Adidas’ tet campaign executive Summary

Level of competitive rivalry in the sports fashion industry

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Level of competitive rivalry in the sports fashion industry:

The industry has a high level of competitive competition. Aside from the major competitors like as Nike, Puma, and Under Armour, there are various minor competitors such as New Balance, Converse, and Fila that contribute to the industry's level of competition. While the sector has become more saturated, the existing competitors are also engaged in a fierce competition for market share. All of the brands are substantially investing in marketing and spending billions of dollars on advertising and sponsorships. Even if the number of top brands is restricted, the level of competition in the sector is fierce. To maintain their market share and provide their customers with an exceptional shopping experience, the biggest firms have boosted their investment in digital technologies in recent years.

3.3. Swot


  • Consistently strong financials over the decade

  • Constant Innovation and New products

  • Effective Point of sale network

  • Strong and efficient network

  • Strong footwear sourcing of ADIDAS


  • Impact on business due to competitor’s action

  • Highly dependent on sourcing from few Asian countries



  • Highly dependent on sports segment

  • Intents competition on sports and apparel segment


4.1. Demographic

  • Age: 18-30

  • Gender: Both female and male

  • Occupation: University Students, Officers, Creative

  • Income: 500$ - 1000$ (Middle class)

  • Region: Urban

  • Nationality: Vietnamese, non-Vietnamese living in Viet Nam

  • Religion: None

4.2. Behavioural

  • Having a strong interest in Adidas

  • Want to buy quality products at a favorable price.

  • Looking for new clothes for the New Year

  • Looking for pre-Tet sales programs

  • Usually tend to shop online (for convenience)

  • Active on social networks.

4.3. Psychographic

  • Have an interest in sportswear as well as fashion.

  • Trend followers & trendsetters.

  • Have a strong interest in sports.

  • A dynamic and adaptable fashion sense

  • Want to buy simply because of the value of brand reputation.

  • Need to go shopping at the end of the year to get ready for Tet (a traditional Vietnamese holiday).

4.4. Trust touchpoints

  • Based on suggestions from KOL and KOC, customers will easily be attracted to new or suitable products for Tet holiday.

  • The campaign will be attracted by mentions from the articles (earned media).

4.5. Pain touchpoints

  • The desire to purchase high-quality products at reasonable rates at the end of the year, this is the primary pain touchpoint. However, when compared to the salaries of office workers and students, the average price of Adidas goods is rather high.

  • People want to purchase items of high-reputation brands or have high quality as a gift for their friends, lovers, or relatives.

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