Aaby, Peter 1984 Epidemics Among Amerindians and Inuit: a preliminary Interpretation. In: Jens Brosted, et al., eds. Native Power: The Quest for Autonomy and Nationhood of Indigenous Peoples

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Gladykowska-Rzeczycka, Judyta 1980 Dislocation of the Hip Joint (Probably Congenital) in the Woman from the Mediaeval Burial Ground in Poland. Folia Morphologica (Warszawa) 39(2):211-214. DISLOCATION, HIP, CONGENITAL, MEDIEVAL, POLAND, [MEDL & NDX-Paleopathology-22-12-11011]
Gladykowska-Rzeczycka, Judyta 1980 Remains of Achondroplastic Dwarf from Legnica of XI-XII-th Century. [For annotation, see Paleopathology Newsletter, 1982, 39:15.]. OSSA 7:71-74. DWARFISM, ACHONDROPLASTIC, MEDIEVAL, LEGNICA, POLAND, [JRNL]

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