A political Strategy to Defeat the Democratic Party by Targeting Their Base

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Any vote for any Democrat is a vote to abuse one’s neighbors, deny any protection of law to the most innocent and helpless members of the human community, frustrate justice in the worst possible way, corrupt our system of government and degrade the moral character of the American people. The Party’s whole agenda is inherently harmful, unjust and violent.
  • No one who votes for any Democrat can claim to be serious about achieving Dr. King’s Dream or the attainment of The Beloved Community.
    • Demagogic Responsible
    • Extreme Enterprising
    • Malcontents Principled
    • Obstructing Upholders of
    • Corrupting and Basic
    • Regressing by Liberties
    • Attacking Innovating
    • Traditions and Constructive and
    • Standards Affordable
    • National
    • Solutions
    •  Resources
    • http://www.thekingcenter.org/king-philosophy   A brief summary of the ML King philosophy, including non-violence and achievement of the Beloved Community.  The Democratic Party's platform agenda is very much opposed to this philosophy.  This presentation was intended to demonstrate this.
    • http://www.caseforlife.com/sled.asp   Scott Klusendorf's philosophical case against abortion based on the nature of the act - the SLED test.
    • https://publiushuldah.wordpress.com/category/general-welfare-clause/  A concise summary of Constitutional arguments against unlimited federal power.
    • http://www.lifenews.com/2011/02/28/bernard-nathanson-a-life-transformed-by-truth-on-abortion/   Prof. Robert P. George's brief biography/obituary of Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the force behind legal abortion in America, and the story of his conversion to the pro-life cause.
    • https://personhoodeducation.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/cliff-zarsky-personhood-brief.pdf   The best arguments for human personhood before birth.  Fairly readable although it includes much in the way of legal technicalities.
    • http://afterabortion.org/2004/reversing-the-gender-gap/  A political strategy for changing the politics of abortion - a free electronic copy can be downloaded from this page or printed copies can be ordered.
    • http://www.cul.detmich.com/key_dates_for_prolife_and_constitutional_educational_events.html   My suggested alternative and additional dates for educational events that have potentially better weather than January 22nd and reduced school/vacation conflicts.
    • http://www.personhoodusa.com/blog/no-pro-life-fanatic-could-ever-possibly-dispute/   A blog post detailing the best arguments I've seen against the bodily autonomy case for abortion.
    • Additional Resources
    • On the meaning of freedom - Freedom and its Counterfeit by Prof. Robert George http://www.hillsdale.edu/news/imprimis/archive/issue.asp?year=2003&month=08
    • My writings   http://www.cul.detmich.com   Page down to Documents section – start about 8 lines down
    • Media Bias   http://archive.frontpagemag.com/readArticle.aspx?ARTID=32928
    • Abortion and the Media   http://groups.csail.mit.edu/mac/users/rauch/no-violence/media.html
    • Post-Abortion Issues     http://afterabortion.org     unchoice.org       http://recallabortion.com/
    • Post Abortion Healing   silentnomoreawareness.org   www.projectrachel.org/     www.rachelsvineyard.org/
    •    www.noparh.org/projectrachels.html       hopeafterabortion.com/
    • Conflict Resolution    http://www.gdrc.org/uem/conresol.html     http://adr.navy.mil/content/principles.aspx
    • Pro-Life Feminism http://www.feministsforlife.org/   
    • Abortion Related Violence abortionviolence.com/intro
    • Roe v. Wade   hliworldwatch.org/?p=2202&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign
    •            =Feed%3A+HliWorldWatch+%28HLI+World+Watch%29
    • The Abortion Survivors Network  http://www.theabortionsurvivors.com/
    • History of Abortion Laws   http://www.crisismagazine.com/2012/the-good-doctor-horatio-robinson-storer
    • Contraception: Why Not?  http://www.catholiceducation.org/articles/sexuality/se0002.html
    • Rabbi David Rosen Articles  http://www.rabbidavidrosen.net/articles.htm   Supreme Court (next line below)
