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Aboriginal Astronomy Resources 2014-2015
Aboriginal Astronomy Resources    Call #: KT 523.8 ABO

Published 2008

This kit addresses First Nations people and astronomy; discussing how and why it was studied, what is the oral tradition, what the advantage was in studying astronomy; are the stories important today?; Is there Aboriginal astronomy today? The kit contains an Aboriginal Astronomy Resources binder that provides graded units and lessons, an Aboriginal Astronomy DVD with the objective being to model the integration of Aboriginal content into any subject area; encourage teachers to develop K-12 cross-curricular teaching strategies that will benefit diverse learners, and provide teachers at all grade levels with resources that relate to prescribed learning outcomes in astronomy and Aboriginal education in the B.C. Curriculum.

Aboriginal Astronomy  Call #: KT 523.8 ABO Published 2011

Aboriginal legends of the Mi'kmaq, Haida, Haudenosaunee, Tewa Pueblo, Siksika, Chicksaw, Inuit are explained

Aboriginal Moons    Call #: KT 523.3 ABO Published 2012

"Aboriginal calendars are lunar calendars that are logical in a culture in which people are acute observers of nature. The preciseness of keeping track of important yearly events does not rest on an accurate lunar calendar, but with the people's acute observations and rich knowledge of nature. An Aboriginal calendar does not need to be precise, just good enough for reasonable communication." -- From guide. The guide features names of months with translations from the Northwest coast: Nuu-chah-nulth, Wsanec, Tlingit and Haida; Sub-arctic: Dene and Cree; and Prairies: Lakota. Activities and descriptions are provided for the 13 posters based on 'The Saanich year'. Kit relates to grades 1-5 social studies and science in general, but especially to grade 1, 3 and 9 science as well as Earth science 11.

Contents: 1 guide: Aboriginal Moons -- 1 book: Moonstick -- 1 book: Thirteen moons on turtle's back -- 13 moon posters (The Saanich year).

The Arctic Sky- Inuit Astronomy, Star Lore and Legend  Call #: PL 520.89 MAC Macdonald, John 1940- Published 1998

A tour of the Arctic universe awaits readers of The Arctic Sky. Constellations, star lore, legends and mythology, the sun, moon, planets, shooting stars and atmospheric phenomena such as aurora borealis, are explored from a variety of perspectives. Aboriginal astronomy connections

First Nations Astronomy Legends   Call #: KT 523 FIR

 Published 2012

Contents: sets of 3 books: Aurora: a tale of the northern lights -- 3 books: Coyote and the sky: how the sun, moon and the stars began -- 3 books: How Raven stole the sun -- 3 books: How the stars fell into the sky: a Navajo legend -- 3 books: Lord of the sky -- 3 books: Moonstick: the seasons of the Sioux -- 3 books: Star boy -- 3 books: The Star People –A Lakota Story

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Information 2014-2015

Series: 8th fire

Whose Land is it Anyway? [DVD] Call #: DVD 970.004 EIG WHO

There's no getting around it. Land is the biggest sticking point in the relationship between Aboriginal peoples in Canada and the 'settler' population. Who owns it, benefits from it, gets to say when, if and how it gets developed. These questions are all the more crucial because the lands in dispute sit on a treasure-trove of resources, which the world is eager to buy from Canada. But don't despair. This episode of 8th FIRE, full of breathtaking HD landscapes and compelling characters, explores the creative ways of working this out. Audience: Grades 8-12.

At the Crossroads [DVD] Call #: DVD 970.004 EIG ATT

At the close of the 8th FIRE series, we meet young Aboriginals preparing to change the future, determined to light the 8th Fire and build a new relationship with Canada. A fascinating range of artists, activists, and business people take us through ways to shed the colonial past, build new pathways in education and economic development. This is all in pursuit of a new relationship to replace 500 years of conflict and injustices. In a forest in Quebec, Huron Wenat Artist Teharihulen Michel Savard picks up a rifle and fires. His target: the 143-year-old Indian Act, colonial legislation that to this day governs the lives of most First Nations people.

