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DARDAN SEME ŠURGEMBI to shiver from cold

DARGALABŪMBI caus./pass. of dargalambi

DARGALAMBI to grant privileges

DARGALAHA AMBAN a dignitary who has retired with full pay

DARGIMBI to shake, to tremble

DARGIYA jugular veins

DARGIYAMBI to hold up the fists, to brandish (a sword or staff)

DARGŪWAN a wooden hoe

DARGŪWAN YANGSAMBI to hoe with a wooden hoe

DARHA CECIKE North China wren (Troglodytes troglodytes)


DARHUWA CECIKE see dcrha cecike

DARHŪWAN I. pole, staff 2. plowing stick 3. the beam of a balance 4. the same as dargūwan

DARI (postposition) each, every

DARIBUMBI caus. of darambi

DARIMBI (-ka/ha) 1. to scrape against, to rub a sore (of horses) to pass through, to drop by, to perform an errand or other action on one's way somewhere else or while doing something else 3. to make fun of, to mock 4. to roar (of thunder)

DARIMBUMBI to develop a sore by rubbing; cf. darubumbi

DARIN a sore caused by rubbing, a saddle sore

DARINAMBI to drop in on, to pay a casual visit

DARKA CECIKE snipe; cf. karka cecike

DARMALAME along the back

DARTAI 1. suddenly 2. temporarily

DARTAI ANDANDE suddenly, in a moment

DARTAI DE suddenly

DARUBUMBI I. caus. of darumbi 2. to he obligated 3. to develop friction sores 4. to be prone to frequent illnesses

DARUDAI one name for the phoenix

DARUGAN see darhūwan

DARUHAI often, continually, regularly

DARUHAI HUSUN a person engaged for long-term labor

DARUOBI I. to buy on credit 2. to last, to endure 3. to recognize mistakenly

DARŪHA URUN a daughter-in-law taken into the home as a child

DARUN I. a watering spot 2. a landing spot for canoes

DASA plural of da.

DASABUMBI caus. of dasambi

DASAKŪ corrector, something used to repair another thing

DASAMBI 1. to rule 2. to correct 3. to cure 4. to repair

DASAHA JŪGŪN a road prepared for the emperor

DASAME again

DASAN rule, government, control

DAŠAN BE HAFUMBURE YAMUN Transmission Office, BH 928

DASAN BE SELGIYERE HAFAN Lieutenant-Governor 6r Financial Commissioner, BH 825, etc.

DASANGGA keeping order, having talent for government

DASARGAN a prescription, a formula

DASARHAN see dasargan

DASARTUNGGA pertaining to a reformer

DASATAMBI to put in order, to arrange

DASHŪWAN a bow case

DASHŪWAN DUBE the fifth jalan

DASHŪWAN GALA the left wing of the eight banners

DASHŪWAN I MUHEREN a ring on a bow case

DASHŪWAN MEIREN the fourth jalan

DASHŪWATU adjutant of the left battalion

DASIBUMBI caus./pass. of dasimbi

DASIHI dust, dirt

DASIHIKŪ GASHA a bird of prey

DASIHIOBI I. to swoop down and seize (of birds of prey) 2. to immolate


DASIHIYABUMBI caus. of dasihiyambi

DASIHIYAKŪ a feather duster

DASIHIYAMBI to dust with a feather duster

DASIKŪ a cover, a top

DASIMBI to cover, to shut

DASIN handle, grip

DASITAMBI to conceal, to gloss over

DASU children

DASU MAKTAMBI to use felled trees as a defense against enemy arrows

DASUKŪ fish hark, osprey; cf. suksuhu

DASUMBI to lead a dissolute life

DAŠOSE boy, lad, servant boy

DAŠURAMBI to harm, to damage

DAURAN damage, harm.

