All That Glisters’ – Key Moment

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All That Glisters’ – Key Moment

Choose a novel or short story which has a key moment. Give a brief account of the key moment and, by referring to appropriate techniques, show how it is significant to the text as a whole.


  • Title – author – brief summary of short story

  • Relate to question – key moment – Clare’s dad dying

Paragraph 1

From the beginning of the short story the reader sees how close the relationship is between Clare and her dad.

  • Christmas card

  • “fair brightens up the room, hen” – WC “brighten” dual meaning the card and Clare – WC “hen” Scots language affectionate term

Paragraph 2

The turning point of the story is when Clare’s dad dies. This key moment allows the reader to see…

  • Sense of foreboding – Clare knew something was wrong

  • She finds out

  • “shouts muffled as in a fog” – simile

  • Disassociation

Paragraph 3

After the death of her dad, the reader sees, for the first time, a strong bond between her and her mum.

  • Relationship - not close – inferred from Clare not mentioning her mum before this

  • “sat for a long time, no speakin, just haulding hauns”

  • “hauns” - reoccurring symbolcloseness

Paragraph 4

On the morning of the funeral, the reader sees the impact Clare’s dad’s death is having on the whole family.

  • Clare’s mum distances herself from others

  • Clare’s auntie and the fight “have to show respect fur the deid” “no a baby” – is she respecting Clare’s feelings? – conflict

  • Clare’s decision to wear red – mature decision – knew her dad would like it

Paragraph 5

In the end, through Clare’s final act, the reader can see that even though her dad has died, the closeness of their relationship will always exist.


  • Title – author – restate focus of question

  • Make a final concluding statement

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