‘a view From a bridge’ by Arthur Miller cleverly conveys the theme of jealousy through the protagonist Eddie. The theme is highlighted in the scene where Eddie calls the Immigration Office

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‘A View From A Bridge’ by Arthur Miller cleverly conveys the theme of jealousy through the protagonist Eddie. The theme is highlighted in the scene where Eddie calls the Immigration Office. Miller uses imagery, symbolism and structure to convey Eddie’s jealousy throughout the play.
Miller’s intentions in writing this play were to show the reader the fatal consequences of allowing strong emotions to control your life and not stopping your fatal flaw, and the tragic effects it could have on the society.
Miller introduces Eddie’s jealousy when Eddie’s wife Beatrice’s cousins stay with Eddie. Eddie’s niece, Catherine has become like a daughter to Eddie. When Rodolpho and Marco immigrate to America, they stay with Eddie.
Eddie’s jealousy becomes clear when Catherine starts to take a liking to Rodolpho. Eddie comments on Catherine by telling her she is ‘walking wavy.’ Eddie tells Catherine to stop swaying her hips to attract men. Miller makes it clear Eddie is jealous as he doesn’t want Catherine to be with other men.
Miller poignantly conveys Eddie’s jealousy when Eddie goes to see his lawyer Alfieri to see what he can do about it. Alfieri describes Eddie by saying ‘his eyes were like tunnels.’ This illustrates that Eddie has become fixated on Catherine and Rodolpho’s relationship and it is all that he can think about. It also symbolises Eddie has entered a dark place. Eddie’s jealousy is clear as it is obvious that Eddie has ignored everything else in his life to constantly think about Catherine and Rodolpho. Eddie has clearly become oblivious to everything else in his life as Beatrice asks Eddue ‘when am I gonna be a wife again?’ this makes it clear that Eddie’s jealousy for Rodolpho has made him spend every minute of his life thinking about them. Eddie completely degrades his wife in order to try and separate Catherine and Rodolpho.
Miller intensifies Eddie’s jealousy for Rodolpho as he tries to separate them. Eddie begins his claims that Rodolpho is gay and is just marrying Catherine for his passport papers to become an American citizen. Eddie tells Beatrice ‘he gives me the heeby jeebies.’ This illustrates Eddie’s sheer jealousy for Rodolpho as by trying to call him gay, he is hoping to separate Catherine and Rodolpho. The playwright skilfully highlights Eddie’s emotions of jealousy as he continues his accusations of Rodolpho being gay throughout the play. Eddie’s jealousy is evident here as it is clear to the reader that Eddie is constantly thinking of new ways to destroy Catherine and Rodolpho’s relationship. Eddie tries to show Catherine that Rodolpho is gay. When Eddie comes home one night, he finds Catherine and Rodolpho in the same room together. Eddie pins Rodolpho against the wall and kisses him; he then kisses Catherine. Eddie clearly was trying to win over Catherine by showing that Rodolpho is gay and Eddie is much more of a man than Rodolpho.
Arthir Miller cleverly conveys Eddie’s jealousy through a specific scene in the play. Eddie reaches his low point when he decides that nothing else can be done and he calls the Immigration Bureau to come to his house and arrest Marco and Rodolpho. The scene effectively highlights Eddie’s jealousy for Catherine and Rodolpho as he betrays his whole family for his own selfish needs. Eddie goes against all his morals he had at the start of the play when he told the Vinny Bolzono story of a boy getting his family arrested. Eddie was initially appalled by the story and was outraged that anyone would do such a thing. Therefore, Eddie’s jealousy is clear as he goes against his morals and beliefs just in order to separate Catherine and Rodolpho. This effectively highlights the theme of jealousy in the play. Eddie calling the Immigration Bureau, was an all-time low for Eddie as he turned his back on his family which ultimately leads to Eddie’s tragic ending.
Overall the key theme of jealousy is clear in the specific scene of Eddie calling the Immigration Bureau. The theme of jealousy is explored throughout the play but Eddie calling the bureau significantly highlights Eddie’s utter jealousy in the play.
A clear line of argument in response to the question that demonstrates secure understanding of the theme and how it has been conveyed throughout the play. Focus is given on a specific scene to outline its importance as part of the narrative contribution to the theme. However, there needs to be more analytical comment on features to fully satisfy the task in this area.

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