DATA plural of da

DATSAI FAKSI one who decorated houses on festivals

DATSAILAMBI to decorate houses during a festival

DAYABUMBI I. caus./pass. of dayambi 2. to execute

DAYACAMBI to depend on together

DAYAMBI to be dependent on, to rely on (someone else's power or influence),

to attach oneself to someone for gain

DAYANAMBI tc go to depend on

DAYANCAMBI to shake the head (of horses)

DAYANDUMBI/DAYANUMBI to depend on one another

DAYANJIMBI to come to rely on

DE the dative-locative particle

DEB SEME everywhere

DEBDEREMBI to beat, to flap (wings)

DEBDEREMBI to beat the wings vigorously

DEBE DARA swarming (of insects)

DEBEMBI (-ke) to overflow, to run over

DEBERE BE GIDARA JAHŪDAI a boat used at flood time

DEBEN overflowing, flooding

DEBEREN the young of animals

DEBEREN GŪLIN CECIKE a small Chinese oriole; cf. gūlin cecike

DEBEYE ORHO moss, lichen

DEBKEBUMBI caus. of debkembi

DEBKEJEMBI to come loose, to come unraveled; cf. subhejembi

DEBKELEBUMBI caus. of debkelembi

DEBKELEMBI to untwist, to unravel

DEBKEMBI to bring up again, to take up again

DEBSE I. a cake nade of fruit 2. a ceremonial arrow used by shamans

DEBSEHUN drooping (eyelids), sleepy-looking

DEBSEREMBI to droop (of the eyelids)

DEBSIBŪKŪ cloth of a flag or banner; cf. wadan

DEBSIKŪ fan (made of feathers)

DEBSILEMBI to tower above, to go before

DEBSIMBI to fan, to flap, to flutter

DEBSIRE GARUNGGŪ KIRU a banner depicting a soaring phoenix

DEBSIN fanning, flapping

DEBSITEMBI to fan continually, to flutter continually

DEBŠEMBI see debsimbi

DEBTELEBUMBI caus. of debtelembi

DEBTELEMBI to untangle, to unravel

DEBTELIN a volume (of an old-style book), a book, a notebook

DEBTELIN I BURGIYEN cover of a book

DEBUMBI caus. of dembi

DEDE DADA restless

DEDENGGI frivolous, loose in behavior (of women)

DEDUBUMBI 1. caus. of dedumbi 2. to let lie, to put to rest 3. to put to bed 4. to rise (of dough), to leaven

DEDUCEMBI to lie down together, to sleep together

DEDŪMBI I. to lie down, to lie 2. to spend the night (with) 3. (v.t.) to bed, to take to bed (a woman)

DEDURE BIYA month of confinement after parturition

DEDURE BOO bedroom

DEDUN 1. an overnight stopping place, a post station 2. one day of a journey

DEDUNEBUMBI caus. of dedunembi

DEDUNEMBI to go to spend the night

DEDUNGGE HENGKETU an insignia of a reclining melon on wood (used by the imperial guard)

DEFE I. a measure for cloth, a bolt (of cloth) 2. border, hem

DEFELINGGU bolt (of cloth)

DEFELIYEMBI (-ke) to lie in strips

DEFERE an edible fernlike wild plant (Dryopteris crassirhizoma)

DEFU bean curd; cf. turi miyehu

DEHE fishhook

DEHEBUMBI caus. of dehembi

DEHELE a short sleeveless jacket, a fur riding jacket

DEHELEMBI to hook, to catch with a hook

DEHELEN a short sleeveless jacket

DEHELI SONJOSI third in the court examination

DEHEMA husband of mother's sister-uncle

DEHEMATA plural of dehema

DEHEMBI I. to refine, to smelt, to temper 2. to cure (tobacco)

DEHEHE AISIN refined gold

DEHEME mother's younger sister--aunt

DEHEMETE plural of deheme

DEHEN refining, smelting, curing


DEHEREMBI to stir up, to rouse

DEHI forty

DEHICI fortieth

DEHIMBI see dehembi

DEHITE forty each

DEHUREMBI to search everywhere

DEIDE black buckwheat flour, whole buckwheat flour

DEIJIBUMBI caus./pass. of deijimbi

DEIJIKŪ firewood

DEIJIKŪ BE KEMNERE KŪWARAN storage place for fuel in the Board of Works

DEIJIMBI to burn

DEIJIN burning

DEIJIN I HIJA a vessel used for burning offerings (e.g., paper money)

DEIJIN I UKDUN a kiln for tile and bricks

DEISŪN waistband (of skirts and trousers)

