According to an anonymous source, this action was performed by Conrad IV of Germany in conjunction with a red full moon, signifying the coming of a hostile interregnum in the monarchy. In the Chronographia

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The Experiment II: Chasing Love Out on Thunder Island

Preliminary Tossup:

According to an anonymous source, this action was performed by Conrad IV of Germany in conjunction with a red full moon, signifying the coming of a hostile interregnum in the monarchy. In the Chronographia, the historian Theophanes writes that the patriarch Germanus witnessed this event and interpreted it as a sign of future evil. That story may have been borrowed by William of Malmesbury, who wrote that this type of event caused St. Dunstan to prophecy the coming of anarchy, after it was allegedly performed by Ethelred the Unready. The aforementioned occurrence was performed by Constantine V, explaining his adoption of iconoclasm, and his ►nickname of Copronymous. FTP, name this common historical blooper involving infants.

ANSWER: defecating in the baptismal font (accept any and all equivalents)


1. This artist’s work includes the canvas Rhythm of a Russian Dance, housed at MOMA, and he worked with Jean Arp to decorate the Café L’Aubette in Strasbourg. He wrote prose under the name Aldo Camini and produced visual poetry and the magazine Mécano under the name I.K. Bonset. Also at MOMA is his abstract study on “The Cow,” while his series known as “Counter-Compositions” saw him adopt the style he promoted in his manifesto of “Elementarism,” embracing the inclined plane and diagonal lines. Born with the name Christian Kupper, he’s most famous as the public ► founder of a movement which also included Gerrit Rietveld and J.J.P. Oud. FTP, name this man who, along with Piet Mondrian, founded De Stijl.

ANSWER: Theo van Doesburg (or Christian Emil Marie Kupper before mentioned)

2. This battle saw the left wing of the winning army occupy a sandbank, under Guido Starhemberg, while the right wing under General Heister performed an encircling movement, and cavalry under the Prince of Commercy charged. The winning general had recently been appointed to succeed Louis of Baden as commander. The losing force advanced on the fortress of Szeged, but disastrously opted to cross the Tisza River, resulting in the drowning of nearly all troops under Mustafa II and the slaughter of the Janissary Aga. The battle was quickly followed by the Treaty of Karlowitz, which forced the cession of Transylvania. FTP, name this victory ►for Eugene of Savoy over the Ottomans in 1697, named for a village in Serbia.

ANSWER: Battle of Zenta (or Senta)

3. One stanza of this poem begins “Wan dolls in indigo on gold: refrain / my western lust. I am drowning in this past.” - later the poet claims “In green space we are safe.” At various points, the poem asks “when the mouth dies, who misses you?” and “Can be hope a cloak?,” before declaring “Eat my sore breath, Black Angel. Let me die.” It concludes “Hover, utter, still / a sourcing whom my lost candle like the firefly loves” at the end of its 57th stanza. It first appeared in The Partisan Review, and was republished three years later in a namesake collection, which was its author’s second book after The Dispossessed – and it came illustrated by woodcuts of Ben Shahn. This poem betrays its setting by describing John Cotton, who shines on Boston’s sin – then it proceeds to ►conjure the title person who declares “Beloved household, I am Simon’s wife.” FTP, name this work by John Berryman, in which he’s desperate to make love to the author of The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America.

ANSWER: “Homage to Mistress Bradstreet

4. This biological pathway, which is inhibited by the adenoviral protein Gam1, was discovered in the mid-90s through work on the stable modified protein RanGAP1, which is protected from deconjugation by its association with the pore complex protein RanBP2. It targets proteins involved in formation of PML nuclear bodies and DAXX, and creates changes in activity of transcription factors like c-Myc and the localization of topoisomerase I in the nucleus. The namesake protein is transferred to the E2 conjugating enzyme Ubc-9 and then to the terminal amino group of a lysine side chain in its target, after it’s been activated through adenylation by the enzyme complex SAE1 or SAE2. FTP, name this post-translational modification pathway which gets its name from ►a family of “small ubiquitin-like” proteins.

