Acute Stroke Simulation Design Template – Loyalist College

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Simulation Design Template

Acute Stroke - Simulation Design Template – Loyalist College

Program: Nursing Course: NURS 2005 Review date:

Original Author/year: Tammy Armstrong(O’Rourke)/2007,Reviewed 2009, Julie Rivers revision 2014

_X_Formative assessment ___Summative assessment or ___OSCE /High stakes assessment

Prep/Pre-meeting Time: 0 Expected Simulation Run Time: 15 min

Debrief/Guided Reflection Time: 15 min

Alternate Activity Location Required: No
Simulation Learning Objectives (Identify related Course Learning Outcome and Program Terminal Outcome by number only)
The Student group will:

  1. Demonstrate understanding of assessment of a person experiencing CVA.(CLO 1,2,3 , PLO 1,2,3)

    1. Carry out a focused neurological assessment of a patient who has a stroke using the Canadian Neurological Scale Tool

    2. Assess vital signs and patient’s symptoms/concerns

    3. Carry out appropriate interventions in response to assessment findings

    4. Identify assessment findings which could lead to complications

  1. Identify and consult appropriate resources while assessing, planning (including prior to lab), and implementing care. (CLO 1,2,3,6 PLO 1,2,3,6)

  1. Respond appropriately to family member question(s) (CLO 1, 2, 3, 6 PLO 1, 2, 3, 6)

  1. Participate in creating SBAR report at the end of the simulation (CLO 3, PLO 3)

Measurement of Objectives

  1. During scenario, identified by handler events in debrief document for a-c.

During debrief discussion for d.

  1. During scenario, identified by handler events in debrief document and discussed in debriefing session

  2. During scenario identified by professor and discussed during debrief.

  3. Written and verbal (time permitting) report at end of simulation.

Skills/Theory required prior to participation in simulation

  • See Course Documentation for prerequisites and co-requisites

  • Cardiovascular, neurological assessment and stroke (including use of CNS tool) lecture content of NURS 2004

  • Familiarization with use of blood glucose meter

Student Preparation for Simulation
Review and research pertinent patient information package provided - see Appendix A
Student preparation package to be distributed: See Appendix A Prior to Simulation - included in Blackboard course materials
References, Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines, Protocols, or Algorithms used for this scenario: (site source, author, year, and page)

The Canadian Stroke Strategy. (2014) Retrieved from Canadian Best Practice Recommendations for Stroke Care: Hyperacute Stroke Care recommendations:

  • pathophysiology notes re CVA

  • BPG’s - RNAO Stroke Assessment across the continuum of Care 2011 Supplement found at url

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