Indigenous in the City [DVD] Call # DVD 970.004 EIG IND

In the opening episode of the four-part series 8th FIRE, host Wab Kinew, from the Ojibways of Onigarning First Nation in Northern Ontario, and now a Winnipeg-based TV journalist, invites us to come 'meet the neighbors’. It's about time, since many Canadians say they have never met an Aboriginal person. This vibrant kaleidoscopic hour, introduces a diverse cast of Indigenous characters living in the cities. They are united in a shared bond as Canada's First Peoples and in their determination to reassert their culture within a wider population of non-Indigenous Canadians.

It's Time [DVD] Call #: DVD 970.004 EIG

It's Time! Challenges Canadians with this reality: if we don't improve our relationship with Aboriginal people, we will cripple our economy. Both the footage and the argument come in high definition and make the case that Canada is changing beneath our feet. In a dynamic 2-minute walk through 500 years of history, 8th FIRE host, Wab Kinew explains how ancient Wampum belts hold a clue to the future. The Supreme Court of Canada now confirms the promises they hold as the truth. The First Nations of this country were not conquered. They signed treaties to share the land, and this means Aboriginal people must be consulted and accommodated when anyone wants to dig, explore or develop on their land.

Plastic Warriors [DVD]

Produced & directed by Amy Tall Chief

Call #: DVD 305.897 PLA
Plastic Warriors is an eye-opening and much-needed examination of common harmful First Nations stereotypes. The Washington Redskins, the Cleveland Indians, Land-o-lakes butter, Squaw Creek, Squaw Island - these are not benign images and terms for everyone. In this frank documentary, five Aboriginal people from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds express their frustration over the widespread use of Native caricatures. Do these images make it difficult for real living First Nations people to be visible in contemporary society? Who should be held accountable for the perpetuation of these stereotypes? What can Native people do to deter these images and protect their children from being further harmed? Plastic Warriors raises an alarm and, with any luck, the next time its viewers encounter a Hollywood or Halloween Indian, it'll also raise a few eyebrows.

Life on the Reserve [DVD]: First Nations films.

(Series: First Nations)Call #: DVD 970.004 LIF
Life on the Reserve highlights the significant challenges that people living on reserves have to deal with, as well as the hope they have for their community, told by the residents themselves. Graham Shonfield, the 19 year old documentary film-maker, had volunteered for development work in Africa, but nothing prepared him for the impoverished conditions that he experienced firsthand in Northern Ontario at Gull Bay First Nation reserve. The aim of this documentary is to introduce you to what living on a reserve is really like. Although Gull Bay is only one reserve in this great country, it has similarities to them all. Vancouver: First Nations films, 2011.Format 42 min.

The Truth about Stories: a Native Narrative [CD]

 Thomas King

(Series: CBC Massey lectures)
Call #: PL 819.3 KIN

In his 2003 Massey lecture, award-winning author and scholar Thomas King looks at the breadth and depth of Native experience and imagination. Beginning with Native oral stories, King weaves his way through literature and history, religion and politics, popular culture and social protest, in an effort to make sense of North America’s relationship with its Aboriginal peoples. Documentary - 2003 Massey lectures.

Contents: Disc 1. Lecture 1 (Montreal) "You'll never believe what happened" is always a great way to start -- Disc 2. Lecture 2 (St. John's) You're not the Indian I had in mind -- Disc 3. Lecture 3 (Victoria) Let me entertain you -- Disc 4. Lecture 4 (Calgary) A million porcupines crying in the dark -- Disc 5. Lecture 5 (Toronto) What is it about us that you don't like?
Our Beginnings, Gr. 4 [kit]

 (Series: Outlooks. 4)

  Call #: HL 971 OUR

This text introduces Grade 4 students to the Aboriginal peoples of Canada. It explores how they lived in the days before Canada was formed, and then looks at the arrival of early European explorers and the impact they had on Aboriginal cultures. The book concludes by making connections between these past relationships and the events of today.

Tracking Heaven: Stories from Aboriginal men and women on life, the spirit world and heaven as told to: Richard Van Camp; Dogrib (Tlicho) Nation.