ANSWER: sumoylation or just SUMO pathway

5. This name is shared by a Norwegian rock band formed in 1989 by Odd Rene Andersen, and a Marvel Comics one-shot written by J. Michael Straczynski featuring Frank Stafford. The music video for the most famous song by this name begins with a man pleading “Listen, I’ll never eat a double cheeseburger before bed again, really,” while another man warns that “in promulgating your esoteric cogitations,” you should “beware of platitudinous ponderosities.” It’s not by Aerosmith, but it is the first playable track on Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. At various points, this song declares “you know that talk is cheap and those rumors ain’t nice” and “they don’t get paid to take vacations or ►leave me alone.” FTP, name this 1979 hit for Cheap Trick, which describes some men who come to your bed and try to arrest you.

ANSWER: “The Dream Police

6. This novel follows Larry, who has a Ph.D. in history but can’t find employment, and gets paid to push around the wheelchair of Mr. Ramirez, a 74-year old political exile, in New York City. FTP, name this 1980 novel by Manuel Puig, whose title suggests that it will put a hex on you.

ANSWER: Eternal Curse on the Reader of These Pages (Maldición eternal a quien lea estas paginas)

7. Initially drafted by Joseph Warren and passed at the First Continental Congress after being taken there by Paul Revere, this document threatened to counter any attempt to enforce the Intolerable Acts. Named for a county in Massachusetts where they were drafted, FTP, name this set of “resolves” issued in 1774.

ANSWER: Suffolk Resolves

8. This rule is used to predict the same thing as the Felkin-Ahn model – that is, which diastereomer will be formed by nucleophilic addition to carbonyl groups that have an adjacent chiral center. FTP, name this eponymous “rule” of asymmetric induction in organic chem.

ANSWER: Cram’s Rule

9. When this man was hired by Lord Cobham, he served under William Kent, whose daughter he married. He took a position at Hampton Court Palace late in life. FTP, name this man who designed a bunch of gardens in Britain, so skillfully that he gained his nickname.

ANSWER: Lancelot “Capability” Brown

10. Once, this deity sent out a chameleon with the message “let men live,” but it was lazy and stopped at a bush to eat, so it was beaten by a lizard this god also sent out with the message that men should die. This half-lion and half-man is said to have broken off from a bed of reeds at the beginning of time. FTP, name this creator god of the Zulus, with an awesome name.

ANSWER: Unkulunkulu

11. This thinker wrote “Nothing is absolutely dead: every meaning will have its homecoming festival. The problem of great time” to conclude his final essay “Toward a Methodology for the Human Sciences,” which references his recurring doctrine of “unfinalizability.” In another work, he discusses the carnival as a setting where social hierarchy is inverted and there exists a “bodily participation in the potentiality of another world,” linked with his notion of “grotesque realism.” One of his most important ideas is defined in terms of the chronotope, or the informing principle of space and time – that idea, heteroglossia, or the “voice of the other,” is discussed in his essay collected in The Dialogic Imagination. FTP, name this author of Toward a Philosophy of the Act and Rabelais and his World, a ►20th century philosopher and literary theorist born in Russia.

ANSWER: Mikhail Bakhtin

12. This ruler emerged victorious in a battle at Marv, killing Muhammad Shaybani, whose skull he had made into a bejeweled drinking goblet. Early in his career, he defeated Farrukh-Yasar, who had slain his father Haidar. He appointed Shams al-Din as his vizier, even though he was a member of the rival faction of White Sheep Turks. Despite having acquired technology through alliance with the Venetians, he considered it cowardly to employ artillery in battle and instead relied on cavalry, which resulted in his greatest military defeat and the occupation of his capital Tabriz. That policy was reversed by his son Tahmasp I, who succeeded him, after he’d been crushed at the Battle of Chaldiran by the force ►of Selim the Grim in 1514. FTP, name this man who rallied the Qizilbash to become the founder and first shah of the Safavid Dynasty in Iran.

ANSWER: Shah Ismail I (Shah Isma’il Safawi)

13. At the end of a story in this book, a boy recites “I call on everyone and anyone so that we shall all let out one piercing cry that we may either live freely or we should die” – he stands over the dead body of his father, who’d just jumped out of a hot air balloon to the horror of his wife Lili, who asks to keep his eyes open since he liked to look at the sky. Another story has Marie find a dead baby in the street and name it Rose, while yet another has Emilie Gallant ask Lamort to take her to the grave where her mother is buried. These stories - “A Wall of Fire Rising,” “Between the Pool and the Gardenias,” and “The Missing Peace” - are joined by one about Grace’s mother who makes bone soup every day to try to stop the title event, “Caroline’s Wedding.” FTP, name this collection by the author ►of The Dew Breaker and Breath, Eyes, Memory - everyone’s favorite writer from Haiti, Edwidge Danticat.

