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The Advanced Learning Schools is justifiably proud of its teaching faculty. Our teachers are dedicated, hard working, caring individuals who take pride in the high quality of their performance.
As professionals working in an organization, faculty members are expected to follow the proper channels of communication. Questions, concerns and complaints should be directed to the Principal and then to the Superintendent. Emails need not be copied to the Superintendent if the matter is not discussed first with the Principal.
It is appropriate to make special mention of the following at this time:

  1. Teachers are expected to attend all faculty meetings, stand-up meetings, in-service presentations and committee meetings.

  2. In a small community such as ours, it is imperative that all members of the professional faculty observe the proper channels of communication. Concern should first be discussed directly with the individual(s) involved. This approach engenders maximum respect for all involved and initiates the quickest resolution.

  3. ALS has a prestigious parent body; therefore ALS faculty members are often “on stage”. It is best to be aware of this, even in social settings. Particularly at school, faculty members must conduct themselves in a professional manner.

  4. In our dealings with parents and students, we have access to confidential information. We must at all times respect that confidentiality.


Teachers and Teachers’ Assistants should be familiar with their contracts, school policies, the ALS Staff Handbook and Student/Parent Handbooks. These publications contain the Advanced Learning Schools’ philosophy and the policies, rules and regulations that define contractual obligations, employee relations and they support the school’s mission statement.


The primary purpose of teacher appraisal and staff development at ALS is to improve student learning by defining and supporting best practices of effective teaching and learning. The process is one of continuous development, fostering personal and professional growth and is part of the daily lives of professional educators at ALS.

The secondary purpose of the appraisal and staff development process is for the Superintendent to make renewal/ non-renewal decisions of faculty members’ contracts. The Superintendent and Principals are responsible for the appraisal of the academic staff. The appraisal process is both formative (for the purpose of enhancing professional skills of teachers) and summative (for the purpose of making consequential decisions). The academic staff at ALS is evaluated continually each academic year by the Principals and Superintendent. Please see appendix for Staff Development and Appraisal process and forms.
The appraisal and staff development process is governed by a set of core beliefs and supporting tenets:
Core Beliefs:

    1. Appraisal is a shared responsibility between teacher and administrator.

    2. Appraisal engenders positive professional relationships and personal growth

    3. All levels of the organization abide by these beliefs, including appraisal of the administration and the governing board.

Supporting Tenets:

  1. emphasis on student learning

  2. emphasis on stated student outcomes

  3. frequent visits to each classroom

  4. importance of data collection and review

  5. emphasis on self-reflection

  6. emphasis on linking professional goals with improved student learning.

Teacher Assistants are employed to help achieve the instructional goals of the school. Teachers’ Assistants hours are the same as the teacher’s hours, namely 0710 until 1515. Teachers’ Assistants are assigned regular duties by the Principal in consultation with the supervising teacher(s). Teachers’ Assistants are expected to attend all staff meetings, in-service and stand-up meetings if not on duty.
Teachers’ Assistants may be occasionally assigned other duties in order to enhance the overall instructional programme and the safety of the students.


Personal illness:

  • In the event of an absence, telephone or send a note to the Principal/Principal’s Assistant as much in advance as possible. Morning calls should be between 0700 and 0730.

Kathy Khayatt Majdi El Hajj

Girls’ School Principal Boys’ School Principal

0544109954 0568572992
Maysoun Al Salehi Joanna Matta

PA Girls’ Principal PA Boys’ Principal

0557162228 0567894013
Substitution Routines:

  • Teachers are required to provide quality weekly lesson plans at all times. These plans should be in a substitution folder and should be sent to the appropriate Principal’s office. Plans will be given to the substitute teacher. Tests, quizzes, marked assignments are not the responsibility of the substitute teacher and should be rescheduled when a teacher is absent.

  • Have a daily schedule posted in a visible place in the classroom.

  • Academic Staff members will be asked to fill out an Absence Form upon returning to help the HR office keep track of sick days. Sick leave must be submitted upon your arrival to the HR office. Please refer to the Staff handbook for detailed information.


  • When lateness is anticipated, Teachers and Teacher Assistants should phone the Principal or his or her PA as soon as possible. Lateness is a serious problem that affects student learning and preparation and has definite consequences. Please refer to the Staff handbook for detailed information.

Personal leave:

  • Each teacher and teacher assistant is entitled to three personal leave days a year for personal business that cannot be completed at times other than the normal school day. These personal days do not need permission. Notify the principal as soon as you know that you will need a personal day. These personal days can also be used when the staff member does not provide a medical certificate for being sick.

Leaving Campus

  • Academic Staff members who become ill during the day must see the school’s doctor and report to the Principal’s office before leaving. The doctor will request leave from the Principal if the teacher is not fit to teach.

  • Academic Staff members who wish to leave campus during the school day must have prior written approval from the Principal’s office.

Appointments during school hours

  • If it is not possible to schedule an after school appointment with a doctor, dentist etc. please see the appropriate Principal. Emergency leave is available for this purpose. Doctors’ appointments during the day are not recommended. Teachers who must leave for an appointment must request approval in writing from their appropriate Principal with the appointment paper attached, similarly for Embassy appointments.

Emergency coverage:

  • The teacher’s daily schedule will be reviewed to determine availability of teachers for emergency coverage. Taking into account the general frequency of coverage already provided by individual teachers, a teacher will be requested to cover the absent teacher’s class for that period.

  • Because of the urgent nature of covering for an absent colleague, the assignment of emergency coverage during another teacher’s planning period will require only notification of the teacher whose planning period is affected as early as possible.

  • Unless in cases of extreme emergency, the following people are exempt from substitution: Programme Coordinators and After School Activities Coordinators.

  • Number of hours of substitution given to teachers should be within the frame work of up to 28 contact periods per cycle including their regularly scheduled classes (the full load of a teacher within a cycle).

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