DEJI 1. choicest (part), the cream, the best part 2. the first portion offered as a sacrifice to the

deities or to the guest of honor

DEJI BUMBI to offer the choicest part to one's elders or superiors

DEJI JAFAMBI to take the best or choice part

DEK SEME rising, beginning

DEKDE DAKDA up and down, uneven

DEKDEBUMBI I. caus. of dekdembi 2. to reappear, to rise again

DEKDEHUN I. somewhat high, rather high 2. upward

DEKDEKŪ float on a fishing pole, float for an oil lamp

DEKDEKŪ DOOHAN a pontoon bridge, a floating bridge

DEKDELEMBI to get up, to spring up

DEKDELJEMBI to start (from fright while sleeping)

DEKDEMBI to float, to rise

DEKDEN floating, rising

DEKDEN I GISUN I. everyday saying 2. baseless talk, gossip

DEKDEN I HENDUHENGGE as the saying goes . . .


DEKDENGGI the fat that floats to the surface of water in which meat is boiled

DEKDENI GISUN see dekden i gisun

DEKDERHŪN one name for the seagull; cf. kilahūn

DEKDERILEMBI to rise high

DEKDERŠEMBI to be deluded, to be carried away over something, to be crazy

DEKE see deken

DEKEN I. rather high 2. a mu--approximately one sixth of an acre 3. a rise, a high place

DEKIMBI see deijimbi

DEKJIMBI (-ke) I. to develop, to improve, to prosper 2. to burn

DEKJIRE JALUNGGA NAMUN depository for the salt and post administration

DEKJIN developing, prospering

DEKJIN TŪWA prairie fire, forest fire

DEKSITEMBI to be uneasy

DELBIN brim of a hat

DELE 1. top, on top 2. the emperor

DELE HARGAŠAMBI to have an audience with the emperor

DELEJEN a courtyard without walls or moats

DELEKEN rather high or superior, somewhat over

DELEMBI to catch in a noose

DELEN udder, teat

DELEREMBI to come apart at the joints (of wooden objects)

DELERI I. top, surface 2. superficial, careless 3. uppermost

DELESI superficial

DELFERI rash, hasty, careless

DELFIN see delfiyen

DELFIYEN too wide, loose, baggy (of clothes and hats)

DELGE see delhe

DELHE one hundred ch'ing

DELHEBUMBI I. caus. of delhembi 2. to cut up (a slaughtered animal)

DELHEMBI to divide, to separate

DELHEN I. the same as delhe 2. dividing, separation

DELHENTUMBI to make one's last will and testament

DELHENTUHE GISUN will, testament

DELHETU NIRU the same as booi niru

DELI WEHE a large stone, a boulder in a stream

DELIHUN spleen

DELIHŪN MADAMBI to swell (the belly of a horse)

DELIŠEMBI to overflow, to be overabundant

DELIYEHUN see delihun



DELULEMBI to grab the mane of a horse

DELULEME FIYELEMBI to trick ride while grabbing the mane

DELUN mane

DELUN GIDAME FIYELEMBI to trick ride while pressing down on the horse's mane

DEMBEI greatly, in high degree, exceedingly

DEMBI I. to calculate, to reckon 2. to take one's turn at duty

DEMESI braggart, boaster

DEMESIKŪ boasting

DEMESILEMBI to swagger, to act boastfully

DEMNIYEBUMBI caus. of demniyembi

DEMNIYECEMBI to shake, to rock (of a sedan chair)

DEMNIYELEMBI to stretch one's self

DEMNIYEMBI to estimate the weight of an object by weighing it in the hand

DEMSI see demesi

DEMTU the Big Dipper

DEMTU TOKDONGGO KIRU a banner depicting the Big Dipper

DEMULEMBI to be strange, to act strangely

DEMUN 1. odd, peculiar, heretical 2. trick

DEMUNGGE I. strange, peculiar, heretical 2. monster, odd creature

DEMŪNGGE FEKSIN trick riding

DEN I. high, tall 2. loud


DEN JILGAN I in a loud voice

DEN I ICI upward

DEN TU direction pennant

DENDEBUMBI caus. of dendembi

DENDECEMBI to divide with one another, to share with one another

DENDEMBI to divide, to share

DENDEME KADALARA YAMUN a suboffice of some larger unit


DENDEN DANDAN step by step

DENDENUMBI to share together

DENG lamp, lantern

DENG LUNG lantern


DENG DENG SEME gagging, choking

DENG SEME stuck (for a word), exhausted, at wit's end

DENG SEME ILIMBI to stop from exhaustion (of horses)