ANSWER: Krik? Krak!

14. Some highly-unconventional ways of producing this compound include the nepheline syenite route and the new Asahi process. A modified version of the standard method for producing it is referred to as Hou’s process or the dual process. The most cost-effective way to produce it is often through the purification of trona ore, particularly in areas like the rich Green River Basin of Wyoming. The standard industrial method allows for the recycling of ammonia, which led it to replace the older Leblanc process. That ammonia is dissolved ►in brine and subjected to a bubbling up of carbon dioxide. FTP, name this compound produced by the Solvay process, which is sometimes referred to as soda ash.

ANSWER: sodium carbonate (or soda ash before mentioned)

15. This book is the subject of a work entitled Heresy in the University by Jacques Berlinerblau, which provides an exegesis of its arguments in analyzing “the responsibilities of the American intellectual.” The author of this book responded to his critics in another book co-written with David Chioni Moore, after it was attacked in a series of essays by Guy MacLean Rogers and Mary Lefkowitz, which “Revisited” the claims of this book. Its second volume considers “Archaeological and Documentary Evidence” and the third volume looks at “Linguistic Evidence,” contending that the “Aryan Model” was developed by romanticists to replace the “Ancient Model,” which has resulted ► in “The Fabrication of Ancient Greece.” FTP, name this controversial book by Martin Bernal subtitled “The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization.”

ANSWER: Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization

16. The most prominent members of this group can be divided into varistha and vara classes, and the Skanda Purana claims that there were 108 principal ones, of which eight are considered the topmost in each class. They were said to all fit within the rasa-mandala where they performed a dance in the sacred forest outside of Vrindavan. One tradition holds that they are hostile to a group led by Chandravali, and that some of them are led by Visakhi, who often acts as a messenger. Their leader is often said to be Lalita, while their foremost member is almost always given as Radha, since she is the principal consort ►of Krishna, whom this group is eternally devoted to serving. FTP, name this group of cowherd girls in Hinduism.


17. This man’s theorem says that the only hypercomplex number systems with commutative multiplication and addition are the Gaussian integers and the algebra with one unit such that I equals I-squared. FTP, give this man who names an M-test for uniform convergence and a special case of the Heine-Borel theorem with Bolzano.

ANSWER: Karl Weierstrass

18. This law was first introduced in the 1908 work “The Relation of Strength of Stimulus to Rapidity of Habit-Formation.” It predicts an inverted U-shaped curve on a graph of performance versus level of arousal. FTP, name this doubly-eponymous law that says we usually learn best under medium stress or arousal.

ANSWER: Yerkes-Dodson Law

19. This character has a loyal friend in Master Ripton Thompson, unlike his other friend Lord Mountfalcon, who schemes to pursue his wife Lucy Desborough whom he’d secretly married. Raised under “the System” by his harsh father Austin, FTP, name this man whose “ordeal” is written about by George Meredith.

ANSWER: Richard Feverel (prompt Feverel)

20. This man, who was finally defeated by Wu Sangui at Shanhai Pass, proclaimed the short-lived Shun Dynasty after causing Chongzhen to commit suicide by strangling himself. FTP, name this peasant leader who deposed the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty in 1644 by leading a rebellion that paved the way for the Ching.

ANSWER: Li Zicheng (or Chuang Wang)

At one point, this character declares “I know that my apprehensions might never be allayed, and so I close, realizing that perhaps the ending has not yet been written.” He introduces his sons Sirrus and Achenar, after alluding to how he’d thrown himself into the Star Fissure. With his wife Catherine, he traps his father Gehn in a linking book on Riven. FTP, name this protagonist of Myst.


21. This national park was originally known as Fort Jefferson National Monument, since it contains a massive unfinished masonry fortress which served as a Civil War prison. FTP, name this park west of the Florida Keys, named for some islands which have a bunch of sea turtles.

