Alternative faculty handbook semester 1, 2008 Editor: Simon Vu Sub-Editors

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Semester 1, 2008

Editor: Simon Vu

Sub-Editors: Cherie Cooper, Geoffrey Kerrigan, David Klup and Anthony Vu.


I wish to acknowledge Lavan Legal for their ongoing support and contribution to this annual publication. Their continued involvement is vital to the success of the AFH and is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Many thanks to my sub-editing team: Cherie Cooper, Geoffrey Kerrigan, David Klup and Anthony Vu, for their support, dedication and contribution to this publication.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge Davina Hunter, April Shim and Jennifer Tropiano for their assistance.

Additionally, I would like to extend my gratitude to Marilyn Bromberg, who generously imparted the wisdom and advice she gained throughout her own AFH editorial experience.

Finally, a tremendous thank you to Belinda Hermawan, whose timeless efforts, energies, encouragement and enthusiasm, has led to the successful completion of this publication.

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