence, themes and ideas, activities, memory makers, and resources for reminiscence.

Symphony of Life

Hynes, J H

Date: 2003 pp: 50

Topic(s): Activities, Music

A compilation of songs written by individuals with dementia as part of song-writing activities conducted by Joyce Hynes in assisted living and other long-term care settings. Songs are written to familiar tunes, and guitar chords are provided.

Very Large Print: A Walk in the Garden

Harvard Ranch Publishing

Date: 1998 pp: 37

Topic(s): Activities, Large Print, Poetry

Large print and colorfully illustrated book with short poetry verses about gardens. Designed for the visually impaired, but also useful for activity programs for those with dementia.

Very Large Print: Favorite Hymns

Harvard Ranch Publishing

Date: 1998 pp: 53

Topic(s): Activities, Large Print, Music

Large print and colorfully illustrated book with first verses of various familiar hymns. Designed for the visually impaired, but also useful for activity programs for those with dementia.

Very Large Print: Verses from the Bible

Harvard Ranch Publishing

Date: 1998 pp: 53

Topic(s): Activities, Large Print, Spirituality

Large print and colorfully illustrated book with Bible verses. Designed for the visually impaired, but also useful for activity programs for those with dementia.

A Turn for the Better - What every Alzheimer's caregiver needs to know

Leffler, Kim Hendrickson

Date: 2008 pp: 91

Topic(s): Caregiving

Focuses on improving the mood of Alzheimer's sufferers, particularly in the early and mid-course stages of the disease. Improving father's mood not only helped him feel better, it relieved much of the stress my mother felt.

Activities of Daily Living -- an ADL Guide for Alzheimer's Care

Laurenhue, K M.A

Date: 2006 pp: 93

Topic(s): Caregiving, ADLs Guide

Intended as the companion to Alzheimer's Basic Caregiving -- An ABC Guide which sets the stage for understanding common patterns of progression in Alzheimer's disease.

Alone but not Forgotten

District of Columbia Office on Aging, Wash, DC

Date: 2000 pp: 84

Topic(s): Caregiving, Aging, Dementia

A provider's manual for those interested in serving older people with dementia who live alone.

Alzheimer’s Cope Book: The Complete Care Manual for Patients and Their Families

Martin, R E

Date: 1992 pp: 110

Topic(s): Caregiving, Early Stage

Helpful guide to coping with AD, designed especially for families of someone recently diagnosed with AD. Discusses organization of daily life, medical decisions, and advice on the emotional needs of caregivers.

Alzheimer’s Disease: A Call to Courage for Caregivers

Adams, M O

Date: 1986 pp: 132

Topic(s): Caregiving, Family, Personal

Adams shares her own experiences and feelings as a caregiver, and relates experiences of others on topics such as communication, sexual & emotional needs, legal issues, support services, humor and other coping strategies.

Alzheimer’s Disease: A Guide for Families

Powell, L S & Courtice, K

Date: 1983 pp: 288

Topic(s): Caregiving, Family

A guide for families addressing what AD is, understanding and dealing with difficult behaviors and decisions, and how to take care of oneself as a caregiver.

Alzheimer’s Disease: The Family Journey

Caron, W; Pattee, J; Otteson,C57 O

Date: 2000 pp: 213

Topic(s): Caregiving, Family

Focuses on the family and how to strengthen family relationships when impacted by Alzheimer’s. It divides the illness into seven steps, providing guidance for families in each step, discussing family dynamics, decision-making, and ways to enhance quality of life at each stage.

Alzheimer’s Early Stages: First Steps in Caring and Treatment

Kuhn, D MSW

Date: 1999 pp: 275

Topic(s): Caregiving, Early Stage

This helpful book is divided into 3 sections: what is Alzheimer’s disease, how to provide good care, and how to care for yourself. Designed to guide family members and friends through the early stages of Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s: A Caregiver’s Guide and Sourcebook 1st Edition

Gruetzner, H

Date: 1992 pp: 308

Topic(s): Caregiving, Overview, Family

Comprehensive guide to caring for and coping with someone with Alzheimer’s disease, and dealing with grief and stress.

Alzheimer’s: Answers to Hard Questions for Families

Nelson, J L & Nelson, H C

Date: 1996 pp: 225

Topic(s): Caregiving, Family, Transitions

Addresses issues such as making plans for the future, moving from home to a nursing home, final stages, family responsibilities and stresses, etc. Stories of actual caregivers.

Alzheimer’s: Finding the Words; A Communication Guide for Those Who Care

Hodgson, H

Date: 1995 pp: 230

Topic(s): Caregiving, Communication

Suggestions for communicating with someone with dementia as communication becomes increasingly difficult. This book shows how Alzheimer’s affects speech, and gives practical advice on ways to communicate.

Alzheimer's & Dementia: Questions you have, answers you need

Hay, Jennifer / People's Medical Society

Date: 1996 pp: 192

Topic(s): Caregiving, Emotions, Diagnosis

The details you need to know about AD and dementia. Resources available to help. Strategies to use at home.

Alzheimer's Basic Caregiving -- an ABC Guide

Laurenhue, K M.A.

Date: 2006 pp: 127

Topic(s): Caregiving, Behaviors, Communication

Intended as the companion to Activities of Daily Living which provides specific advice for assisting with dressing, bathing, grooming continence care and nutrition and hydration issues.

Alzheimer's Dementia & Memory Loss

Wheeler, Monoica Vest

Date: 2008 pp: 304

Topic(s): Caregiving,

Hear directly from other caregivers and families how to overcome the frustration, loneliness, and grief of caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's, dementia, or memory loss.