    • http://www.pewforum.org/Abortion/A-History-of-Key-Abortion-Rulings-of-the-US-Supreme-Court.aspx
    • Personhood HLASpring2007.pdf  HLASummer2007.pdf  HLAFall2007.pdf  HLAWinter2008.pdf  (Greg Roden)
    • Personhood   all.org/article/index/id/MTE1MzA/   www.humanlife.org/publications/sacnac.pdf p.4
    • Ultrasound Images of Prenatal Children  unborn.com
    • The Constitution – Hillsdale College’s online course  https://online.hillsdale.edu/101/info
    • The Constitution – Archived online courses from Hillsdale College  http://online.hillsdale.edu/
    • Religion and War -- http://www.jewishworldreview.com/cols/medved110399.asp
    • My Writings
    • (cul.detmich.com – page down to Documents)
    •  (1 of 3)
    • Abortionism: America's New Established State Religion - original essay from 1992, updated in 1993
    • Glossary of Abortionism, last updated Nov 1997 - perhaps a little overdone since I intended it to be comprehensive, it demonstrates problems with terminology that have plagued the pro-life cause
    • Some Ideas for Slogans, Signs, Bumperstickers, etc. by Al Lemmo - somewhat stronger than you may have seen elsewhere
    • CUL member Al's Letters To The Editor War, Emancipation, Oppression, King and Roe, Universal Law, Innocent, Wedge Issue, How Can Doctors Justify Procedure? The Michigan Catholic, Roe v. Wade, Culture Assassins The Wanderer, Meat Management Mentality, Partial-Birth Abortion Lies, Health exception for late-term abortions, "Medicide" the killing of medicine, Proposal B contains many serious flaws, Moral Waiver - most of these were mass faxed by computer to some 3,000 publications nationwide and occasionally in Canada beginning in 1995 - the later proliferation of area codes made it too difficult to keep the fax list current
    • The Philosophy and Tactics of Abortionthink - transcript of a 1990 speech
    • My Writings
    • (cul.detmich.com – page down to Documents
    •  (2 of 3)
    • War on the Unborn - transcript of an informal talk delivered in 1986 to peace activists, demonstrating how abortion violates the laws of war and "Just War" criteria - search on "1996 Note" for updates and elaboration
    • Chastity Pledge - a tool intended for those who work with youth - appeals to motivations more than just consequences
    • Statement on doctor-assisted suicide by Al Lemmo - written testimony delivered to Michigan State Senate in 1997 for hearings on physician-assisted suicide
    • Speech that Bob Dole should have delivered by Al Lemmo - written for the 1996 presidential campaign
    • Why Do Animal Rights Advocates Support Abortion? by Al Lemmo - adopted from a letter to an Internet acquaintance
    • Bill of Frights Declaration of the Principles and Premises of the Wrong-Wing of the American Political Universe by Al Lemmo - a not altogether tongue-in-cheek manifesto on the Left's true beliefs - written in 2011
    • My Writings
    • (cul.detmich.com – page down to Documents)
    •  (3 of 3)
    • Rejecting the Satanic-"Democratic" Agenda - March 2008, Al Lemmo - letter originally intended for distribution to voters - composed before the end of the 2008 primaries but nearly all of it still applies
    • The Common Good - Another View , a letter by Al Lemmo to participants in a Catholic conference on "Promoting the Common Good in Michigan" at Madonna University in Livonia on April 5, 2008.    This is my most significant attempt to persuade liberal Catholics that the Democrat approach violates moral standards.  The webmaster included my attachments and reader responses to my letter and my rebuttals.  This is lengthy but gets into a lot of important detail.
    • The Essentials of Abortionism by Al Lemmo - a summary of the major principles of my Abortionism model which is key to understanding nearly every human degradation.  This approach turns the philosophy justifying abortion into a destructive cult that has been at the heart of nearly every degradation humanity has ever suffered and demonstrates how these abuses are related.  The terminology is key.  The term "secular humanism" has been nearly useless if not counter-productive.  In retrospect I would have added that the creed of Abortionism is "My will be done," which follows from the Theological Abortion.  The "My will be done" crowd dominates the Democratic Party.

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