DENG SEME OHO stuck for words, at wit's end

DENGGE glorious

DENGGEBUMBI caus. of denggembi

DENGGELJEMBI to shake, to reel

DENGGEMBI to throw far, to fling, to send flying, to throw (in wrestling)

DENGJAN lamp, light

DENGJAN DABUMBI to light a lamp, to turn on a light


DENGJANGGA pertaining to lamps or lights


DENGLU lantern; cf. deng, deng lung

DENGLUNG see denglu

DENGNEBUMBI caus. of dengnembi

DENGNEHEN the leg of a boot

DENGNEKŪ a small steelyard

DENGNEMBI to weigh on a small steelyard, to balance, to compete with

DENGNIYEMBI to play with the football (mumuhu)

DENGSE a small steelyard

DENGSE I ILGA a steelyard weight

DENGSELEBUMBI caus. of dengselembi

DENGSELEMBI to weigh on a small steelyard; cf. denanembi

DENGSIBUMBI caus. of dengsimbi

DENGSIMBI to rattle, to vibrate, to bump along (of a carriage)

DENGSITEMBI to tremble (from fright), to shake, to vibrate up and down


DEO 1. younger brother 2. younger (of males)

DEOCILEBUMBI caus. of deocilembi

DEOCILEMBI to perform the duties proper to a younger brother, to show fraternal deference

DEOCIN duty of a younger brother, fraternal deference

DEOCINGGE one who is assiduous in performing the duties of a younger brother

DEOCY fermented bean paste

DEONE a four-year-old bovine

DEOTE plural of deo

DEOTELEMBI to behave like a younger brother

DER DAR SEME many, very

DER SEME I. in profusion, many 2. snow-white

DERAKŪ without shame, without face, shameless

DERAKŪLAMBI to act shamelessly, to insult

DERAKUNGGE shameless

DERBEBUMBI caus. of derbembi

DERBEHUN damp, moist


DERBEMBI to be damp, to become damp

DERBEMBUMBI to become wet or damp

DERCILEMBI to lay out a corpse, to prepare a corpse for burial

DEKDEN DARDAN shaking, vibrating

DERDEN DARDAN AŠŠAMBI to shake, to vibrate

DEADEN SEME shaking, trembling

DERDŪ a bib worn next to the skin over the breasts

DERDU CECIKE a small bird resembling a thrush

DERDŪHI camphor

DERE I. face 2. 'face,' reputation, honor 3. table 4. surface 5. direction, area 6. a measure word for flat objects 7. (sentence particle) probably, likely


DERE BANIMBI see dere banjimbi

DERE BANJIMBI to take 'face' into account, to have a regard for personal friendship, to act from personal motives

DERE EFULEMBI to have a falling out with, to quarrel with a friend

DERE FAN DASAMBI to set out a table (of food or delicacies)

DERE FELEMBI to disregard 'face,' to act without shame

DERE FUNCEBURAKŪ to have no way to save face

DERE FUSIMBI to shave (the whiskers)

DERE GAIMBI to act for motives of honor, to stand up for one's honor

DERE MANGGA shameless, bold

DERE SILEMIN the face looks silly

DERE EHUN thick-skinned, impervious to embarrassment

DERE ŠEHUN GIRURAKŪ same as dere mangga

DERE TOKOME in the presence of, facing, in person, personally


DERE WALIYATAMBI to lose face, to form a grudge against

DEREI genitive/instrumental of dere, see emu derei, ai derei

DEREI BANGTU ornaments on the corners of a table

DEREI BITHE a table leg

DEREI HAŠAHAN tablecloth, table cover

DEREI SIDEHUN table support


DERECUKE see derencuke

DERENCUKE decorous, proper

DERENCUMBI to treat with partiality because of a personal relationship

DERENG DARANG sanctimonious, feigning propriety, barely able to behave properly

DERENGGE decorous, proper, noble (in one's actions)