Alzheimer's Early Stages - First Steps for Family, Friends & Caregivers 2nd Ed

Kuhn, Daniel, MSW, Hunter House Publishers

Date: 1999, 2003 pp: 306

Topic(s): Caregiving, Early Stage, Diagnosis, Overview,

How Alzheimer's begins, how to recognize early symptoms. What you should do immediately, what you should plan for, how to take care of yourself

Alzheimer's: a Handbook for the Caretaker

Driscoll, E H

Date: 1994 pp: 155

Topic(s): Caregiving, Personal, Overview

Written by the daughter/caretaker of a family doctor stricken by Alzheimer's, this book is a professional yet practical common sense approach to assist both the caretaker and patient.

Alzheimers: Caring for your loved one, caring for yourself

Fish, Sharon

Date: 1990 pp: 261

Topic(s): Caregiving

Something has gone wrong. Caring for your loved one, caring for yourself, saying goodbye.

At the Crossroads (Some free copies available)

The Hartford Insurance Co.

Date: 2000 pp: 15

Topic(s): Caregiving, Driving

A Guide to Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia & Driving. Most information about dementia warns against driving, but does not describe how individuals and caregivers can determine when to stop. This pamphlet provides guidance and forms.

At the Heart of Alzheimer’s

Simpson, C

Date: 1996 pp: 145

Topic(s): Caregiving, Family

Guidebook to understanding and caring for a parent with AD, this book covers areas such as understanding AD, handling difficult behaviors, communication, caregiver survival tips, handling family dynamics, choosing residential care facilities. etc.

Bridging the Miles, Helping Your Older Relatives from a Distance

Austria, J, Austrian N.F,/ Work/Family Directions

Date: 1990 pp: 52

Topic(s): Caregiving, Long Distance Caregiving, Elderly

A step-by-step approach to help families help older relatives from a distance, with worksheets.

Caregiver Helpbook: Powerful tools for Caregiving

Schmall, V PhD; Cleland, M RN; Sturdevant, M RN MSW LCSW

Date: 2000 pp: 309

Topic(s): Caregiving, Health

One of the greatest challenges of being a family caregiver is maintaining one's own physical and emotional health. This book is designed to provide caregivers with tools to increase self-care and give them confidence in handling difficult situations, emotions and decisions.

Caregiver Notebook

Alzheimer's Association

Date: 2009 pp: 116

Topic(s): Caregiving, Reference

A guide to caring for people with alzheimer's and related dementias.

Caregiver Survival Series: Coping with Caregiver Worries,

Sherman, J R

Date: 1998 pp: 85

Topic(s): Caregiving, Attitudes

This segment of a 5-booklet series of easy-to-read guides focuses on common sources of worry for caregivers, and ways to conquer it.

Caregiver Survival Series: Creative Caregiving

Sherman, J R

Date: 1994 pp: 85

Topic(s): Caregiving, Creativity, Training

This segment of a 5-booklet series of easy-to-read guides discusses ways to develop creative talents despite barriers to creativity in caregiving.

Caregiver Survival Series: Positive Caregiver Attitudes

Sherman, J R

Date: 1994 pp: 85

Topic(s): Caregiving, Attitudes

This segment of a 5-booklet series of easy-to-read guides focuses on positive and negative attitudes in caregiving.

Caregiver Survival Series: Preventing Caregiving Burnout

Sherman, J R

Date: 1994 pp: 76

Topic(s): Caregiving, Burnout

This segment of a 5-booklet series on caregiving focuses on preventing caregiver burnout.

Caregiver Survival Series: The Magic of Humor in Caregiving

Sherman, J R

Date: 1995 pp: 93

Topic(s): Caregiving, Humor

This segment of a 5-booklet series of easy-to-read guides discusses ways of finding humor in everyday caregiving and using humor to prevent caregiver burnout and depression.

Caregiver's Manual: Caring for a Loved One with Advanced Dementia (2d Ed)

Finn, John MD, Barker, Carol RN, PhD

Date: 2005 pp: 29

Topic(s): Caregiving, Grief

A helpful resource to navigate the complex system of health care, procure optimal services, make the best possible decisions for our loved one with dementia, and find support for yourself and your family.

Caregiving at a Glance (Alzheimer's Family Day Center)

Simon, L N RN PhD

Date: 2005 pp: 30

Topic(s): Caregiving, ADLs Guide

Fingertip Help for Families Taking Care of People with Alzheimer's Type Illnesses -- Sleeping, Bathing, Grooming, Toileting, Car & Home Safety, Behaviors, Medications, Activities, Communication, Hostility, Aggression and Wandering. Free Copies Available.

Caring for a Loved One with Advanced Dementia

Hospice of Michigan

Date: 2005 pp: 29

Topic(s): Caregiving, Hospice, Training

Up-to-date information on the physical and emotional impact of Alzheimer's disease, as well as ethical, legal and financial implications, medication information and updated bibliography and explores such topics as disease progression and attendant medical complications.

Caring for a person with Alzheimer's Disease

National Institute on Aging

Date: 2009 pp: 136

Topic(s): Caregiving, Diagnosis, Medications

Your Easy-to-Use Guide from the National Institute on Aging

Caring for the Caregiver: A Guide to Living with Alzheimer’s Disease

Parke-Davis Pharmaceuticals

Date: 1994 pp: 171

Topic(s): Caregiving, Home Care

Produced by Parke-Davis, producer of Cognex, this guide is outdated in terms of medications, but helpful in providing an easy-to-follow overview of home safety, dealing with daily struggles, support options, and understanding AD.

Caring for Your Aging Parents

Cadmus, R R MD

Date: 1984 pp: 262

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