Call # PL 970.004 TRA

This book is intended to both honor the storytellers and the stories they've shared. It is also meant to build bridges between Nations and cultures. This book is for everyone. In the words of Okanagan elder, Glen Douglas: "What I have to say, it's not what I know, it's what my elders have taught me. I personally do not know these things; they're all teachings that have been passed on to me. I cannot take credit for any of this knowledge, the wisdom or the skills that I pass on; …… “For I attribute these virtues through all my ancestors before me”

Contents: Index of storytellers -- Introduction by Richard Van Camp -- The earth, the animals: Ric Richardson- Cree from Green Lake, SK -- Lorny Metchooyeah: Den Tha' Nation from Assumption, AB -- Alexi Wah-Shee- Dogrib Nation from Rae, NWT -- Henry Jenson- Metis Nation from Lorette, MN -- Chris Paul- Tsartlip Nation from Brentwood Bay, BC -- Life: Bernice Kamano- Kwakuitl Nation from Victoria, BC -- Mike Mandeville- Metis from Yellowknife, NWT -- Michael Paul-Martin- Cree Nation from Attawapiskat, West Coast James Bay, ON -- Rosa Wah-Shee- Dogrib Nation from Rae, NWT -- Isadore Wah-Shee- Dogrib Nation from Rae, NWT -- Dianne Bell- Kwakuitl Nation from Victoria, BC -- The spirit world: Anna Lizotte- Okanagan Nation from Penticton, BC -- Rosa Mercredi- Chipewyan Nation from Fort Smith, NWT -- Lorne Simon- Micmac Nation from Fredericton, NB -- Seraphine Evans- Cree Nation from Fort Smith, NWT -- Trevor Evans- Cree Nation from Fort Smith, NWT -- James Beaver- Cree Nation from Fort Smith, NWT -- Glen Douglas- Okanagan Nation from Pentiction, BC -- Pauline and Barrie Clarke -- Tomson Highway -- George Kodakin- Slavey Nation from Deline', NWT.

Smudge kit: Aboriginal cultural awareness [kit]

Call #: KT 299.7 SMU

Contents: 1 book :The smudging and blessing book/J. Alexander -- 1 book: Sacred sage: how it heals -- 1 book: The sharing circle: stories about First Nations culture -- 1 eagle feather (32 cm.) in folding fabric case (32x36 cm.) -- 1 quilt (80x80 cm.) -- 1 information sheet: Traditional tobacco & ceremonial uses (23x30 cm.) -- 1 shell (17x13x5 cm.) -- 1 sweet grass sample, braided -- 2 pkgs. dried sage -- 1 pkg. dried cedar leaves -- 1 pkg. tobacco seeds -- 1 pkg. tobacco seed pods -- 1 tube: traditional tobacco dried leaf -- 1 wood tray (40x31x7 cm.).

Aboriginal Peoples Resources for Elementary Levels

The Kids Book of Aboriginal peoples in Canada (10 books)    

      Call #: NF 970.004 KID Silvey, Diane.
The Kids Book of Aboriginal peoples in Canada (20 books)    

      Call #: NF 971.004 KID Silvey, Diane.

  Published 2005
Aboriginal Peoples of Canada set 1.    

      Call #: NF 970.004 ABO

  Series: Aboriginal peoples of Canada

  Published 2010

Aboriginal Peoples of Canada set 2.    

      Call #: NF 970.004 ABO

  Series: Aboriginal peoples of Canada

  Published 2010

First Nations Early Readers: Animals    

      Call #: KT 590 FIR written by Donna Klockars, Brenda Boreham and Terri Mack.

  Series: Strong nations

  Published 2012

First Nations Readers: Guided Reading, level 1-5    

      Call #: KT 372.41 FIR written by Donna Klockars, Brenda Boreham and Terri Mack.

  Series: Strong nations

  Published 2012

First Nations Readers: Guided Reading, level 6-10    

      Call #: KT 372.41 FIR written by Donna Klockars, Brenda Boreham and Terri Mack.

  Series: Strong nations

  Published 2012

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