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July 30, 2015: Hand Writing Contest

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July 30, 2015: Hand Writing Contest

The Department of English organized a Handwriting contest on 30th July 2015 as part of its variegated bouquet of activities to check on their cursive expertise and speed, for a good hand is a peek into the personality of the person. The activity generated an enthusiastic response from the students and more than 100 students turned up to have their skill in holding the pen evaluated. Vaishnavi Dhand of M.A.; Ritika Manocha of M.A. and Mantaj Singh of B.A. were the top three winners.

Aug 28, 2015: Lecture on Effective Communication

A Lecture on ' Effective Communication' was delivered by Mrs. Gurneet Chahal, a very sought after Life Coach and motivational speaker from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, to sensitize the undergraduate students towards effective communication skills which hold the key to real success in this modern, challenging and competitive world of shrinking jobs and depleting employment options

Sep10, 2015: A talk on Media and Social Issues

An enlightening talk on ‘Media and Social Issues’ was organized on 10th Sep.2015 for the post-graduate students. The Resource person Mr. U.K Sharda who heads The Egalitarian gave an insight into the depths to which corruption had penetrated the fabric of Indian society. He enlightened the students that even NGOs, which are otherwise committed to non-profit social service, were not free from corruption. The thrust of his lecture was on the improvement of the lot of the ordinary man who is, surprisingly, resistant to his own betterment by way of a positive change towards which he is insensitive and averse. A great emphasis was laid on the need to exercise restraint upon our own selves as well as by the social media who are the watch-dogs of society. Women - empowerment featured strongly in his talk as well as the need to take initiative by the youth of the country who form the core of the population.

Oct 1, 2015: Fresher’s Fiesta

A welcome function was organized by the department on Oct 1, 2015 to accord a warm welcome to M.A. students. The gala celebration of the spirit of youth showcased a wide range of youthful talent in the fields of singing, dancing, acting and so on. The items belonged to the genres of classical, contemporary and folk art forms had the audience mesmerized. In keeping with tradition, the prize winners of various inter-college compititions, top ten position holders in Punjab University examinations and the Council Members who are Instrumental in successfully carrying out every departmental activity were felicitated by the Principal and faculty members.

Oct 9, 2015: One Day Educational Trip

A One-day Educational trip to Naina Devi, Anandpur sahib and Virasat-e-Khalsa was organised on 9th Oct,2015 for undergraduate students under the stewardship of Mrs. Anamika,Mrs.Pooja Kapoor and Mrs. Sarika Prasher. The students got an invaluable opportunity to learn about the 500 years of glorious Sikh history by visiting the Virasat-e-Khalsa Mueseum of Sikhism located in the historical & holy city of Anandpur Sahib situated in the lower spurs of the Himalayas, thereby providing picturesque and natural scenery a veritable feast to the eyes with the river Satluj forming a shimmering and shiny blue border. Partaking of 'langer'by the students was a valuable lesson in humility through the concept of 'sangat in pangat'.The next step on the journey was the visit to one of the most notable places of worship in Himachal Pradesh, Naina Devi in District Bilaspur. It is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths where limbs of Devi Sati fell on different places of Earth.

Nov.7, 2015: Extension Lecture

An Extension Lecture on 'Development of Indian writing in English and Indian Diaspora' was organized on November 7th, 2015. The Resorce person was Dr. Tejinder Kaur, Professor, Department of Distance Education, Director, Centre for Diaspora Studies, Punjabi University, Patiala. Dr. Tejinder gave a historical perspective of the development of Indian English Literature since the British rule up to the modern times. The birth of Indian English Literature is largely a British legacy and it has charted a huge territory ever since with the result that a vast majority of Indian authors have made their mark on the global literary scenario. It was an invaluable experience for the students and teachers of the department alike.

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