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Ohio University

Russ Energy and the Environment Fellowship

Application Form
The Ohio University Russ Energy and the Environment Fellowship was established as part of the transformational 2008 estate gift of nearly $125 million from alumnus Fritz Russ and his wife Dolores. This program promotes critical doctoral research in the area of energy production, alternative fuels, environmental remediation, and issues related directly to energy transport and use. The Russ Committee on Alternative Fuels, Mediation, and Remediation administers the program for the Dean of the Russ College.
The ideal Russ Energy and the Environment Fellow exhibits passion for research in one of these areas, is an outstanding communicator, and has demonstrated leadership abilities. The Russ Energy and the Environment Fellow will engage in doctoral studies with a faculty advisor from the Russ College already engaged in one of the specified research areas. In addition, the Russ Energy and the Environment Fellow will work with an advisory board from the Russ College to develop a mentoring plan, and will be given special opportunities for leadership and entrepreneurial development, industrial and governmental internships, funding for conference travel, and other focused opportunities aimed at developing the fellow beyond just the laboratory.
Following a review of applicants, finalists will be asked to interview with the selection committee. Recipients will be notified by March 16, 2012. It is anticipated that two fellows will be named in 2012.

  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

  • The proposed research area must be in one of the Russ College research areas related to energy production, fuels, remediation, and environmental aspects related to energy. Russ College programs in this area can be found at www.ohio.edu/engineering/russfellows/.

  • Must be eligible for and apply to a relevant Ph.D. program in a department (civil, chemical, mechanical, or electrical engineering) currently supporting these research areas.

  • There are no restrictions for years of prior graduate school education or years since prior degree.


  • $35,000 stipend plus full tuition, including fees for four years, subject to adequate progress as assessed annually by the Fellow’s mentoring committee.

  • Additional funds for conference/research/travel/supplies up to $5,000/year.

  • Supplemental funding to recipients awarded other nationally competitive fellowships (see additional information)

  • Working with the Russ Legacy Committee on Alternative Fuels, Mediation and Remediation to develop a mentoring program

  • Internships and entrepreneurial opportunities as part of the program


Applicants must email the following documents to Julie Hanning at hanningj@ohio.edu by February 29, 2012:

  • Personal profile (description below)

  • Curriculum vitae

  • Proposed graduate program of study

  • References

  • Transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions

  • GRE scores (recommended)

  • Previous research experience essay

  • Proposed plan of research essay

  • Additional information



First Name:

Middle Name:

Last Name:

Mailing Address

Street Address:






Phone Number:

Date and Place of Birth

Date of Birth:

Place of Birth (City, State, Country):


If permanent resident, date status was granted:
Demographic Information (Optional)


Veteran Status:





Please limit your curriculum vitae to two pages. At a minimum, include the following information:

  1. All colleges or universities attended and your enrollment details

  2. Fellowships and scholarships

  3. Teaching and work experiences (including co-ops) relevant to your field of study since entering college/university. Experiences do not have to be limited to the academic realm. (List up to but no more than five.)

  4. Significant academic honors, publications, and presentations

Applicants should designate a proposed degree program. Candidates are also encouraged to designate a proposed faculty mentor. Applicants can choose from the following degree programs: mechanical engineering; chemical engineering; electrical engineering; or civil engineering. Details on available research and faculty mentors can be found at www.ohio.edu/engineering/russfellows/.

Proposed degree program:

Proposed faculty mentor:
REFERENCES (Research advisors, former instructors, colleagues, research collaborators, etc.)

List up to four names and organizational affiliations of individuals who have given approval to be contacted as references:















Provide a list of all institutions attended and submit a copy of the official transcript from each institution where you received undergraduate or graduate credit.


Degree (if no degree obtained, state NA):
Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit a copy of their general GRE scores with their application.
PREVIOUS RESEARCH EXPERIENCE (Two pages, 1” margins, 12-point Times New Roman font. Send as a Word or PDF file with this application form.)

Describe your prior research activities, such as experience in undergraduate research programs or summer/part-time/work-study programs, or other research activities including academic and job-related research. Explain the purpose of the research, the scope of the project, your specific role in the research including the extent to which you worked independently and/or as part of a team. Describe what you learned from your research experience including relevant conclusions and recommendations. Please distinguish between undergraduate and graduate research experiences if you have both.

Also, describe personal, professional, and educational experiences, or situations that have prepared you or contributed to your desire to pursue advanced study. Also, explain your competencies and evidence of leadership potential. Discuss career aspirations and how the Russ Energy and the Environment Fellowship will enable you to achieve your goals.

PROPOSED PLAN OF RESEARCH (Two pages, 1” margins, 12 point-Times New Roman font. Send as a Word or PDF with this application. Note that this format is based on the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship Proposed Plan of Research):
In a clear, concise, and original statement, present a complete plan for a research project that you plan to pursue during the fellowship tenure and how you became interested in the topic. Your statement should demonstrate your understanding of research design and methodology and explain any relationship to your previous research.
Note: Russ Energy and the Environment Fellows are expected to become knowledge experts and leaders who can contribute significantly to research and innovations in their field of engineering.

List any other fellowships applied to within the last 12 months. In order to encourage recipients to apply for additional fellowships, the Russ Energy and the Environment Fellow program will provide an additional stipend for recipients of significant fellowships, e.g. the LINK, NSF, SMART, NDSEG, DOE fellowships, that will bring their total funding to approximately $41,000 per year plus $5,000 for research expenses.


Application Date:

Funding Status:
Please refer questions and requests for additional information to:
Julie Hanning

(740) 593-1481


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