All About the French New Wave (compiled from the work of Simon Hitchman) 1940 1944: The Occupation

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The Langlois affair showed that, despite their political and cinematic differences, the directors associated with the Nouvelle Vague could still come together as a group. Indeed, after their work came under attack from critics, and the film establishment began to reassert itself, they felt more willing to assert themselves as part of a movement than they had at the start.

As Truffaut wrote in a 1967 issue of Cahiers du Cinéma: “Before, when we were interviewed – Jean Luc, Resnais, Malle, myself and others – we said, ‘The New Wave doesn’t exist, it doesn’t mean anything.’ But later, we had to change, and ever since that moment I’ve affirmed my participation in the movement. Now, in 1967, we are proud to have been and to remain part of the New Wave, just as one is proud to have been a Jew during the Occupation.”


Then and Now: The New Wave Continues

La Maman et la Putain
(The Mother and the Whore) [1973]

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