A separate Peace Discussion Leader Assignment

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A Separate Peace Discussion Leader Assignment
Our literary analysis of the novel A Separate Peace will focus on making you more independent and more sophisticated in your understanding of literature. For example, instead of being able to just identify point of view, you will explain why the point of view is necessary and how it shapes the story.
To achieve this goal, we will be approaching the novel from a focus of literary elements instead of chronologically. Although you will be given a study guide, this study guide will not drive your analysis of the novel. Instead, it will be used as one resource to help you understand the novel and all its levels of meaning.
Day of Discussion – What will it look like?

1. Discussion leaders will help me lead discussion on the day they are assigned.

2. We will begin by defining terms and then applying them to the novel.

3. We will come up with quiz questions to test content and discuss how we would answer them.

4. We will come up with writing assignments and talk about how we would do them.

5. On the next day we will have a short answer quiz about the content.

Learning Targets:

• Using the elements of the communication process to be an effective discussion leader.

• Using short essay writing techniques to write answers that ASQ and use evidence effectively.

• Using literary elements to understand how authors create meaning.

Your Role: Each student will be assigned a literary element and required to be a discussion leader for that topic. Three or four students will be a discussion leader for any given topic. (see chart on reverse side.)
Responsibilities: Before the day of discussion, you need to prepare notes so that you can be primarily responsible for providing analysis on your day.
• Know the full definition of your literary term

• Answer all of the study guide questions for your term (see the chart on the reverse side).

• Create a quiz question that you think would assess evidence of learning for the class.

• Consider the communication elements that you will need to use to be an effective discussion


• Consider the writing skills you would need to answer a short essay question about your topic

and be prepared to lead the class through a sample answer.

• Be prepared to answer any questions the class might have.

Literary Element

Chapter and Study Guide Question

Hour 4

Hour 5

Hour 7


Chapter 5 Question 4

Chapter 8 Question 5

Alyson Zimmerman

Ian Webb

Libby Suing

Simone Tekavec

Quaid Simpson

Jeremy Rosengarten

Danny Zenge

Emani Williams

Ellie Weidner


Chapter 6 Question 2

Chapter 7 Question 3

Chapter 13 Question 1

Desmond Steward

Tim Sperl

Benji Silverstein

Cameron Rigby

Miles Randolph

Claire Olig

Jake Teper

Georgie Schmidt

Rachel Reisner


Chapter 1 Question 3 (focus on the tree)

Chapter 4 Question 5

Chapter 6 Question 3

Chapter 7 Question 1

Chapter 9 Winter Carnival

Melissa Rosenfeld

Jake Nikolay

Sofia Nicolet

Brittany Lyons

Ian O’Connor

Cassie Meyers

Clare McCullough

Amina Maamouri

Nellie Murphy

Michael Mills

Allie Marcus


Chapter 1 Questions 2, 4 (how setting characterizes Gene)

Chapter 3 Question 4

Chapter 4 First 2 paragraphs

Chapter 6 Questions 2 & 3

Matt Levy

Aliyah Kirby

Ali Johannes

Amanda Her

Brandon Levy

Carolin Kuerfgen

Sam Kirk

Jailyn King

Cormac Mahalik

Dmitriy Kravtsov

Hannah Keckeisen


Chapter 2 Question 5

Chapter 4 Question 5

Chapter 8 Question 2

Cam Goudreau

Samme Gorman

Libby Geboy

Ricky Kerns

Alex Jensen

Rachel Grove

Aaron Kauer

Sheila Johnson

Katie Harris


Chapter 4 First two paragraphs

Chapter 10 Question 7

Chapter 11 Question 1

Daniel Gaudynski

Daryan Fisher

Brett Conard

Talia Brooks

Nolan Grant

Ethan Fellows

Atiyana Evelyn

Taylor Hansen

Nina Gerard

Sophia Geho


Chapter 10 Question 8

Chapter 12 Question 4

Chapter 13 Question 4

Dylan Compton

Eli Cohen

Jana Briggs-Wragg

Sam Choice

Brionne Candie

Carley Bruckner

Shante Fosse

Mina Fedderly

Pt. of View

Chapter 1 Questions 1, 3, 5

Conor Byrne

Alex Braun

Carrie Allen

Anatoly Lerner

Sid Brod

Naomi Arenzon

Riley Grossman

Josh Chianelli

Brian Aronica

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