DERENGGE JAN a square hunting arrow having a hole on each of its four sides

DERENGTU portrait

DERESU feather grass, broom grass (Lasiagrostis splendens)

DERETU long table, long desk

DERGE erect, straight

DERGE SIMHUN the index finger

DERGI 1. top, above, over 2. upper 3. east, eastern 4. emperor

DERGI ABKA heaven above

DERGI ADUN I JURGAN the Palace Stud, BH 88

DERGI AMBA FUKJINGGA HERGEN a type of seal script

DERGI AMSU CAI I BOO BE UHERI KADALARA BA office in charge of the Imperial Buttery; cf. BH 9I

DERGI ASARI eastern tower, another name for the Dorgi Yamun

DERGI ASHAN BOO the eastern side room

DERGI BITHE FOLORO BA the Imperial Library, BH 94A

DERGI BITHEI BOO study room for the young princes (the emperor's sons)

DERGI BITHEI TAKTU imperial library

DERGI BUTHAI HACIN BELHERE BA the Imperial Hunting Department, BH 733 ,

DERGI COLHON I KIRU a blue banner depicting the form of a mountain

DERGI EJEN emperor

DERGI ERGI the east, eastern direction


DERGI ERGI MUNGGAN I BOOI AMBAN I YAMUN office of the superintendent of the Eastern Tombs

DERGI ERGI MUNGGAN I WEILERE JURGAN board of works of the Eastern Tombs

DERGI ERGI SIMNERE BITHEI KŪWARAN name of a small gatehouse to the left of the Ming-Yuan tower in the examination Hall

DERGI FEMEN the upper lip

DERGI FIYENTEN Eastern Section of the Imperial Equipage Department, BH 122

DERGI GURUNG NI BAITA BE ALIHA YAMUN Supervisorate of Imperial Instruction, BH 929



DERGI HESE imperial edict

DERGI HEŠE BE GINGGULEME DAHARA BAITA HACIN BE KIMCIME BAICARA BA Chancery for the publication of Imperial Edicts, BH 105A

DERGI HORON BE BADARAMBURE MUDAN a musical piece played after the emperor had inspected the troops

DERGI HOŠO the east

DERGI NAHAN the eastern kang (ovenbed), located against the west wall of a house; this was considered the kang of honor

DERGI OKTOI BOO the Imperial Dispensary, BH 92

DERGI ŠONGGE INENGGI the first day of the month

DERGIKEN somewhat upper, superior, or high

DERGINGGE eastern, upper

DERGIŠEMBI see derkiembi

DERGUWE see derhuwe

DERHI a straw or rush mat



DERHUWE BAŠAKŪ fly whisk, fly swatter

DERHUWE IJA horse fly

DERI (ablative particle) from, than

DERIBUMBI I. caus. of derimbi 2. to begin, to let begin 3. to conjure up, to think up (a plan) 4. to play


DERIBUME ILIBURE KUNGGERI bureau concerned with promotions and discharges in the Board of Civil Appointments

DERIBURE FIYENTEHE the section following the introduction in a formal essay

DERIBURE GIYANGNAN the third part of a formal essay

DERIBUN beginning

DERIBUN DUBEN beginning and end

DERIBUNGGILEMBI to make a beginning

DERIBUŠEMBI to begin, to originate

DERIMBI (-ke) 1. to dim (of the eyesight) 2. to have a change of heart 3. to enter

DERISHUN I. changed (in heart) 2. cruel

DERKIMBI to soar high, to hover over

DERKIŠEMBI to flutter in the wind

DERSEN pure, genuine, unmixed

DERSEN GABSIHIYARI a type of swift dog

DERSEN HOOŠAN a type of pure white paper--'white crane paper'

DERTU CECIKE a small bird resembling a starling; named dertu from its note

DESEREKE overflowing, expansive

DESEREMBI (-ke, -pi) to overflow (in great quantity)

DESEREPI overflowing, superabundant

DESI upward

DESI WASI up and down, all around

DESIHI a snare for sable and similar animals

DESIHIMBI to throw down with both hands (at wrestling)

