A. P. Psychology Essay Study Guide for Intelligence Module 25

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A.P. Psychology Essay Study Guide for Intelligence Module 25

1. Although Susan is a brilliant pianist and highly acclaimed ballet dancer, her high school intelligence test scores were only average. What does Susan’s experience suggest regarding (a) the reliability and validity of intelligence tests and (b) the nature of intelligence?

2. What is the difference between I.Q. and intelligence? Define these terms and contrast them. Include at least two specific theories for each concept to substantiate your position. Be sure to include differing views of intelligence from both the single intelligence position (g) and the multiple intelligences theories.

3. A classmate makes the following claim: “Despite numerous federally funded Head Start programs and nationwide efforts to desegregate public schools, Blacks continue to lag behind their White counterparts in intelligence and academic achievement. Clearly, black Americans must be genetically inferior to white Americans.” Use research evidence and logical arguments to intelligently refute your classmate’s statement.

4. Annabelle is planning to go to college. Explain how the following psychological concepts could relate to how well Annabelle adapts when she begins her college career.

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