Activities. 02-10-14 : Gandhi and Shastri Jayanti

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Sub: Report regarding activities/programmes/functions held during the month of October 2014

Dear Sir,

The following were the main activities/programmes/functions held in our school during the month of October 2014
02-10-14 : Gandhi and Shastri Jayanti

Gandhi and Shastri Jayanti was celebrated this year too in keeping with the tradition of the school. All the teachers, the members of the student council and some students were present for the prayer meeting. Bhajans were also sung by the students and the teachers. This was followed by speeches given by students on Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri. Ms Jeevan Joseph, PRT gave a speech on Islam ,Mr. Biju John, Sr. Assistant to Principal spoke on Christianity, Mr. Bhagwan Prasad Dwivedi, PRT, Hindi enlightened the audience about Hinduism and thoughts on Sikhism was shared by the Principal himself. Mr. Navendu

Nath Tiwary, TGT Music sang shabad. The students also delivered speeches both in Hindi as well as English.
Various Inter School Competitions were conducted by NCL, Nigahi on this day to create Environment Awareness :

The prize winners of the various competitions are :

Painting Competition :

Group A

Ist Tarun Kumar V B

Group B

Ist Sneha Kumari VIII B

English / Hindi Extempore Competition

Group B [Hindi ]

Ist Kritika Singh VI A

Group C [ Hindi ]

Ist Amish Raj IX A

2nd Kartikeya Tiwari XA
11-10-14 : Open Day

Open Day was held to show the parents the Half Yearly Exam answer sheets of the students. The Open Day was well attended specially by the parents of the junior school students.

15.10.14 : Annual Inter DPS Commerce Festival, 'Vanijya 2014'

The following students participated in the Festival conducted by DPS Society at HRD Centre, DPS Dwarka.

They were accompanied by Ms. Sarla Anil, PRT and Mr. Bishalaksha Sen, PGT Commerce.
Nishi Kumari XI

Vidisha Goyal XI

Praveen Kumar XI

Krishna D Vishwakarma XI

Jagtar Singh Mann XII

Sashwat Shreeja XII

Swati Tandon XII

Swapnil Dwivedi XII

Saral Varshekhar XII

Yash Kumar XII

Harendra Kumar XII

Vandana Pandey XII

Sukansha Yadav XII

Shweta Gupta XII

15.10.14 - 17.10.14 : Inter DPS Football Tournament
The students participated in the competition conducted at DPS Indore. They were accompanied by Mr. R.N.Singh, PGT – PE.
17-10-14 : Inter House English Extempore Competition
The Inter House English Extempore Competition was conducted for the groups B, C and D. The students spoke extremely well on the topics given to them. The judges of the day were Mr.Manoj Mishra, Ms. Bharti Devi, Ms. Jasbir Kaur Mann.
The prize winners were:
Group B
1st Srijan Pandey IV B Ganges House

2nd Mizan Hasan V B Sutlej House

3rd Saptaparnai Saha Roy V B Sutlej House
Group C
1st Divyanshee VIII B Ravi House

2nd Anjali Jaiswal VIII A Jhelum House

3rd Kritika Singh VI B Ganges House
Group D
1st Sukhpal Singh Mann XII B Sutlej House

2nd Aditya Kadambar XI A Sutlej House

3rd Ruqaiyah Singh X B Ravi House

16-10-14 : Report Card Distribution

The report Cards were distributed in the classes by the class teachers. The students were asked to get them signed by the parents and return the same.

18.10.14 : Art, Calligraphy, Poster Making and Essay Writing Contest

The students from classes IV to VIII participated in the competitions conducted by City Montessori School, Lucknow, to celebrate International Innovation Day.

19-10-14 to 23-10-14 : Inter School Cricket Tournament

The school team participated in the tournament organized by District Sports Association of Singrauli in which 08 teams of the neighbouring areas took part. Our children reached the semi-finals and were the Runners- Up of the competition.

The following students participated in it :
Md. Sameer [Captain] XI C

Manish Shukla [Vice Captain] XI A

Prashant XI A

Aman Beg XI C

Praskash Rai XI C

Akshay Singh XI A

Gaurav Singh XI C

Manish Singh Chauhan XI C

Ninad XII C

Akshay Yadav X A

Vaibhav Pandey X A

Anshul Singh Chandel X A

Akash Kumar IX A

Shubham Kumar IX A

Sahil Jaiswal XI A

21-10-14 : Anti Crackers Rally
All the students of Classes III to XII went in different groups around the Nigahi

Township to spread the message of Diwali without crackers. The students had prepared lots of placards with relevant messages and they raised the slogans enthusiastically as they went around the township. Each group was accompanied by four to five teachers.

30-10-14 to 1-11-14 Vigilance Awareness Week

Vigilance Awareness Week was being observed by NCL in which various programmes and events were conducted at the school level.

The students participated in the skit competition:
Various themes on which the Morning Assemblies were presented during the month of October 2014 were as follows :-


Class /


Class teacher


Topic/ Theme



Mr. Manoj Mishra


[Effective Communication] Speech, song



Mr. Manoj Mishra


[Discover the diamond within yourself] Speech, Group Song



Mr. Anil Pandey


[Where there is a will there is a way] Speech, poem, anecdote



Mr. Anil Pandey


[Women Empowerment] Poem, speech, song.



Ms. Archana Gupta


[Diwali ] speech, dance drama, poem.

With regards,
yours sincerely,


Encl : copies of news clippings

CC : The Chairman-cum-Managing Director, NCL,HQ, Singrauli

CC : The Chairperson, DPS Nigahi

CC : The Director (Personnel), NCL, HQ, Singrauli

CC : The Director (Finance), NCL, HQ, Singrauli

CC : The Director(Technical & Operation), NCL, HQ, Singrauli

CC : The Pro Vice-Chairman, DPS Nigahi

CC : The Nominee Pro Vice Chairman DPS Nigahi

CC : The Chief General Manager (Personnel), NCL, HQ, Singrauli.

CC : The General Manager (Welfare), NCL, HQ, Singrauli.

CC : The Director (Publications), DPS Society, New Delhi

CC : The members of SMC DPS Nigahi

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