DESIKU a shamanistic arrow with a tuft of flowering maple (Abutilon avicennae) tied to it

DESUNGGIYEMBI I. to scream in a loud voice 2. to stir up dust

DETHE 1. pinion 2. arrow feathers

DETHENGGE KILTAN a pennant having five red tassels

DETU marsh, swamp

DETU DAMBI the swampldnd is being burned off (in preparation for cultivation)

DEYEBUMBI caus. of deyembi

DEYEMBI to fly

DEYERE CUWAN an airplane

DEYERE DOBI 1. flying squirrel (genus Sciuropterus) 2. a bat

DEYERE GUWASIHIYANGGA KIRU a banner embroidered with the image of a heron

DEYERE SINGGERI a flying squirrel (genus Sciuropterus)


DEYEN palace, great hall, throne room

DEYEN BOO main hall of a temple

DEYEN DE SIMNEMBI to take the palace examination

DEYEN DE TEMBI to take one's place in the throne room (for an audience)

DEYENGGE flying, airborne

DEYENGGU I. a kite (toy) 2. choral singing

DEYENGGULEMBI to sing in unison

DI god (Edit: lord)

DIGI a hairnet

DILBIHE the name of a constellation

DILBIHE TOKDONGGO KIRU a banner of the escort having the constellation dilbihe depicted upon it

DING HIYANG lilac (Syringa vulgaris)

DINGSE ORHO a grass that grows in clumps, has narrow leaves and yellow blossoms; flour made from its dried roots mixed with wheat flour and egg white serves as a foot salve

DISE draft (of a document or essay)

DISELAMBI to make a draft

DIYAN 1. palace, throne room, great hall 2. hostel, inn

DIYAN DE TEMBI to take one's place in the throne room (for an audience)

DIYANDZ I. the spots on dice or dominoes 2. ornament of filigree

DIYANLAMBI 1. to mortgage 2. to take a trick (at cards)

DIYANŠI Prison Warder, BH 766A

DO I. the internal organs 2. the filling of pastries, giyose, and so forth

DOBI fox

DOBI YASHA a net for catching fox

DOBIHI a fox pelt

DOBIRI an animal resembling a fox that can climb trees

DOBKE one name for the screech owl; cf. hūšahū

DOBOMBI to offer (in a ceremony)

DOBON 1. offering 2. night

DOBON DULIN midnight

DOBON I ŠU ILHA a gilded wooden lotus flower

DOBONIO all night

DOBONOMBI to go to offer

DOBORI night

DOBORI ABKAI TAMPIN the second vessel of a water clock

DOBORI DULIME the whole night through

DOBORI DULIME JIMBI to come (unexpectedly) at night


DOBORI JETERE GIYAHŪN one name for the horned owl; cf. fu gūwara

DOBTOKŪ a sheath, a covering (for small objects)

DOBTOLOBUMBI caus. of dobtolombi

DOBTOLOKŪ a sheath or covering for large things

DOBTOLOOBI to sheathe, to cover

DOBTOLON doubled sack for a corpse

DOBTON I. a small sheath, a small bag (for a seal), a container for tallies 2. a cover, cover for Chinese-style books 3. scabbard

DOBTONGGU pertaining to a cover or sheath

DOBUKŪ a falcon's perch

DOBUMBI I. caus. of dombi 2. to place a falcon on its perch

DODANGGA I. monster 2. sorcerer 3. a blind man

DODO fetus, embryo

DODOBUMBI I. caus. of dodombi 2. to force into a squat (at wrestling) 3. to crouch

DODOMBI to squat

DODORI a hat with a wide brim

DOGO blind

DOGO IJA a gadfly with a colored head

DOGON a ford, a ferry (place where people are ferried across streams)

DOGON ANGGA a ford, a ferry, a place where people are ferried across streams

DOGON JAFAHA the ford has frozen-the river is frozen sufficiently hard to cross

DOHA a tick

DOHO I. lime 2. blind; cf. dogo

DOHO MUKE HUNGKEREMBI to pour mortar (a mixture of lime, sand, and water) into the crevices of brickwork

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