ANSWER: Dry Tortugas National Park

22. This composer’s lesser output includes songs like “Septimnius and Acme,” “Poor Celadon,” and the duet “Go Perjur’d Man.” The inscription on his memorial reads “His Gloria Patri long ago reach’d Rome…A canon will outlive his jubilees to come” – allegedly, Emperor Pedro II of Brazil requested to see that memorial after hearing this man’s most famous piece. This composer, the teacher of William Croft, subtitled that best-known piece as “a masque for the entertainment of the King.” That work, Venus and Adonis, is a mini-opera performed for James II years after this man became organist at Westminster Abbey at the age of 21. FTP, name this ►English baroque composer who eventually gave way to his student Henry Purcell.

ANSWER: John Blow

23. This physicist is the namesake of a type of flow that happens when plasma rotates rapidly about the z axis at a frequency of omega over 2 and is compressed to the maximum possible density, also named for him. His namesake doublet refers to two shifted peaks on either side of a central Rayleigh peak, and he notably referred to information as “neg-entropy.” Along with Wigner, he’s the namesake of a perturbation theory and along with Einstein and Keller he names a method to compute eigenvalues in quantum mechanics. He’s also the namesake of an area defined as the set of points in a crystal lattice which can be reached without crossing the Bragg plane of any other point. Along with ►Wentzel and Kramers, and sometimes Jeffreys, he’s the namesake of an approximation to the Schrodinger Equation. FTP, name this man whose namesake “zones” appear in lattices, a French scientist who puts the B in the WKB approximation.

ANSWER: Leon Brillouin

24. During the course of this event, one party told the story of a farmer who found a new way to feed his hogs by planting potatoes – when the farmer was told that hogs couldn’t dig through frozen ground in the winter, he heartlessly replied “let ‘em root!” Leading up to this event, Major Thomas Eckert was dispatched as a protective measure, and a report of its progress was demanded by the Salisbury amendment. One of its participants, the former associate justice John A. Campbell, wrote the initial memorandum of this event. It resulted from a few earlier missions by Francis Blair, who produced a report spurring this meeting, whose other attendees included Senator Robert M.T. Hunter. One side expressed informal support for a 400 million dollar indemnity, during the four-hour long talks on ►the River Queen. FTP, name this meeting featuring William Seward, Alexander Stephens, and President Lincoln – an 1865 conference which failed to end the Civil War.

ANSWER: Hampton Roads Conference

25. At one point, the main figure in this work concocts a plan to drop in through the chimney of a church at night to steal the parson’s bacon – when he’s caught, he pretends to be the Devil and frightens the priest and his cook, then runs away – to make amends, he later sends a sapphire in a gold ring. He becomes a famous actor in France under the name “Beaus Alman” while serving under Monsieur Canard; this occurs after his time known as the “Huntsman of Soest,” and many sections concern his friendship with Ulrich Herzbruder. Despite his fame, he opts to leave the world “of his own free will” and go back to being a hermit on a farm near Spessart, from which he’d been taken by soldiers as a 12-year old boy. His tale inspired a namesake satirical magazine started by Albert Langen in 1896 and an opera by Karl Amadeus Hartmann. Partly subtitled as the “life of a strange adventurer named Melchior Sternfels von Fuchshaim,” FTP, name ► this 1668 picaresque novel, the most famous work by Hans von Grimmelshausen.

ANSWER: Simplicissimus (Der abenteuerliche Simplicissiumus Teutsch or Simplicius Simplicissimus or The Adventures of a Simpleton or Simplicissimus the Vagabond)

26. An oft-neglected portion of this book discusses the “role of the intellectual in public bureaucracy,” and it ends with a discussion of the “Science and Economy of 17th Century England.” The third chapter rejects what the author calls the three postulates – indispensability, functional unity, and universal functionalism – he argues that we must look at negative or dysfunctional forms as well. Chapter six outlines five modes of adaptation: conformity, innovation, ritualism, retreatism, and rebellion. The author treats confusion between conscious motivations and objective consequences by introducing manifest and latent functions. The book discusses a bunch of other stuff like the notion of “obliteration by incorporation” and the concept of “relative deprivation” – it also puts forth a theory of reference groups and stresses the importance of pursuing middle-range theory. FTP, name this 1949 book which introduced ►the “self-fulfilling prophecy,” a seminal work of sociology written by Robert Merton.

ANSWER: Social Theory and Social Structure

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