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Before there are any meetings, practices or games, the Principal must approve:

  • Letters to the parents regarding sport teams, practices, games, etc(to be approved before being sent to the parents)

  • The calendar of practices and games

  • The list of involved students

The coach must supervise the students during the activity and until they are picked up at the end of it.


It is essential that teachers communicate with parents regarding positive events as well as when students experience difficulty at school. If we do not inform parents as to their student's lack of academic progress or poor behaviour adjustment, and the difficulties they are encountering continue, then we are placing ourselves in a vulnerable position for which we can rightly be criticized. The following procedures will be followed:

  • Conferences may only be scheduled during non-contact time with students and when school meetings are not scheduled.

  • When it is realized that a student is having an unusual degree of difficulty, an appointment with the parents must be made.

  • If two members of the faculty are encountering similar problems with a student, a joint meeting can be held. At the teacher’s request, the Principal may attend any meeting, given prior notice.

  • Parents greatly appreciate a telephone call. Phone calls should be made when the parent needs to be informed about lack of homework, school uniform, unusual progress in any area or any matter for which a full conference is not essential. In this way you have a record. Negative phone calls should be interspersed with positive ones. Teachers must keep Parent contact logs.

  • Faculty members should have general or class-wide notices or communications reviewed by the appropriate Principal before the notices are sent home.

  • “Advanced Learning Schools” should be written as the heading across the top of the communication and the notice should be dated.

  • The sender of the communication should be identified by position, e.g. Christina Lewis, Grade 2A teacher.

  • Correspondence on official ALS letterhead is not to be released until approved by the Principal.


The Facilities Manager supervises maintenance, transport and security. If a faculty member needs help with these areas, he or she should discuss it with the Facilities Manager. Please use maintenance request as appropriate. All requests to the facilities manager should be approved by the respective principals.


Daily announcements:

Academic Staff are responsible for making sure that they have a copy of the “Daily Bulletin” which will be sent by email. It is also their responsibility to check their emails at regular intervals during the day.

Mail Boxes:

All Academic Staff members have mailboxes in the staff rooms where notices, announcements, mail, etc. may be placed. The privacy of each Academic Staff member must be respected. These boxes should be checked at the beginning and end of each school day (valuables/money should not be left in these mail boxes).

Bulletin Board Announcement:

Any personal announcement to be posted on a school bulletin board or faculty room bulletin board must first have the signed approval of one of the Principals or the Superintendent. In general, notices/announcements will remain posted for no more than two weeks. Notices posted without prior approval will be removed.

Faculty Email:

The school provides an email service for efficient information delivery. It is the responsibility of each Academic Staff member to check his or her email daily. The email lends itself to both public and private communication and requires decorum and professionalism at all times. It is the responsibility of the sender to indicate if email is confidential, not to be forwarded, distributed, or printed. Unless previously approved by the principals, no teacher may use the “send to all staff” feature. Please remember that school email should be used for school business only.


Throughout the Middle East region, dress is associated with professional competence.

The professional faculty will at all times set a positive example by dressing professionally. Conservative, professional dress is required. Loud, unusual or provocative dress is discouraged for both men and women. These guidelines are consistent with the culture of our host country: (Please refer to Staff handbook for more information)

  1. Proper footwear will be worn at all times (thongs and beach slippers are not acceptable). Men shall wear socks with their footwear.

  2. Men will wear smart trousers and a shirt with a collar and a tie.

  3. Women will wear opaque, loose-fitting, conservative blouses or dress tops. Low-neck lines or tight-fitting tops are not appropriate. Sleeveless tops and dresses are not acceptable.

  4. Women will wear dresses and skirts no shorter than knee length. Pants should be loose fitting.

  5. Tight, form revealing clothing is inappropriate.

  6. Denim, jeans, T-shirts, sweat suits and shorts are not acceptable. P.E. teachers may wear modest shorts, sweat suits and sports shoes.

Any unusual mode of dress that calls undue attention to the individual is discouraged for both men and women.

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