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The required essay is outlined below. Be sure to answer each part carefully and thoughtfully. Please write in narrative style.

  1. Why have you decided on teaching as a career?

  2. Why have you chosen a particular age group to teach?

  3. If you plan to teach departmentalized junior high or high school, why have you chosen your particular subject area?

  4. What personal strengths and abilities will you bring to teaching?

  5. What do you believe is the value of good teaching to American society?

  6. What do you hope your students learn from you?

  7. What do you hope to be doing in the teaching profession in 10 years?

(If you transferred EDU 210 Foundations of American Education to McKendree, prior to admission to the Teacher Education Program you must submit this to me as a Word attachment via email to If you are taking EDU 210 at McKendree, you will be instructed to put your essay in your LiveText Portfolio.)

Download 41.71 Kb.

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