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Fall 2010 Semester
Mission: The Adkins Energy family is committed to improving our community by creating rewarding career opportunities, preserving the quality of the surrounding environment, increasing the value of a bushel of corn for area farmers, expanding the local economy with increased business opportunities, and producing a diverse range of high quality, American-made, renewable energy products.
Vision: Meeting the energy challenges of tomorrow with renewable solutions from the Heartland today.

  1. Applications will be accepted from students who have been accepted to or are currently attending Highland Community College full-time.

  2. The scholarship consists of a $500 award for the student’s academic year at Highland.


  1. Student must reside in the Highland Community College District.

  2. Student needs to be pursing an Agriculture or Science degree.

  3. Academic standing will be taken into considerations.

  4. Student must show outstanding involvement in community and agricultural groups.

Application Deadline: July 15th

Please print or type clearly. Use extra paper if necessary.
Applicant’s Name:
Address: City: Zip:
County: Telephone:
High School: Year Graduated:
Class Rank: H.S. GPA: College GPA (if applicable):
ACT Score: Have You Applied For Admission to Highland? yes no
Your Major:
Educational Goal: Associates Degree Bachelors Degree Masters Degree
Please list the extracurricular, community, and agricultural activities in which you have been involved in:

Please list any awards or recognitions that you have received:

All essays must address the stated target topic.

All essays should include a title page which contains the participant’s name, address, school, grade, paper title and word count.

Maximum length of an essay is 800 words.

All essays should be typed and double spaced with a standard readable font.

What role can renewable fuels such as ethanol, and other alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, etc. play in the role of decreasing our country’s reliance on foreign oil?
Please submit a copy of all official transcripts with your application.
I hearby release a copy of my academic records to the selection committee.
Applicants Signature: ____________________________ Date:_______________
Please return complete application and essay to: Adkins Energy LLC

Attn: Joan Humphrey

PO Box 227

Lena, IL 61048
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