A. P. Language and Composition Literary Analysis Essay using mla

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A.P. Language and Composition

Literary Analysis Essay using MLA

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You will write an essay based on the BRAINSTORMING activity completed. Remember, you must write an essay which contains a thesis statement based on one of the prompts you completed for the Brainstorm activity.

1. Defend your reasons for the sanity or insanity of the narrator from the story.

2. How tension is created in ' The Tell Tale Heart' by Edgar Allan Poe?

3. How does Edgar Allan Poe keep the reader in suspense in "The Tell-Tale Heart"?

4. Although this is a story of madness, for Poe there is no such thing as "meaningless madness."

Write a discussion of the nature of madness in the story.

5. Poe insisted that every detail in a short story should relate to its central effect and thus

contribute to a unified story. What unifies this story? What central effect holds it together?

6. Poe is often concerned with the themes of time and mortality, that is, how human beings are

trapped in time and thus doomed to death. Explain how this story reflects these two common Poe


7. Look at other Poe stories/poems which focus on an obsessed, seemingly mad, narrator. ("The

Black Cat," and "The Cask of Amontillado." are two popular stories reflecting obsession and

madness.) What characteristics do the narrators in these stories share?

Grading of Assignments/ Deadlines: Your essay grade will be based on all of the following assignments: N.B. (Note Well) A 10 point per day deduction will apply to each assignment listed above if not submitted on time.
Brainstorm due Monday, April 16, 2007 100 points

1. Write down the essay prompt you have selected. (20 pts)

2. Find at least 3 specific examples from the text to support any ideas related to your

topic. Remember to use quotation marks. (20 pts)

3. Find and list 3 different sources that are related to your topic. NOTE: Using three

internet sources is not acceptable. Different means “unlike.” A list of different sources

can be found on the classroom web site. (45 points)

4. Write your thesis statement (15 pts)

1st Draft due Wednesday, April 18, 2007 100 points

1st draft must be typed or written neatly. Point deductions will occur as follows if the following requirements are not evident in the 1st draft. A 10 point deduction (per requirement) will apply if any of the ensuing requirements have not been completed: Thesis statement, MLA Citations, Works Cited page, Introduction, Conclusion. A 5 point deduction if the assignment is submitted via email after class.

Final Draft due Monday, April 23, 2007 100 points

Must be typed and double spaced. See scoring rubric for a more detailed explanation.

Download 36 Kb.

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